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Here we announce Telegram coding contests in Android Java, iOS Swift, JS, C/C++. Discussion: @contests
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We received a total of 24 submissions for the second stage of the JavaScript Contest.

All submissions are now available for public testing on

Everyone is welcome to leave their feedback while our judges evaluate the entries.
The results of the first round of the Data Clustering Contest are in.

In our evaluation, the quality of sorting in tasks 1-4 had the greatest influence. The more subjective task 5 (sorting threads by relative importance) carried a lower weight. Overall speed of the algorithms influenced the final score.

More detailed statistics for each of the submissions are available in our latest comments on You can also view articles for two additional days in the interface – Jan 31 and Feb 14.

In addition to the main prizes, we are awarding bonus prizes to those solutions that delivered significantly better results than the rest of the submissions in each of the tasks. If a submission required adjustments or fixes to make it work, it was penalized accordingly.


πŸ₯‡ Swift Skunk – €17,000 + €4,900 bonus
Bonus prizes for:
- Language detection
- News, English
- Categories, Russian
- Threads, English
- Threads, Russian

Bug fixing penalties (-€100):
- Invalid output format


πŸ₯ˆ Bossy Gnu – €13,000 + €2,800 bonus
Bonus prizes for:
- News, English
- Categories, English
- Categories, Russian

Bug fixing penalties (-€200):
- Invalid output format x2 (extra comma; unescaped quote)

πŸ₯ˆ Hip Hyena – β‚¬13,000 + €1,000 bonus
Bonus prize for:
- Top news, Russian


πŸ₯‰ Mindful Squirrel – €6,500 + €2,800 bonus
Bonus prizes for:
- News, English
- News, Russian
- Categories, Russian

Bug fixing penalties (-€200):
- Build manually due to an error

πŸ₯‰ Kooky Dragon – €6,500 + €2,000 bonus
Bonus prizes for:
- News, English
- Categories, English

πŸ₯‰ Gifted Lemur – €6,500 + €800 bonus
Bonus prizes for:
- Categories, English
Bug fixing penalties (-€200):
- Algorithm required additional articles to work

4th place
πŸ… Ace Cock – €4,500

πŸ… Sharp Sloth – €4,300
Bug fixing penalties (-€200):
- Invalid output format x2 (unencoded \n; unencoded \)

Several participants achieved some of the best results in tasks 1-3, but didn't get a high enough score in the later stages to compete for the main prizes. They are receiving bonus awards for those tasks in which their solutions were significantly better than the rest.

Bonus Awards

πŸŽ– Shiny Quokka – β‚¬1,000
- Categories, English

πŸŽ– Stone Gnat – €1,000
- News, Russian

πŸŽ– Large Crab – €900
- Language detection (€1,000)
- Invalid output format (-€100)

πŸŽ–Grim Wombat – €900
- Top news, English (€1,000)
- Invalid output format (-€100)

πŸŽ– Little Swan – β‚¬800
- Language detection (€1,000)
- Build manually due to a missing package (-€200)

πŸŽ– Huge Flamingo – β‚¬700
- Categories, Russian (€1,000)
- Algorithm required additional articles to work (-€200)
- Algorithm had to be re-run from a different folder (-€100)

The second round of the Data Clustering contest will be open for everyone to participate. We look forward to announcing new contests and more results in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!
We are happy to announce the results of the Second Round of the Blockchain Contest.

In this contest, each smart contract was evaluated independently. As a result, we're awarding 34 prizes to 26 of the participants.

Our main criteria for identifying winners were the security and stability of smart contracts. The relative complexity of the concept played a secondary role. Top marks were awarded to contracts without critical issues. Contracts with issues that could potentially lead to abuse or theft of funds were ranked significantly lower than bug-free projects of similar complexity.

Detailed comments about all issues discovered by our judges are available on the contest platform.

Meet the winners:

Shiny Giraffe – €5,000 + 4,000
πŸ₯‡Conditional transfer contract, useful for crowdfunding, escrow, custody, etc.
πŸ₯ˆData storage proxy contract that stores data and allows using it, respecting the data owner, access rights and attributes.

Eager Boar – €5,000 + 4,000
πŸ₯‡TON Goods, an ecosystem for buying and selling goods. Buyers' and sellers' contracts.
πŸ₯ˆTON Register, a school mark register that allows teachers to give students marks and students to view them.

Mellow Squid – €5,000 + 3,000
πŸ₯‡The Chat Game. Item collection game in Telegram chats.
πŸ₯‰OracleHub, a marketplace for querying services external to the blockchain.

Groovy Fly – €4,000 + 2,000
πŸ₯ˆDota2 Auto Chess game.
πŸŽ–A set of simple tutorial-style contracts for TON beginners.

Nice Llama – €4,000 + 2,000
πŸ₯ˆERC20 example contract.
πŸŽ–Mixer contract for a predefined list of users.

Hip Hyena – €3,000 + 3,000
πŸ₯‰Auction platform supporting three types of auctions: an open English auction and two blind ones, first-price and second-price sealed-bid auctions.
πŸ₯‰Gambling framework, currently supporting lottery and blackjack.

Desert Falcon – €3,000 + 2,000
πŸ₯‰Encrypted messenger supporting a list of messages, contacts and a blacklist.
πŸŽ–Smart contract manager that can create, update and delete smart contracts.

Merry Ant – €3,000 + 2,000
πŸ₯‰Decentralized exchange supporting Grams, TRC20 tokens and additional currencies.
πŸŽ–ERC20 example contract.

πŸ₯ˆChic Dolphin – €4,000
2/3 Multi-signature wallet in Fift.

πŸ₯ˆFunny Deer – €4,000
Instant American roulette.

πŸ₯ˆDreamy Snail – €4,000
Charity foundation wallet proxy which multiplies incoming payments by a specified campaign factor and sends them on to the destination wallet.

πŸ₯‰Classy Bee – €3,000
ADNL client, first phase of an ambitious project that will need a lot more work to make it safe and usable.

πŸ₯‰Mad Crow – €3,000
Staking pool for validators.

πŸ₯‰Night Turkey – €3,000
One-time staking Pool for validators.

πŸ₯‰Slim Dodo – €3,000
One-time staking Pool for validators.

πŸ₯‰Dreamy Pug – €3,000
Expenses splitting contract.

πŸ₯‰Dreamy Chicken – €3,000
"3 of 13" lottery.

πŸŽ–Shiny Shrimp – €2,000
ICO smart contract that allows conducting fundraising events for various projects.

πŸŽ–Dreamy Crab – €2,000
Roulette-like lottery.

πŸŽ–Lucky Scorpion – €2,000
A non-custodial validated wallet that supports 2-Factor Authentication for transactions via a Telegram bot.

πŸŽ–Cuddly Hamster – €2,000
Karma System for community self-regulation, supporting likes/dislikes and donations.

πŸŽ–Small Kitten – €2,000
Fixed-price store for event tickets.

πŸŽ–Grim Duck – €2,000
Bearer cheques.

πŸŽ–Funny Owl – €2,000
MLM wallet proxy that send 1% of incoming funds to another wallet.

πŸŽ–Big Elk – €2,000
Partial implementation of TON Proxy in C++. Server is discovered through TON DHT.

πŸŽ–Bold Wolf – €2,000
One prize for two projects, a solution for hosting small files and a simple mixer.

As previously announced, we will distribute another €80,000 among those winners of Stage 2 of the Blockchain Contest who will achieve the following conditions by March, 20 (23:50 Dubai time):

1. All bugs and issues discovered by the judges and other contestants are fixed.
2. The smart contract or project has a top quality web page and video presentation.

Next Monday, on March 9, we will announce the results of Round 2 and begin Round 3 of the VoIP Contest. Stay tuned!
During this round of the Blockchain Contest we've also awarded €52,000 to participants of the TON Bug Bounty program.

The program is ongoing: If you find a bug in the TON Blockchain, you can submit its description and a suggested scenario of its exploitation as a GitHub issue. For critical issues, please contact
We are happy to announce the results of Round 2, and the start of Round 3 of the VoIP Contest!

During evaluation we thoroughly inspected the source code of all changes proposed by the contestants and submitted the libraries they made to a series of tests. You can find out the details of the testing process on this page:

Meet the winners:

πŸ₯‡Stout Bull – €15,000

πŸ₯ˆEager Cat – €10,000

πŸ₯ˆGifted Lemur – €9,000

πŸ₯‰Mindful Pug – €6,000

πŸ₯‰Bossy Gnu – €5,000

πŸŽ–Giant Hare – €2,500

πŸŽ–Classy Bee – €2,500


VoIP Contest: Round 3 starts right away. The task is to build a C++ library for improved VoIP calls – either by enhancing the existing libtgvoip library, rewriting it, or using third-party libraries and protocols to create your own implementation.

Please check out this page for the task's details:

€50,000 will be distributed among the winners of the third round. This stage will end in three weeks on March, 30 at 20:59 UTC.

Everyone is welcome to participate, including contestants who didn’t take part in the first two rounds of the VoIP Contest. Good luck!
Participants of the second round of the Blockchain Contest looking to compete for the bonus prize are invited to leave a comment on their submission in this new section on

Comments should include descriptions of the projects and links to the relevant promotional web pages and video presentations.

Please make sure that you have committed the code for all changes and bug fixes to your public repositories on GitHub.
The third round of the Contest to Improve Voice Calls ends on March, 30 at 20:59 UTC.

Contestants can already submit their solutions to @jobs_bot (choose Voice Calls Contest). The bot will accept .ZIP archives with submissions.

Stay tuned for news about our other contests!
We received a total of 9 submissions for the third stage of the VoIP Contest.

All submissions are now available for public testing on

Everyone is welcome to leave their feedback while our judges evaluate the entries.
The results of the Second Stage of the JavaScript Contest have arrived.

Most of the participants made significant progress in this stage, however none of the submissions met the criteria for a first place prize.

You can find detailed comments from our judges on the Contest Platform.

2nd PLACE – € 7,000
πŸ₯ˆ Hip Hyena
πŸ₯ˆ Tall Tiger
πŸ₯ˆ Jolly Cobra
πŸ₯ˆ Posh Ram, no Safari support: - € 1,000

3rd PLACE – € 5,000
πŸ₯‰ Sacred Parrot
πŸ₯‰ Shiny Deer
πŸ₯‰ Giant Parrot
πŸ₯‰ Ace Monkey
πŸ₯‰ Neat Croc, broken 2SV in Safari: - € 300

4th PLACE – € 3,000
πŸŽ– Tidy Hawk
πŸŽ– Tactful Seal
πŸŽ– Merry Ant
πŸŽ– Kooky Hawk, broken Country Selector in Safari: - € 100

We will announce Stage 3 of the JavaScript Contest in the coming weeks. In the meantime, participants are advised to fix the issues identified by our judges in Stages 1 and 2.

Stay tuned for new contests coming soon!
We are happy to announce the results of Round 3 of the VoIP Contest!

During evaluation we thoroughly inspected the source code of all changes proposed by the contestants and submitted the libraries they made to a series of tests. You can find out the details of the testing process on this page:

Meet the winners:

1st PLACE – €12,000
πŸ₯‡Mindful Pug

2nd PLACE – €9,000
πŸ₯ˆGiant Hare
πŸ₯ˆMerry Croc

3rd PLACE – €7,000
πŸ₯‰Eager Cat
πŸ₯‰Stout Bull

4th PLACE – €2,000
πŸŽ–Classy Bee
πŸŽ–Dandy Meerkat
πŸŽ–Bossy Gnu

Congratulations to the winners!

This stage concludes the public phase of the Telegram VoIP contests. In addition to receiving their prizes, some winners of the contest will be invited to work more closely with us on improving 1-to-1 voice calls, as well as launching group and video calls later this year. We will be reaching out to each of them separately – and are looking forward to working together.
The Bonus Round results for the Second Stage of the Blockchain Contest are here.

In our evaluation, the quality of promotional materials – websites and videos – played the most important role. We also awarded bonus points to those projects that offered a working web service or Telegram bot.

Another chief component in our decision was the presence of unfixed issues – whether newly discovered, or highlighted by our judges during the second stage of the contest.

Meet the winners:

Hip Hyena – €5,000 + 5,000
πŸ₯ˆTON Auction
πŸ₯ˆTON Gambling

Eager Boar – €7,000 + 2,500
πŸ₯‡TON Goods
πŸ₯‰TON Register

Shiny Giraffe – €4,500 + 4,500
πŸ₯ˆConditional Transfer
πŸ₯ˆData Storage Proxy

Merry Ant – β‚¬8,500
πŸ₯‡Dexton exchange

Bold Wolf – €8,000

Mellow Squid – β‚¬5,500 + 2,500
πŸ₯ˆOracle Hub
πŸ₯‰The Chat Game

Dreamy Crab – €5,000
πŸ₯ˆTON Roulette

Shiny Shrimp – β‚¬4,500
πŸ₯ˆTokeTon ICO

Slim Dodo – β‚¬3,500
πŸ₯‰ Pool

Nice Llama – €3,000
πŸ₯‰ERC20 tokens on TON

Desert Falcon – €3,000

Small Kitten – β‚¬2,500

Night Turkey – β‚¬2,000
πŸŽ– Delegation pool

Funny Deer – β‚¬2,000
πŸŽ–TON American Roulette

Groovy Fly – β‚¬500 + 500
πŸŽ–Dota Autochess
πŸŽ–Cassiopeia, Oracle market place

Dreamy Pug – €500
πŸŽ–Fair Split

Detailed comments from our judges on each of the submissions will become available later tonight on

Congratulations to the winners! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Stay tuned for news about our other contests.
The second round of the Data Clustering Π‘ontest starts today.

The task is to create a module that could be used to power a news aggregator.

Check out the full description of the task here:

The prize fund for this round of the contest is €100,000.
The contest ends on May, 25 at 23:50 UTC.

Everyone is welcome to participate, including contestants who didn’t take part in the first round of the Data Clustering Contest.
Submissions for the first round of the Educational Test Contest will be accepted until 23:50 UTC on May 15 (check your time zone).

We recommend submitting your quizzes well before the deadline – to make sure you have enough time to answer all of the bot's extra questions.

After the deadline:
- You will not be able to edit your submitted quizzes until the winners are announced.
- You will not be able to recall your quizzes from the contest.
We have received 7532 submissions for the first round of the Educational Test Contest.

Next week all submitted tests will become available in a public directory and our judges will begin evaluating them.

Stay tuned for more details – and good luck to all participants. πŸ‘
Two updates for participants of the Data Clustering contest:

1. In case you missed this, new sample data is available for download:

2. Our discussion groups have become a little too lively recently. If you have questions about the data clustering contest, please add the #dataclustering hashtag (including to older questions that didn't get an answer yet).
All quizzes submitted for the Educational Quiz Contest are now available on

Everyone is welcome to try them out and rate them. Note that community ratings will not directly impact the contest score (i.e., downvoting competitors won't help you 😈). Our judges will check all tests.

After you pass a test, you can leave a comment. Please leave a comment:

- If you see a test that violates intellectual property rights (e.g. the test itself is copied from somewhere or features copyrighted illustrations/media).
- If you find mistakes in questions, answers or explanations.

Be sure to inсlude a link to some evidence in your comment. For example, a link to the source of the test/media or to materials confirming the correct answer.

Test authors are welcome to reply to comments they get with explanations and corrections.
The third stage of the JavaScript Contest is starting this week. Stay tuned πŸ‘‹
A few clarifications about the Educational Test Contest:

1. The results of the first round will be announced in June, and the second round will start right after that.

2. Participants are welcome to try out the quizzes of their competitors, and leave comments. If you find valid issues with a competing quiz and describe them in a comment (see instructions above πŸ‘†), this may increase your chances of winning.

3. Before the results are announced, each submitted quiz will be checked by several judges. Quizzes that have already been checked will show a Contest Score. Our evaluation criteria will be published when the results are announced.

4. We decided to give participants time until the end of this week to check other quizzes and leave their comments. Then our judges will begin the evaluation process.

Everyone can rate quizzes after completing them. Community ratings are displayed after several users have passed the test. Quizzes with higher community ratings will be eventually shown at the top of the page, but this will not affect their contest score. All quizzes will be checked, regardless of their community rating.

If you were experiencing any issues when logging in on, please try again. Should work now.
The third round of the JavaScript Contest starts now.

Prize fund for this round: €50,000+
Dates: May 30 – June 20 (23:50 Dubai time).

The goal of this round is to continue your work on a web version of Telegram without using third-party UI frameworks. Please note that only the winners of the second round can participate.


I. Minimum Requirements
Submissions without these features will not be evaluated.

1. Mobile Version
A one-column interface for mobile devices, following the design mockups provided. Should work flawlessly in Chrome and Safari.

2. Emoji, stickers and GIFs
A fully-fledged emoji/sticker/GIF panel, including sticker search and a Trending Stickers section.

3. Recording voice messages

4. Search for chats
Global and local search for chats (including by message text).

II. Reward Requirements
Supporting all of the following features is required to get the first prize in this round.

5. Shared Media and Gallery
Profile pages should display all types of content in the shared media section. It should be possible to view photos and videos, save files, open links and listen to audio files from Shared Media. Clicking on the name of the song in the audio player at the top of the page should highlight the relevant message in the chat.

6. Audio and video streaming
The app should support listening to audio files and watching videos without having to wait for them to download.

7. Archive
List of archived chats with support for pinned chats. Adding and removing chats from the archive.

8. Folders
Tabbed bar with chat folders, support for pinned chats in folders. Creating, editing and deleting folders, adding and removing chats from folders.

9. Polls of all types
Support for anonymous polls and polls with visible votes, support for multiple-answer polls and quiz-style polls with timers and explanations.

10. Search for messages inside a particular chat

III. Previously Identified Issues
As announced at the end of the second round, all issues identified by our judges in the previous two rounds must be fixed and all missing features fully implemented.


Our main criteria for evaluation will be speed, app size and attention to detail. Note that in this round we will assign additional penalties based on the size of the app.

When it comes to speed, both objective and subjective speed is important. For example, the app could rely on onmousedown to open chats instead of onmouseup and preload content when reasonable.

All paths in the scripts should be relative. The design implementation should be identical to the mockups attached below.

Good luck! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ