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@cryptodaku B'cos of heavy demand we are opening our public channel.
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NOS reducded hardcap and circulating supply:
Public Sale Hard Cap
Updated to: $10,000,000 USD (40% lower)
(was previously $15,750,000 USD)
Initial Circulating Supply
Lowered by ~40%
I am confused on where market will be moving in short term.. CNBC guys plz tell what you think and i will contra-trade it.. for sure cant make mistake against you noobs at cnbc..

want to see more details ... dont want to see: that google search you will see cybermiles result hence we have partnership 😂😂😂
eden master node program if anyone is interested : there is no need to run a node or contribute computing power for supernode
#greedyico #fckOTC
Certik prices are marked up like hell: dont invest in it. Many pools have already started for certik: but here are details decide if you really want to get your ass burnt!!

Seed; 0.06/0.07 (including Binance) (ETH between $1050-1350 USD)
Private Sale Round 1: 0.50/0.666/0.77 (Pegs in March 850USD+)
Private Sale Round 2: 1.0/1.66-89 USD (Pegs in March - June ETH bebtween 550-800USD)
Round 3: Expected to be 3.0 USD.

CertiK team are greedy and of no intention to save small investors (even crowdsale one)
That means that if you buy Certik at $1 USD now you will pay 16x more than seed in terms of ETH and in 110x+ in USD!!

And please dont say about lockups— we all know you are going to be royally screwed if you go ahead.
Dont get fcked by next greedy ico,VC or pool group, Follow us
Crypto Daku
#greedyico #fckOTC Certik prices are marked up like hell: dont invest in it. Many pools have already started for certik: but here are details decide if you really want to get your ass burnt!! Seed; 0.06/0.07 (including Binance) (ETH between $1050-1350 USD)…
after this article got pm from few ppl, poolgroup,VC's asking me to take off this post and get some eth for it..
also telling me its not good to call "greed as greed" else i may be boycotted with no possible pool or anything else...
My reply: I agree i am poor soul with not much eth 😢😢.. but to everyonewho is here to fck investor— Fck you :).. i am not taking it down.
P.S: I am not naming you ppl but you know who i am talking about - plz dont come again to me. And this time i said politely No, next time you come — i will take eth and still keep the post . Because I like and Take ETH
To everyone out there watch for scammers/shillers who feed on your investment:

Today I am gonna talk about a Indian money grabber YouTuber, His name Sumit Kapoor and YouTube Channel Money Guru.

He loves MLM Plans and Ponzi schemes(where he can get money without investeing anything and just feed on referral), he Promoted those MLM Plans and Ponzies on his YouTube just for Quick Money or Referral earning by his followers. And asked to hold showing them great future (which never came)

Dekako one of Lending Platform who gets maximum exposure in India market just because of this guy or many just like him. Most of the Indian People purchased Dekado coin at 8-12$ and now zero Value, Website is not working anymore and no way to contact. VICTIM :-

EtherEcash:- Another kind of Lending platform and he promoted its ico on his channel a lot of Indian people invested in it. Proof

Questra World :- Another Lending platform , promoted by this guy , many Indian people lost their hard earned money just because of this stupid guy. VICTIM

Currently he deleted all the videos related to these ponizes and MLM plans from his channel. These are the top three he promoted on his channel when he have more than 300k + subscribers on his channel

I know lot of indian being fcked up of there saving by him. Come guys lets join:
and fight and save our ass against the scammers and this parasites
#wherearetheynow: @cryptodaku reporting :)
ICO: Alloy
They raised close to 300 eth in presale, and then winded up business closed tg, delete website and gone.

I have list of people who invested and didn’t have there eth back yet.
One person is Engineering Manager at in-mobi, Also what you guys think is moral responsibility of team and advisor, Shouldn’t advisors be named/shamed in public. So I am doing same: ceo co founder-current engineering manager at inmobi - VP GM Navis, Ex Director Paypal - Another big shot

also they fooled alot:
paypal backed really 😂😂😂
Fantom is listed in bgogo. Are we having bgogo as one of the exchange? what you think ?
Aphelion DEX Lists NEX and trading is live. It's better and safe than trading Nex over OTC. Nex is trading against APH token.👌
Crypto Daku Analysis of top 50 ICO of 2017 Amongst the conclusions: Of the 50 ICOs: * of 37 that promised vesting, 80% didn't code it * of 32 that promised supply restrictions, 25% didn't code it * of 17 that…
PRL creator wallet called the transferDirector function 6 hours ago, giving himself admin rights
New «owner» opened ICO sale function on the contract.
Sent ETH to contract and got PRL tokens at ICO price
Sent them to Kucoin and crashed the price.
Printed around 4 million $PRL
old paper still makes sense. This idiots raise M$ but bastards dont do proper qa,audit
thanks @@MacnBTC @atuleshjha and others for bringing this stupidty out
🙌 nOS re-opens for public sale Round 2 - Open to Public + Round 1 Whitelisted Users 💩💩💩

❗️ Anyone who was not whitelisted for Round 1 can enter Round 2 by filling out the KYC in nOS Client

RIP everyone who purchased NOS via otc, you are fucked... and RIP everyone who was spacegoat for making app for nos team u are fucked. And NOS team u too are fucked :)
congrats to all who went in. Yes we shilled it because we knew its easy money. <24hours for 3x is not bad.