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Nothing has changed, in my opinion we will still be in 7100-7700 area couple days for sure
But if we break 7100, then we will stop at 6600-6700

If this is true, I am almost sure our mentioned area ( 7700-8000 ) will be tested. This was one of the biggest reason why price went up so it could be reason for dump too.

Play safe, do not long until this green area. Longing now could be dangerous so play safe and do not take high risk. First move is missed now you need to wait for pullback to long again. If you want you can short but again shorting could be only around 8300-8400 if we see low volue and onther bearish signs!

Remmember to choose always stable solution to invest like
Good morning, I hope our members are doing well !

As i mentioned yesterday Bitcoin has back to 8200 area
BTC is holding around $8200 and I would like to say few words about next potential move. Before that, I hope you are enjoying profit if you bought in our green area areound 7700-7800.

This move that will happen in next 48 hours will be very important. Why?

Firstly, Eliot Waves could be impulsive and corrective waves. What is the different.

Impulsive waves are made by 5 subwaves. 3 of the are going in the direction of the trend and 2 of them are correction to the general trend. On the other side, corrective waves are made by 3 subwaves. 2 of them are going in the direction of the trend and 1 of them are going against the trend.

If this whole move from 6300 is an impulsive wave it means that chances for BTC are huge to go up in general. If this is a corrective wave, I would expect 5-6k area over the next few months for sure.

If price closes above 8500 it will the confirmation of an impulsive wave. If we didnt see that close we will have to wait for other confirmations.

So, why I am mentioning Eliot Waves at the moment? Because I noticed that they are working perfectly in this uptrend and thats why I think BTC has to follow them in the upcoming days too.

But, do not rely your analysis just on one indicator, charting tool or theory. On the other side, it is showing momentum on different time frames and targeting top bb on daily time frame currently ( 8600-8700 ) area. If we see close above top bb it would be huge bullish sign. But if we dont see that close I would considere that as a bearish sign and I will probably open shorts down to 8000-8200 because even if this is impulsive wave it should consolidate a little bit.

So, am I in position? Yeah, I am in position. It is long position with stop loss below mid bb on h1. First target is top bb on h4. If you decide to follow that trade it offers you very tight stop loss and very nice target so risk reward system is perfect.
Hello guys, I hope you are doing amazing!

Crypto market in general is at the bottom of depression, fear and everything negative. The only coin that is making some gains at the moment is BTC.

Check this chart :

I am getting a lot of questions why I stopped with signals? I will answer with one question to you. Which coin made significant gain in last 30-60 days?
The chart above is showing $ gains and it is not that bad because BTC wet up but BTC gains are even worse!

The only reason for uptrend could be FA but more and more people are afraid to even buy coins with amazing FA.

BE CAREFULL - So, we are at the point where some coins will simply DISSAPEAR and some will keep alive and be part of crypto future.

So, at the moment we are updating you about BTC and I think it gives you great value. We have big accuaracy and if you followed our calls on BTC you should be in nice profit! more thing -> check out our ICO site:

Soon we will show you smth amazing - cryptoarb global contest with rewards in total value of 25,000$ !
BTC Update:

Hello cryptoarb investors, I hope you are doing great!

It is August 5th, 2018! After SEC has rejected Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss' application for Bitcoin ETF, we saw the beginning of new BTC downtrend.

This time, the SEC noted in its rejection that the Winklevossโ€™ application did not demonstrate that their exchange would be able to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts.

So, as you can see, the problem is not BTC but potential fraudulent actions! I am sure, in upcoming months, they will find solution and SEC will approve next application. This is just another way of manipulation! They know that once they approve this, BTC is going to moon so I am almost 100% sure that they are preparing and investing as much as they can in BTC because it will be "easy" money for them.

Now, back to BTC chart we can see that BTC is in uncertain zone but with much more chances to go up. First green area should act at least as short-term support! The green area below is very strong support and I think it wont be broken in first attempt for sure ( if first green gets broken ).

I would personally average long around green area because I think we should see at least 7700-7800 and there we should to check our analysis again to see if we see signs of reversal or continuation!

My bigger concern at the moment is altcoin market! This market is going down straight without any signs of reversal. When the fear is the biggest, when we think it cant go lower, when average traders are worrying, experience traders are accumulating.

If you want to accumulate, it is time for accumulation! Whenever altseason starts, it will make you profit for sure if you accumulate at these prices. But if you decide to accumulate you have to know that it may take even few months until bull season in altcoin market.

I am personally focused only on BTC with cryptoarb team and part of my profit investing in altcoins and that is strategy that I think is the best at the moment. Daily trading on altcoin can cause to get stucked in some coin for weeks/months and I will lose time waiting to get out!

Find best strategy that works for you! And remmember that the most profitable way to gain profits its to just work with !

Best regards,

Coinbase is going to launch Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Probably you've already heard for this information. We already saw very nice pump and it is very good to see something like that in this bear market.

But, once it get listed, do you think price is going to continue with bull run?

My personal opinion is that ETC is going to dump over the period of next few days/weeks so I would suggest holders to sell ETC and hold BTC or invest in other alts you thinnk that has potential to go up.

I sold my ETC that I was buying in area between 200-250k and I think it is better to sell them than to wait. Why?

I just have one question for you: What could be reason for new pump of ETC?

It is already on the biggest exchanges, it is going to be listed on Coinbase, as I know there is no airdrop or hardfork so I really do not know what could be reason for that pump. Hard fork probably wont happen so only some airdrops could pump the price up but it could be in few weeks, few months or maybe in few years.

So, friendly advice, not financial advice, is to sell ETC or just portion of ETC because it has maybe potential to reach 280k or 300k ut that's it. Reaching 350-400k in this bearish market is maybe too much!

I hope you get some value from this post!
BTC chart:

Hello cryptoarb investors !

We are at the point that will decide a lot of that not only in short-term but in long term view too.

If we break 6700 area with big volume, 99% we are going to reach new low of this correction ( so we are going to drop below $5600-5700 in few weeks )

If we bounce off from this are with big volume, we may never see BTC again below 7000 area. Maybe it is too bearish and too bullish approach but if we bounce off ith big volume and continue to all 3 targets and reach new high of this local uptrend we have very good chance to see continuation of the uptrend in general.

6700-6800 was huge ressitance before, it will be become new support of resistance again?

If we plot fibonacci on this local uptrend, 0.618, aka Golden ratio, is going through area between 6700 and 6800. Almost all important indicators are showing some support at that level. So, if we establish support there, with volume confirmation, we have big chances to see 7700 at least. But, if we break it, I think in August we wont see BTC at 7000+ again.

So, do I have signal for you? Yeah I do!

I suggest plotting long entries from 6700 to 6900 with stop loss around 6650. It offers you very small risk and huge potential profit. If you want to minimize risk, than plot orders from 6700 up to 6800.

Good luck, I will monitor on BTC and keep invest in !

BTC chart:

After my post yesterday, we saw test of our buy area and as you can see on our new update, it got reached but rejected. If you had plotted long orders in area between 6700 and 6900 you should got very nice long position that is making you now very good profit.

Now, is this uptrend is going to continue or not?

Firstly, we saw close above midbb h4 and that is very good sign for bulls. Now, we have to stay above midbb. First target is topbb on h4 around 7200. If that target doesnt bring red volume, next target based on bollinger bands should be at midbb d1 that is around 7650. For more targets we will talk if these get reached. If you are using horizontal lines for targets, then you can check our chart for targets.

If my followed our signal, enjoy the profit, book 20% now, put orders on our targets and move stop loss to your entry price. That's it! You have great entry and now you just have to wait!

And check remmember to invest into new mining plans !
BTC is not looking good, that's a fact right now! One more time it close below lowbb h1 with huge volume, even bigger than yesterdays drop so this is not looking good and the end of correction doesnt seem too close.

The only hope is green volume on 5 and 15 minute chart but if we check 3 and 1 minute chart the fact is that the main volume was red so the reason why we can see green volume is the fact that we close just a little bit above opening price forming masive doji candle.

It was good bounce off 6150 but with this hourly close I and not thinking we saw everything from this correction. At least we should retest once more 6100 area and if we see again nice bounce off then we have some chance to say that local bottome is reached for not but the fact is that we are still very bearish!
CME contract ends on 28th September and SEC postponed ETF approval for 30th September!

C'mon cryptoarb members !, tell me that you don't see something fishy!

Manipulation at its best!

After my yesterday's signal to go short at 6310 with final target lowbb h4 we saw nice dump. I warned you that you should be active to take profit step by step and have stop loss in place because of possibility to see something that we saw yesterday. So I hope you followed our suggestions and that you are enjoying nice profit!

Now, we are approaching new resistance and it offers us great trading set up. Risk reward rate is almost 4:1. Very low risk and nice profitable profit. You can check that on this chart:

Target is lowbb h1 but it will go a little bit higher so it wont be the blue rectangle on the chart but a little bit higher, probably at 6350 as a final target!

We saw h4 resistance in play and now it is showing us again downtrend momentum but after reaching our targets ( possible ), if we don't see close below lowbb h1, I think midbb h4 will be revisited one more time and it will be one more opportunity to take swing trade. It will be probably short, but considering that 6700-6800 area could be retested because it was major support, maybe it could give us some long triggers with target around that area but more about this will be in another post if we reach that midbb h4 area.

So, if you want, you can take trade with target on lowbb h1 but have a stop loss in place! You can book some profit on lowbb m15 that will be around 6390. Good luck!
ETH on support, good time to buy
ADA same situation like ETH
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eth on support
ltc too