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@cryptodaku B'cos of heavy demand we are opening our public channel.
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Jihan whu and Craig wright- 2 cocks trying to fck btc. Jihan is anyhow getting kicked out of bitman itself so he will do more fckery around to screw btc and your investment. So what you can do: remember this bastards and dont purchase the minning rigs of there and Craig Wright— this idiot doesnt have right proper in his name itself he will be doing all wrong
Crypto loans company Salt Lending Holdings Inc., once associated with high-profile crypto industry stalwart Erik Voorhees, is facing a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) probe over its 2017 $50 million token sale, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Nov. 15.
2 ICOs, Paragon and CarrierEQ have conducted unregistered initial coin offerings and must each pay the penalty of $250,000
Fck all this ico..someone please sec about atmi and fraud amazix

so there is something as rif 😂😂😂
Worst of worst news in the bear market, Amazix team is going to handle RSK telegram community.

God save RSK 🙏
Forwarded from AmaZix Announcements
Dear Community,

Please welcome the latest AmaZix client, RIF !

💥 What
is RIF OS?

👉 Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS) is a suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment.

RIF OS is an all in one, easy to use, blockchain infrastructure service framework. It provides developers and organizations with access to a variety of services across multiple crypto-economies. From payments to storage, multiple services, one token.

RIF OS Protocols enable broad interoperability and faster time-to-deployment, and aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technologies and their mass-market adoption. RIF OS Protocols complete the RSK Smart Contract Network vision of bringing the Internet of Value to life.

💥 What is RIF Labs?

🔬 RIF Labs operates as a purpose driven organization focused on promoting and developing the next generation of open blockchain-based infrastructure that will enable worldwide financial inclusion and bridge the gap between this nascent technology and mass adoption.

RIF Labs is implementing RIF OS Protocols an all in one, easy to use, blockchain infrastructure service that will allow greater scalability and faster time to market.

The organization has a growing team of mission driven, passionate collaborators all over the globe and it’s led by the RSK Labs' founding team that is widely recognized at the forefront of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, actively leading key innovations since 2011.

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