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Woodville Hospital, SA
"we can identify as multi-dimensional time travellers thus we can be a multiple locations at the same time"
"Deaths by vaccination in Australia to 23/5.
Total vaxxed=3.6 million.

Deaths by vaccine=210

Astra Zeneca=94
Not specified=7

Most deaths (93%) 64 yrs+
Average 1 death per 17,142 doses

COVID deaths to 23/5=910

Most deaths 70 yrs+

Average 1 death per 27,868 people"
We're getting Chipped!!!!
Office works - Trinity Gardens, SA
Black Friday 2021

Riots inside your local Walmart .. people punching each other for that last box of discount cookies...

A few days later ... 1000's then millions will be dropping like flies.

Journalists will say a variant circulating on the surface of bank notes and coins is responsible.

The truth is, a large proportion of the millions of people who have been vaccinated will have reached their used by date!

The media campaign to ban cash will start!

The Dark Winter plan for the total collapse of civilization as we know it will have kick started.