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Coub is an artistic community that creates "coubs", 10-sec looped videos with optional full-length audio at the intersection of memes, contemporary art, edutainment, and pop-culture buzz.

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Coub News
Wow! It was a thrill to go through all your fantastic #wtfiscoub submissions. With so many pretenders, we had no choice but to up the stakes, and upped the prize to $9k! Meet ten finalists of our first Coub community contest: πŸ†winner, LeCouber, asked us…
As promised, a shoutout to winners who received bonus awards for their #wtfiscoub videos and $100 tonight:

πŸ’₯Xeaso s
πŸ’₯German Guchigov
πŸ’₯ShuRin Hoe
πŸ’₯Andrey Rim
πŸ’₯. Andrey
πŸ’₯Ivan Losevsky
πŸ’₯Kutya Vin
πŸ’₯Nonstandard Studios
πŸ’₯Crypto Metaverse
πŸ’₯Olejka Bolshoi
πŸ’₯Jan Rye
πŸ’₯Sergei Panchenkov

🀘🏿You guys rock! Thanks, and we’re already working on the next contest. Stay tuned
We're looking for extroverted Coubers!

If you do love Coub, do understand its mission and you do like to connect and interact with other users, become our community manager! 

What you will have to do:

🀟🏼 communicate with coubers by messengers and Coub’s social medias;
🀟🏼 keep the community informed all about news of the company;
🀟🏼 collect feedback from users and pass it onto the team
🀟🏼 help users and resolve issues 
🀟🏼 grow and build the community.

Fill out the form to respond and we'll get back with you asap!
We've received dozens of questions about NSFW: why it was banned, how we arrived at this decision, and what would be like without this community. Press F and all that.

NSFW was never meant to be a full-fledged "Community" at Coub. It originated as a by-product of content filtering and was a way to restrict access to such content. Ultimately, we decided that to secure Coub's further sustainable development and growth, we need to abandon such content.

All users whose NSFW coubs were banned will soon receive emails allowing them to appeal the removal of specific coubs. Feel free to contact our Support team with any questions: (But please, only if you are sure your coub was marked as "NSFW" in error!)

Find answers to the most common questions from the community in our Medium post.
You guys, check out this handy, yet very desired update at! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

From now on, you can enjoy your bookmarked coubs in a Random mode! You’d be surprised how many awesome oldies but goldies will come upπŸ’‘

And for sure β€” in loop we trust 🀘🏽
Make sure to keep your iPhones and Androids updated tonight, as the latest Coub app is packing! We unified and refreshed both platforms to ensure Coub works smoothly and looks stellar on any device. Now we have Π‘omments active, so here's your long-awaited opportunity to share emotions and opinions on fresh coubs and discuss them directly with their authors and fellow coubers.

We're proud to present the Smart Feed, too, which shows new coubs based on each viewer's personal history. Our AI-driven algorithms respond to what you watch and like, and it's just a first step towards even more precise and helpful recommendations and improved, more responsive search in mobile apps and at

Oh, and there's one more thing. We heard you. It's here. The return of the legendary "sign of horns" like button!

Keep them coming 🀘🀘🀘
We know how eager you are to finally see the top prize winner of our recent #wtfiscoub competition! Oh, the thrill of the wait, which is almost over.

What's up with the mysterious no1 spot? LeCouber sent us their video via email. It was one of the few "remakes" of the oldie promo clip from our Twitter, revamped with new graphics from our recent banners. Terrific video, just hilarious, Terrific video, just hilarious, and we offered LeCouber to finalize and polish it, providing an additional budget for professional post-production. So we’d be able to use our contest winner’s video officially on our new site. And that's what we decided to do.

It's coming very soon. And it'll be worth it! In the meantime, here's a little coub-sized teaser for ya'll. Followed by our amazing silver medalists: πŸ₯ˆVadim Klimenok and πŸ₯ˆRaiaa Videohive

And concluding our top-10 contestant winners, let's give another shoutout to:

πŸ₯‰Elliot β€œThename Theothername”
πŸ₯‰Konstantin Kvadra
πŸ₯‰Andrey Markov
πŸ₯‰Mikhail Sosnovsky

Way more contests are coming soon! Stay tuned, and make sure to join our Discord:
Check this one out! Some of you’re still processing our latest Coub app updates, and we already have another one πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

All our newcomers and whoever didn’t get to set their Coub's profile pic yet β€” meet your new default avatars. Or coubatars? Go see which one you got!
Did someone say "Watch-to-Earn"? Yes, we did 🀘🏽Soon, all users will participate in #w2e β€” and you won't have to do a thing! Just enjoy your favorite coubs and collect vCOUB rewards for your daily activities.

We're already beta testing, so everything runs smoothly under the hood and looks hot πŸ’₯ before the big launch!

πŸŽ‡πŸ“½πŸ”ŠLearn more and join the wait:

P.S. Yes, the complete version of #wtfiscoub masterpiece is there! Stay tuned, stay coubed 🀘🏽
We've launched a whole series of competitions that all fans of memes & battles and, of course, coub creators will definitely appreciate. Winners will get valuable prizes and eternal fame πŸ“―
Details are waiting for you on our Discord server: πŸ‘Ύ
πŸ’¬ 🧠 πŸ’¬ πŸ’‘ πŸ’¬ πŸ€” πŸ’¬

Guys, we'd love your advice on Chats at Coub. Yes, they exist. You had no idea? Well, you're in a good company, as less than 0.002% of our users ever wrote something there. (Yes, literally. That's under 1500 coubers daily.)

Before switching them off, however, we certainly want to better understand those few who actually ever used Chats. Why and how did you use Chats? Are they necessary at and directly in the apps, or are there more convenient substitutes?

We are thrilled to know. Please comment below.
Guys, that was awesome!

πŸ₯ We've summed up the results of the first Meme and Coubs Battles at Discord πŸ₯

Thanks to all participants and voters. You've all done great 🀘

Battle of the Coubs winners

Meme Battle winners

More contests are coming up! Stay tuned, stay coubed: 🀘
Coub recently introduced default profile pics.
πŸ₯ We've summed up the results of the Coubs Battles at Discord πŸ₯

Battle of the Coubs winner isπŸ₯‡Uzelock

More contests are coming up! Stay tuned, stay coubed 🀘🏽
Words of Coub's wisdom: when making a coub β€” keep it simple & don't stuff everything in 🀘 In Loop We Trust!
3 most anticipated events of 2022:

3️⃣ PlayStation VR 2 release
2️⃣ Annual Apple event
1️⃣ Coub web3 makeover

Stay tuned, stay coubed 🀘🏽
Make sure to celebrate the #InternationalBeerDay responsibly, folks! Stay coubed 🀘🏽
Psst.. Want to know the secret of the best coub? Just sync it up and match it up 🀘🏽

In Loop We Trust! #CoubTips
Meet the winners of our last week's battles! πŸ‘Ύ

πŸ₯‡ АльбСда
πŸ₯ˆ πŸ…΅πŸ…»πŸ…ΎοΈπŸ…ΊπŸ…Έ πŸ¦‡

πŸ₯‡ Nitro-subscription, mention in the official Telegram Coub and the role of CoubAngel
πŸ₯ˆ Nitro-subscription and CoubAngel role
πŸ₯‰ Nitro-subscription

Participate in our contests at, and maybe next week you’ll be among the winners!🀘🏽