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Coursavy’s Pledge!
A pledge to guide you, be with you at each and every step of your Exam Journey.
9 PM Daily Pledge Class at -
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Tomorrow is the test, 6 PM - 50 Q
This is being done to make you regular and come out of your hesitation to attempt test.

Don't delay it till April.

Also, solving 20+ tests in the last month won't help. Be regular, make mistakes, analyse and revise.
All the best
All the Coursavy Pledge students will get the Sep Current Affairs Module and Editorials Notes since July by tomorrow 12 PM. Take the pledge now -
Test is at 6 PM
Sunday Test is launched for Coursavy Pledge

Attempt under Pledge Portal

50 Q
Polity and August Current Affairs

Go to Pledge Portal > Sunday Tests > Mock Tests > Test 2
There are total 1094 enrollments so far who have attempted the 2 Sunday Tests.
Its 2 weeks now, and we have to start science.
I have sent the Coursavy's Content - Current Affair Modules, Editorials Notes, Important Issues for Mains 2020 etc to around 500 so far. Rest of you will get it tonight.
Let's discuss the two tests and Coursavy Pledge's result so far at 8 PM and how to ahead further with the Time Table.
Complete Polity in 2 weeks, with Daily Hindu and Notes making and with Daily Prelims Questions is not an easy thing. I am so proud of you!
Maintain the discipline. Fight with your hesitations.
Those who have not attempted the test, don't know the Time Table, have not attempted the tests - go here - you will find everything. Only those who have attempted test will get the regular update and query resolution as only sincere ones will attempt the test
11 Nov 19 Editorial .pdf
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11 November Editorial
All the students who are enrolled in Pledge have been sent an email with all the instructions.

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