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I'm sorry we let you down turtle. Most of my species was too interested in shoes to care.
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Why 90% of the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar fraud. Get your nutrients from organic whole foods and juices.
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This is an open call for humanity to come together it's either now or never. Each individual will have to examine themselves. Their own lives. What operating system each person is functioning under. If a person lives a life chasing greed, a never ending pursuit of money and material ambition for only the self, that's the same operating system of the people at the top you rally against. If money and material ambition is the most important thing to you, then how can you blame the rulers who feel the same? Projection onto others is always easier. The path of least resistance. Self examination requires a higher level of skill and commitment. A realignment of what is important and what matters is the only way out of this dilemma. Following a path that was created to goat you on and enslave you by chasing financial carrots leads to a dead end. It's a system that creates more destruction in your life than rewards. Beware of the hoodwinkers and the kaleidoscope of smoke and mirrors. Your higher angels are calling for you. Will you listen and heed their words? God bless you all.