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Listen to real leader, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis talk about protecting freedoms, outlawing discriminatory & fraudulent vaccines passports, and the importance of early treatments for covid patients (the same policies of the UAP in Australia).

Then compare DeSantis this against Andrews, Morrison, Berejiklian & Palazsuk - who are selling out our freedoms, mandating vaccine passports and who reject the medical advice on early treatment.

Australia has never been so poorly governed. They all need to be voted out.

The UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY says Governor DeSantis is correct, and Andrews, Morrison, Berejiklian & Palazsuk have it all wrong.

The UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY will protect freedoms, outlaw discriminatory & politically fraudulent vaccine passports and ensure every Australian has access to early covid treatments. Come and join us.
I received this email tonight. It brought me to tears. Several times.

I’m sure the author would not mind me posting part of.

This letter, is why we fight. For as it concludes ‘’it’s now our turn to step up to freedoms plate’’
Media is too big
Authorised by Craig Kelly, United Australia Party, Sutherland NSW

BEREJIKLIAN has just made the most despicable, contemptible and pig ignorant statements of any Australian political leader in our nation’s history.

By seeking to divide us in such a way, she is betraying everything that Australia stands for and what the Anzacs fought for.

And the Liberal MP’s and Liberal Party Members that stand by and allow this to said without voicing your objection - you betray every principle of Liberal values. You are betraying the nation.

So the public now have a choice, if you are happy with Australia descending into a bio-medical fascist security state run by the ilk of Berejiklian and Andrews, keep voting Labor or Liberal.

But this not the type of Australia that you believe the Anzacs sacrificed and fought for, or the type of Australia you want your children to inherit - come and join the UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY, for its now our turn to defend freedom.
Never forget this despicable women Berejiklian wants a society were Barbers and Hairdressers are required to demand to see the medical records of customers, and then refuse them service and discriminate against them if they can’t show they’ve been injected twice (for the moment - 3 times very soon) with an experimental mRNA genetic agent that zero long term safety data.

Can you imagine a society so dysfunctional that people could be arrested by a goon squad for giving haircuts.

And what’s worse our Prime Minister cheers her on.

And every other Liberal MP in the country is too frightened to call out this obscenity. No wonder Liberal party members are abandoning the party and signing up with United Australia in their thousands.

And compare this with the state of Florida, where a real leader has made such discriminatory conduct illegal, but in NSW Barbers and Hairdressers will face arrest if they DON’T DISCRIMINATE.

The UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY will follow Florida and make such discrimination illegal.
The Labor & Liberal parties have chosen the path of forcing mandatory injections of experimental genetic agents upon Australians.

The United Australia Party has chosen liberty, freedom and human rights.

Now it’s your turn to choose.
Another published another big win for early treatment and Ivermectin.

Yet our health bureaucrats, continue to deny Australian covid patients access to early treatment and suppress the use of Ivermectin.

How many Australians will die because these health bureaucrats refuse to follow the science and ignore the medical advice from experienced doctors who have successfully treated tens of thousands of covid patients ?

The United Australia Party is the only hope to save Australia from this tyranny that Labor & Liberal seek time impose upon the nation.
And history will condemn Vaxists that are currently pushing to divide society, just as racists of the past are condemned by history.

Both racism and vaxism are the creed of the ignorant, the prejudiced, and those that believe they are superior to others.

When not challenged, racism has led to some of the darkest chapters in human history.

Every Australian has a moral and ethnical obligation to call our the disgusting and vile Vaxist policies of segregation that Berejiklian is shamefully pushing.

The TGA has tonight interfered with the sanctity of the Doctor patient relationship in Australia, by ignoring the evidence of over 50 published studies and also ignoring expert medical advice from doctors that have treated thousands of patients successfully with Ivermectin- by prohibiting doctors from prescribing this medicine to sick Australians.

This is why we need a Federal IACA, as if we had one, this decision could be investigated for possible corruption.

The UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY tonight calls for a urgent Royal Commission in this TGA over this decision.

It’s a sad day for the nation, as the expert medical evidence from overseas indicates that this outrageous decision by the TGA will result in the death of Australians.

The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. 

Point 56 states, “That your misleading tweet on May 10, 2021, against the use of Ivermectin had the effect of the State of Tamil Nadu withdrawing Ivermectin from the protocol on May 11, 2021, just a day after the Tamil Nadu government had indicated the same for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.”

Advocate Dipali Ojha, lead attorney for the Indian Bar Association, threatened criminal prosecution against Dr.  Swaminathan “for each death” caused by her acts of commission and omission. The brief accused Swaminathan of misconduct by using her position as a health authority to further the agenda of special interests to maintain an EUA for the lucrative vaccine industry.

Specific charges included the running of a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin and issuing statements in social and mainstream media to wrongfully influence the public against the use of Ivermectin despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data showing its profound effectiveness in both prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
Listen to real medical expertise, someone that has treated over 6000 covid patients, with just 4 hospitalisation. And guess what, this doctor uses IVERMECTIN with other medicines as early treatment.

But our health bureaucrats at the TGA (bureaucrats that haven’t treated a single covid patient) have just made it illegal for Australian doctors to use the very same early treatments that Dr Tyson has used so successfully to save lives.

The UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY demands an urgent Royal Commission into the TGA and their ties with Big Pharma.
When thousands of doctors around the world advocate for Ivermectin as a life saving covid treatment, and they have the runs on the board to demonstrate its effectiveness, the conduct of TGA must be fully investigated by a Royal Commission
Listen to Professor Paul E. Marik discuss Ivermectin.

Professor Marik should be one of the first witnesses called by a Royal Commission into the alleged Malfeasance at the TGA through the TGA’s conduct of interfering in the sanctity of the Doctor/patient relationship, banning Australian doctors from prescribing Ivermectin to sick covid patients.
Forwarded from George Christensen


Nobel Prize multi use for IVERMECTIN

IVERMECTIN: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations - The Journal of Antibiotics



IVERMECTIN anti viral action

IVERMECTIN as Ionophore

IVERMECTIN stopping viral replication

IVERMECTIN Extremely safe

IVERMECTIN Works when distributed

IVERMECTIN works when administered

IVERMECTIN in India WHO white paper

2019 CDC Memo on Ivermectin Resurfaces After Media Blasted The Drug as ‘Horse Treatment’

Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News

Ivermectin works.

Fauci is a LYING RAT.

Mainstream media are the enemy of the people.

Politicians are in the pockets of big pharma.
Listen Dr. Pierre Kory talk about Ivermectin before the US Senate

Dr. Kory will be a potential witness at a Royal Commission into the alleged malfeasance at the TGA, resulting from the TGA’s conduct of interfering with the sanctity of the Doctor/patient relationship, banning doctors from prescribing Ivermectin as an early covid treatment.
In a free democratic country, the sanctity of the Doctor/patient relationship should prevail over the dictates of ivory tower health bureaucrats.

If my doctor, after due diligence and knowing my individual medical history, believes that I would benefit from any of Dr Zelenko’s covid protocols - he should be free to prescribe them to me.

But that freedom has tonight has just been stolen from Australians by bureaucrats at the TGA.

A Royal Commission is needed in the conduct of the TGA for possible malfeasance in regards to this decision.