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​​β–ͺ️BITFINEX raised 1 billion USDt in 10 days, in a private sale πŸ‘‰ LINK
β–ͺ️Bakkt: "User acceptance testing for bitcoin futures custody and trading planned for July" πŸ‘‰ LINK
​​Dear community, we would like to choose with your help a project to review in our next DNA Report.

CryptoDiffer DNA (Detailed Nonconventional Analysis)
reports are focused on analyzing the business model, technology, state of the development of the blockchain projects.

We encourage our community to vote and to choose the next project for a DNA Report

Also, you can suggest a project for the next report, we will choose the next TOP 10 projects that will receive the biggest amount of votes.
​​Trias traiding has been started on KuCoin and ChainX

IEO Token Price: 1 TRY = $0.004
Current Token Price: 1 TRY ~ $0.01

Current ROI: ~2.5x
Current MarketCap: ~$6,240,000
​​RESISTANCE Private Mainnet is LAUNCHED!


P.S. Resistance will conduct an IEO soon
"Although we are yet to announce an exact date for the official launch, we have planned for it to occur after we complete our Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)"
⁠Lition has announced a partnership with Lawpilots to issue blockchain certificates based on ERC-721

​​MagnaChain IEO will be held on Bitforex Exchange on 20th of May at 17:00 (GMT+8)

@MagnaChain is a completely new, built from scratch, public Blockchain and related integration toolset used for distributed application (dApp) development.

The project has already launched the testnet in 2018. Mainnet is finished and ready to roll out soon.

The team is solid and experienced. MagnaChain team consists of 17 full-time engineers, with an additional ~8 executive, marketing, business development personnel.

Tokens For Sale: 200m MGC - 7.6% of the total supply
Initial Circulating Supply (only IEO tokens): 200m MGC - 7.6% of total supply
Min. / Max. Cap: 0.035BTC / 35 BTC
More details regarding IEO πŸ‘‰ BitForex Announcement

πŸ‘‰ TG Chat: @MagnaChain
πŸ‘‰ Website:

1. Binance $89,100,000
2. Gate,io $88,940,000
3. Bgogo $40,734,000
4. Kucoin $21,400,000
5. OKEx $20,040,000
6. Huobi Global $19,700,000
7. Bibox $9,000,000
8. BitMax $6,780,000
​​❗️New project on the Radar!

@COTInetwork is an infrastructure for payments, with its own payment network, COTI Pay (PayPal/AliPay-like), for cryptocurrency and fiat currency for daily usage. COTI is the first enterprise-grade digital fintech platform, which eliminates all intermediaries and empowers any organization to build their own private payment solution and digitize any currency using our proprietary Trustchain protocol. It will include everything needed to create a user-friendly layer both for consumers and merchants: a wallet, processing tools, mediation system (arbitration), COTI-X exchange, APIs, etc.

In addition, COTI is developing a suite of tools that enable companies to effortlessly create advanced fintech products β€” ranging from payment networks and stable coins to loyalty programs, remittance services and more.

COTI has already released the private version of the Mainnet (code is available on GitHub). COTI token is the native digital currency of COTI network, linking consumers, merchants, mediators and node operators. It is a stake and utility token simultaneously. At the core of COTI’s infrastructure lies the Trustchain, a proprietary consensus algorithm based on machine learning, which dramatically decreases transaction costs and increases processing speed (over 100,000 transactions per second) by assigning trust scores to transactions and clustering it in chains.

COTI team, that consists of 28+ people, is solid and has experience in relevant spheres: finance, business development, banking. COTI has 13 advisors, most of them are all-stars from banking and investment (top management and CEOs).

COTI has already signed agreements with several major enterprises, like Blue Cellular in Africa, Millenning in Singapore, REMIIT in Korea, Ormeus Cash, and much more, which will bring adoption of COTI when Mainnet will be launched publicly.

πŸ‘‰ TG Chat: @COTInetwork
πŸ‘‰ Website:
​​❗️The second round of Roobee Platform IEO will be held on Bitforex Exchange on 18th of May at 09:00 (UTC).
The allocation for the second round is 5 times smaller than for the first, and the first round of 100 BTC was raised in just a little more than one hour.

Roobee is an investment platform that allows you to fund in any projects with an entry threshold of 10$: users can invest in IPOs, ETFs, the venture capital investment market, real estate, cryptocurrency assets and much more.
This project at the was supported by crypto-whale on pre-IEO stage, he invested $4.5mln in the development of the platform. MVP is already working - the total amount of transactions in the Roobee network exceeded $15mil dollars, all the evidence is on the site.
The first round of IEO at Bitforex was closed in just over an hour, 100BTC+ were raised.

Thanks to the collected 4.5 million dollars, product is being developed and money in further IEO stages are raising for obtaining licenses and produtc scailing.
The core team of Roobee consists of experienced professionals in blockchain, finance and marketing. For instance, Dan Kaiser, head of blockchain and R&D was awarded the overall winner at Waterloo Canada in 2017 by Vitalik Buterin and Storj.

In pre-seed round, Roobee has been backed by a crypto whale known as "200M_trader" (a trader or a group of traders made $283 million from a $55 million investment in one month) contributed 10,955 ETH ($4.5 million) to Roobee.

Learn more about Roobee IEO on Bitforex

TG: @Roobee_chat
​​New Ratings:
ICO Pantera: RooBee A+
MoNoico: Harmony ALL IN, COTI WATCH
MMCrypto: Harmony 6/7 - //, RooBee 6/7 - //
​​@MagnaChain IEO on BitForex starts tomorrow at 17:00 (GTM+8)

Tokens For Sale:
200m MGC - 7.6% of the total supply
Initial Circulating Supply (only IEO tokens): 200m MGC - 7.6% of total supply
Min. / Max. Cap: 0.035BTC / 35 BTC

OTC Trading πŸ‘‰ LINK
Raven Protocol on Binance Chain πŸ‘‰ LINK
Harmony IEO Token Sale Details πŸ‘‰ LINK

QPU includes:
a one-year project review, Q1–2019 recap, our 2019 plan, new clients, an expanded Block-Aergo, updated token metrics, a full financial update, and more!

Read Full Report πŸ‘‰
​​Announcement of COTI (COTI) Token Sale on KuCoin Spotlight

COTI on CryptoDiffer
​​❗️Dear community, we glad to announce voting results for the next CryptoDiffer DNA Report!

We decided to choose 2 winners! They are Pchain (1282 votes) and Zilliqa (959 votes)! Congrats!

Also, we have chosen 5 projects to be added in the next community voting based on your suggestions: Lition, Aergo, Kambria, Sparkster and Origo.

We would like to πŸ™πŸ» thank the community and projects that have actively taken part in the voting process. We will look for a more transparent and easy way to make a new poll.
​​What should we expect from Harmony?

Last month, Binance come up with the lottery structure for Matic IEO. We saw a lot of FUD regarding the outcome of such structure: 16 thousand flippers, etc. But, now we can definitely conclude that this model is the most succesfull and transparent, we see the real demand for the projects, moreover the chance to get in is decent. The most important part is that strong hands have been rewarded and Matic is now absolute leader among all Binance IEO's in terms of ROI. CZ has taught us a hodl lesson and and we are very excited about Harmony.