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newtonproject #ico #moon: The Newton Project, based out of the Chaoyang District of Beijing, is named after Sir Isaac Newton in homage and bears striking similarities with the idea of looking farther than others and standing on the shoulders of giants in e-Commerce and Blockchain applications alike.

In terms of the internal dynamics of an organization, Newton’s hyper exchange protocol will open the doors for single users or organizations to manage inventory and the supply chain, streamline the process of accountability and auditing, and measure real-world objects via a breakthrough technology known as “Atom Hashing.” Atom Hashing uses radiometrics to analyze and digitize material things through never-before-seen methods that will revolutionize the way A.I. and the Internet-of-things can record, compile, analyze, and synthesize data and make appropriate decisions.

Externally, users and organizations will be able to use Newton to market their products or services, while being able to manage pricing and privacy as seen fit. Smart Contracts will open the doors for automated credit applications and solid risk assessments that will rapidly establish financial relationships that mutually benefit lenders and borrowers in the virtual marketplace. Naturally, Newton will serve as a payment gateway in limitless modalities, consistent with the secure, cross-border and hyperspeed transactions that the distributed-ledger is known for.

This is a project launched specifically for building a new kind of ecommerce system through decentralization. We have seen a similar concept with Omnitude in the west.

At the core of the project is NewChain, which consists of a main and sub-chain architecture. The mainchain handles transactions and account management, while the subchains allow for any participants from the ecommerce industry, such as websites or logistics providers, to participate in the network.

Newton also supplies a full suite of components for managing all of the essential aspects of an ecommerce ecosystem, such as digital identities, supply chain Verdit: We love it Registration now open:
👆Monet is an open network architecture for mobile blockchains on demand. Here are important links to learn more:
🌐 website
📓 medium
🐦 twitter
How does Monet work?
The Babble SDK, Monet’s fundamental building block, enables developers to add blockchain functionality to their applications and embrace a serverless architecture. Under the hood, these applications connect directly to nearby peers, setup or join ad-hoc blockchains, and broadcast commands within the group to coordinate interactions without reverting to a central authority. The consensus algorithm ensures that every participant processes the same commands in the same order even in the presence of faulty or malicious behavior. The Hub is an optional public utility that helps with connection establishment in the face of NATs, and provides a distributed and secure Smart-Contract platform for hosting non-transient logic, like peer-discovery, ID, and inter-blockchain communication. #underradar #ico
#moon #ico Website:

Token Type: BMAX (ERC20)
Hardcap: $13.1M/ 28,000 ETH
Private Sale: 15K ETH strategic + equity rounds and 13K ETH private round
Public Sale (Pre + main round): N/A
Max supply: 10,000,000,000
Circulating Supply: 2,800 ETH worth Bmax at private sale price on exchange launch(10% of the private round only, all the other rounds are locked). Exchange launches in the first week of August.
ICO base price : 25,000 BMAX/eth - Venture Capital funds who have invested in this ICO include: Bitmain, FBG Capital, GBIC & Matrix Partners
- Telegram: 2K+ members
- Testnet: 16th,July,2018
- Mainnet: 2nd,August,2018
Dr. George Cao
Co-Founder and CIO of Delpha Capital management. Decades of experience on Wall Street. Co-founder of Whitestone investment fund. A member of upper 90 based out of NYC. Chairman of TCFA (the largest Chinese American Financial club). Portfolio manager of Barclays investment bank.

Ariel Ling
America Head of Liquidity and Investment Products, Deutsche Bank.
VP of equity trading at lehman brothers
VP of business management at Commerzbank AG
CFO advisory practice manager at KPMG
Director, equity COO of Barclays investment bank
2018.7. Beta version website public launch (~ July 16)
2018.8. Initial trading launch7
2018.10 Smart contract voting
2018.11 Initiate platform fee distribution through smart contracts
2018.12. Initiate margin trading
2019.2. Incubator investment, ecosystem buildout
2019.4 Exchange public chain launch
Key Institutional investors:
#dxchain #ico
When: ICO is August 2nd - 4th, 2018 (PST)

Token Economics:
Public Sale
Token Price: 1 DX = $0.0014
Private Sale
Token Price: 1 DX = $0.0009
25% - release before listing, 75% - locked for 3, 6, 12 months...
So are they going to use market makers for pump ?? lets pray .. #icowinter is too long :)
#ico #matic won Ian Hyderabad tour.. Here are token metrics for u:
40% Public
37% token sale
3% dapp drops (not like normal airdrop, have to use dapp on matic for this drop)

4% advisors
5% partners
16% founders vested 2 years
25% company rreserves (marketing etc)
? developer bounties (fuel building of dapps and adoption of matic sidechain)

$18.2m hard cap
Executive Summary: 
TG: #ico
#ico #LTO As usual join tg:
ask questions to team and then lets decide close to token raise date to go further or not 🙏🙏🙏
What one can do with LTO: Any business process, any legal agreement or any inter-party process can be automated as a Live Contract (which is GDPR and regulatory compliant)
With LTO Network, contracts and processes are turned into business rules and data that allows automation.

For blockchain to be part of real life – we need to intervene with current process and not try to replace all (if congressman don’t get money why will they support any legislation which supports crypto), we do like LTO vision in this part, do check more details here:

• REAL ESTATE - Deloitte, MSeven, OSRE, Merin, Stena, CMS Law: automation of rental agreement lifecycles as Live Contracts
• SUPPLY CHAIN -Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and other public and private agents: Waste Transportation ILT (European Union tender winner)
• INSURANCE -DEKRA: GDPR compliant automated third party data-handling
• Heineken, Euronext, Velcro, Cloud9: digital transaction management
• Firm24, Damste Notary, Hekkelman Notary, Lint Notary, and 20 more notaries firms
• LEGALFLING: sexual consent on the blockchain
• And many more:

Token Metrics: 5.2M USD hardcap: 1.4M USD seed, 3.8M USD private + public (exact ratio TBA). For 42% of total suplly.

Note: project which was closest to LTO is Quant network (there are many differences too- but in terms of long term goal both want current process to come to blockchain). Quant HC was very high and it was not sold in ICO- it raised only 3M$ circulating supply and did 14x from there, so lets see how LTO will work.

Documentation (papers):
Try out a small piece:
#ico #underradar

Tokamak Network is a platform that assures decentralized and secure property same as Ethereum Main chain while supporting high level of scalability and extendability. Each Dapp is built easily for specific purpose through Tokamak Network.


As usual lets join TG and do more dd.

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The Video App that Puts Users First

Vid is a next-generation video journaling app that gives ultimate control to its users. Data is secured through zero-knowledge encryption, so only the user can access their content. Even Vid can't see it until the user decides to post publicly. Content creators can earn money when people view their videos. Advertising partners can also pay users directly, without Vid taking a cut.
As usual DYOR, dont hurry, lets study more about project and then decide :)
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