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#ico #LTO As usual join tg:
ask questions to team and then lets decide close to token raise date to go further or not 🙏🙏🙏
What one can do with LTO: Any business process, any legal agreement or any inter-party process can be automated as a Live Contract (which is GDPR and regulatory compliant)
With LTO Network, contracts and processes are turned into business rules and data that allows automation.

For blockchain to be part of real life – we need to intervene with current process and not try to replace all (if congressman don’t get money why will they support any legislation which supports crypto), we do like LTO vision in this part, do check more details here:

• REAL ESTATE - Deloitte, MSeven, OSRE, Merin, Stena, CMS Law: automation of rental agreement lifecycles as Live Contracts
• SUPPLY CHAIN -Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and other public and private agents: Waste Transportation ILT (European Union tender winner)
• INSURANCE -DEKRA: GDPR compliant automated third party data-handling
• Heineken, Euronext, Velcro, Cloud9: digital transaction management
• Firm24, Damste Notary, Hekkelman Notary, Lint Notary, and 20 more notaries firms
• LEGALFLING: sexual consent on the blockchain
• And many more:

Token Metrics: 5.2M USD hardcap: 1.4M USD seed, 3.8M USD private + public (exact ratio TBA). For 42% of total suplly.

Note: project which was closest to LTO is Quant network (there are many differences too- but in terms of long term goal both want current process to come to blockchain). Quant HC was very high and it was not sold in ICO- it raised only 3M$ circulating supply and did 14x from there, so lets see how LTO will work.

Documentation (papers):
Try out a small piece: