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We're sorry to announce that one of our banners showing the sites layer7[dot]cc / OpenStress[dot]pw has been caught in a potential customer scam scheme.
The owner failed to provide proofs about his trustworthiness and the banner has been deleted.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Dear all,
Someone bringed to my attention the channel @NationalLeaks is now sharing infected OVH scripts.

Make sure to do not run "R-OVH" on your servers if you don't want get infected.

The script logs your server IP at (already deleted) and adds a backdoor users "recovery".

@NationalLeaks channel is owned by @OpsecGuy (Layer7-Security[dot]net owner), make sure to know what kind of kid you are dealing with to avoid future scams.
Warning, we've decomissioned our generic email address
From now on please only use the contact emails you find on the websites.
All email sent to will not be received by us.
Layer 7 Dstats massive update:

- Restored Cloudflare UAM+BFM graph
- Added a new Cloudflare Captcha graph
- Added a new DDoS-Guard graph
- Added a new Nooder graph
- Added a new Incapsula graph
- Added a new Sucuri graph
- Changed our CORS bypass script to a new one TOR based (TOR graph now don't need anymore extensions or to be from TOR browser)

All CDN graphs are hosted on different dedicated servers for the best accurancy, each server can reach 200-250k requests.

We'll work in order to add also other protections, any suggestion is welcome :)
Layer 4 Dstats update:

Added 2 new OVH graphs, have fun testing your bypasses.
Thanks to the idiot who left an attack running over our FDCServers l7 graphs since yesterday.
While the graphs will be restored we've added 2 more FDCServers l7 graphs.
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