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Here we announce Telegram coding contests in Android Java, iOS Swift, JS, C/C++. Discussion: @contests
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To help the participants of the June Coding Contest better understand what kind of imperfections we expect them to identify and fix, we've uploaded a sample list of bugs and glitches we found in the Telegram apps.

While it wouldn't hurt to fix these specific bugs, the main goal is to find similar imperfections in the apps and eliminate them.

Speed / performance / fps optimizations are also welcome and will be accepted as valuable contributions in this contest. Have fun!
Participants of the bonus stage are now welcome to start submitting their apps. Please follow the steps below:

1. Start @jobs_bot and choose Telegram Fixes Contest.
2. Upload your APK for Android, IPA for iOS, or a link to your Github Telegram fork for React JS. Don’t forget to deploy your JS app to GitHub Pages as described here.
3. Once you’re done uploading, a dedicated page on the contest platform will be assigned to your app. Until the deadline, only you will be able to view this page.
4. Make sure you’re logged in on the contest platform and open your app’s page using the link provided by @jobs_bot.
5. Create an issue for each of the fixes you implemented in the Telegram app. Describe the fix in the comment for the issue and attach videos/images showing the app before and after the fix. If the fix is available as a separate pull request on GitHub, please add a link to it in the description of the fix.

You may reupload your app using @jobs_bots or edit the descriptions of your fixes on the contest platform until the deadline on June 23, 2019 (11:59PM CET).

For iOS, please follow this instruction to obtain the .IPA:

1. Sync with the Telegram repository on Github.
2. Install fastlane if you haven't already:
brew cask install fastlane
3. In your project folder run
export PATH="$HOME/.fastlane/bin:$PATH"
sh buildbox/ verify-local
4. Once the build is ready (should take 20-30 minutes), the current folder will contain the file Telegram-iOS-AppStoreLLC.ipa
Some participants were worried that their github fixes might be copied by other contestants before the deadline of the competition.

Note that you may keep your changes private until the deadline and push them to your forked repository when the submission period is over. If you do this, please attach the SHA-1 hashes of your commits to your contest submission.
As a result of the June coding contest we received 7 Telegram forks for Android (105 fixes in total), 7 apps for iOS (43 fixes) and another 6 Telegram forks in JS (160 fixes in total).

We've just had a quick look at the Android submissions and are excited by what we've seen so far. We are looking forward to viewing the rest.

During the next week we'll be deciding how the 100,000$+ prize fund will be divided among the 20 participants.
Telegram Contests
As a result of the June coding contest we received 7 Telegram forks for Android (105 fixes in total), 7 apps for iOS (43 fixes) and another 6 Telegram forks in JS (160 fixes in total). We've just had a quick look at the Android submissions and are excited…
We noticed that some participants didn't have enough time to describe all their fixes or provide videos and links to commits. We reopened the ability to edit and add descriptions until 2PM CET tomorrow. The apps themselves, of course, cannot be updated.

All participants should now be able to test each others' fixes and create issues related to them.
While we at Telegram have been busy with very important matters (such as designing the twerking cherry sticker), we also found some time to look at the submissions for the June coding contest.

We’re grateful for the large number of bugs identified and fixed by the contestants of the bonus stage. Here are the winners:


place - $10,000
321: Desert Gorilla

2nd place - $8,000
🥈333: Sturdy Pony

3rd place - $5,000 each
🥉318: Little Hamster
🥉330: Fit Rhino

4th place - $2,000 each
🎖324: Hardy Falcon
🎖329: Small Griffin
🎖336: Giant Fly


place - $10,000
325: Tanned Raven

2nd place - $8,000
🥈331: Jolly Croc

3rd place - $5,000 each
🥉335: Hairy Beaver
🥉337: Fluffy Ram

4th place - $1,000 each
🎖320: Mighty Whale
🎖334: Sweet Hamster
🎖338: Mad Leopard


place - $9,000 each
🥇332: Merry Ant
🥇326: Jolly Cobra

2nd place - $6,000 each
🥈319: Busy Unicorn
🥈322: Hip Hyena

3rd place - $3,000 each
🥉323: Bold Wolf
🥉327: Kingly Chicken

Congratulations! As Keanu put it, you’re breathtaking.

We’re not done with coding contests this year, and will soon announce new competitions with significant prizes.

Contests such as this one are also the only way to join the Telegram team. Although we rarely hire new people, those who do start working for Telegram typically increase their annual income several times. More importantly, they get to work freely on a project dedicated to freedom.

Regardless, we hope that Telegram competitions allow all of its participants to learn new approaches and increase their coding level. Thank you for taking part – and we hope to see your code again soon.
Our feedback on all the fixes submitted during the June contest will be published on the contest platform within the next 1-2 hours. This feedback will only be accessible to the participants of the contest. If you are one of them, make sure you log in there with the same Telegram account you used to send your app to @jobs_bot.
Forwarded from Telegram Designers
It took a while to identify the winners of the summer Telegram Design Competition, but after having carefully inspected each of the 168 submissions in accordance with the guidelines shared earlier, we identified 23 winners. Each will receive 1000 USD from Telegram:


All the winning works will be published in @designers daily.

Next design competition will be also announced here, but hosted on our contest platform. This way we hope to be able to deliver the contest results sooner and make the judging process more open and transparent. While we can’t disclose the details of the next competition, we can give you a hint: cross-platform themes.
A new Telegram coding competition is starting today. The task is to build smart contracts for a blockchain platform.

1. Build one or more smart contracts as described in TON Contest.txt below.
2. Suggest improvements for FunC / TON VM (optional).
3. Find issues and suggest fixes for TON Testnet (optional).

The prize fund for these 3 tasks is $200,000–400,000.

The contest ends on October, 15 at 23:00 CET.

We’ll publish how to submit your code in this channel soon.
TON Contest.txt
15.6 KB
The details of the $200,000-400,000 blockchain competition.
Developers who are taking part in the blockchain competition can obtain test Grams using @test_ton_bot.

Enjoy 💎
Here’s how to submit your code for the blockchain contest depending on the goal at hand:

1. Submit an archive containing your source code, a howto manual and a build script (if necessary) to @jobs_bot (choose Blockchain Contest).


2. Submit a pull request with the TON VM/compiler improvement on GitHub. Describe the issue in the comment to your pull request. In addition, submit the link to the pull request and an archive as described in 1. demonstrating the new features suggested in the pull requests to @jobs_bot.


3. Submit a pull request on GitHub. Describe the issue in the comment to the pull request. Submit the link to the pull request to @jobs_bot.
Today Telegram launches two design competitions with the total prize fund of $50,000.

1. Contest for designers of animated stickers.
Dates: 5 Oct - 20 Oct (23:00 CET)
Prize fund: $25,000

The goal is to create a sticker pack with at least 3 animated stickers as described here and send the link to your sticker pack to @jobs_bot (choose Animated Stickers Contest) before 23:00 CET on the 20th of October, 2019.

2. Contest for designers of themes.
Dates: 5 Oct - 20 Oct (23:00 CET)
Prize fund: $25,000

The goal is to create a color theme for Telegram supporting at least 2 platforms (e.g. iOS and Android or Android and Desktop) as described here and send the link to your theme to @jobs_bot (choose Theme Design Contest) before 23:00 CET on the 20th of October, 2019.

The prize fund will be distributed among the best contributors (at least $1000 each). Authors of the best stickers will also be able to join the pool of official sticker artists of Telegram.

All the submitted designs will become public on the 21st of October on our contest platform. The winners will be announced on the 27th of October.

Good luck!

P. S. Make sure you use a VPN if you are trying to access from Russia.
We’re launching a new coding competition today. The task is to create two C++ applications for testing and rating the quality of VoIP calls.

Check out the complete description of the task here:

The prize fund for the first round of the VoIP contest is $50,000.
The contest ends on October, 26 at 20:59 UTC.

We’ll publish how to submit your code in this channel soon.
All submissions for the blockchain contest are now available on

Everyone is welcome to test the work submitted by others and leave feedback. Our judges will take note of the comments when evaluating the submissions.
The design competition ends soon. You can already submit a link to your work to @jobs_bot by sending /start and choosing either Animated Stickers Contest or Theme Design Contest.

We recommend registering the link to your stickers or theme with the bot now. Once submitted, you can continue working on your project until the deadline.

Note that each Telegram account can only submit one theme and one sticker pack.
The Theme Design and Animated Stickers competitions are over.

We received a total of 340 themes from 278 participants and 296 animated sticker sets.

While the fate of the $50,000 prize fund is being decided, everyone is welcome to check out the submitted themes and animated stickers on Our judges will take note of your feedback when tallying up the results.

All works participating in the contest are locked and can't be edited until the results are announced on October 27.

Good luck!