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#BTCUSDT latest signal peaking 150% profit
#AXSUSDT insane gains in the latest signal, more than 1280% profit so far
#LUNAUSDT close to 342% profit form the lastest signal
#CVCUSDT signal from a week ago making more than 270% so far
#C98USDT 2 signals from today, following ATR targets. First one making close to 28% profit. Second signal still opened, you could close it now and finish the day with a good profit
#ENJUSDT latest signal making close to 30% profit so far
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This is the crypto sniper, an excellent indicator for day trading or swing trades. It has target profit and stop-loss levels on the screen. The signals are straightforward to follow (it has alerts too), so a green arrow appears, Long/Buy, red arrow appears, Short/Sell. It also has exit/add signals to improve your profits.

How does it work?
After you put it on the chart, it will automatically show the signals and levels, no need to configure anything.

How much it costs?
I accept only BTC
1 month - ฿0,00157
3 month - ฿0,00377
6 month - ฿0,00660
Life-time - ฿0,00942

How to get the indicator?
send me a message: @binaryexmachina

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#BTCUSDT making almost 31% profit on the latest signal
#SHIBUSDT huge profit on the latest signal, more than 173%
#FTMUSDT latest signal still open, so far the profit is close to 32%
#YFIUSDT making more than 33% profit so far
#BTCUSDT on higher time frame, signal from beginning of October still generating profits, close to 200%
#BTCUSDT latest signal making more than 11% profit so far
#SFPUSDT monstrous profir, more than 1470% profit so far
#RLCUSDT latest signal making 123% profit so far
#C98USDT making close to 45% profit so far
#CRVUSDT latest signal making more than 84% profit
#XLMUSDT making more than 82% profit on the latest signal
#KEEPUSDT peaking more than 1380% profit
#DODOUSDT first signal was a loss with close to 87%, then the next signal is peaking right now more than 287% profit