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v3.61 released

Changelog 2018-02-04 v3.61

- If you opened the LDAP browser, closed it, disconnected and connected to
another LDAP server the browser would still be connected to the previous LDAP
server making it impossible to browse unless you restarted the application.
v3.65 released

Changelog 2018-09-02 v3.65

- Batch Operations -> LDIF Export was not using paging when exporting from AD
resulting in only 1000 entries being exported.

- LDAP browser was not using paging when connected to AD resulting in not being
able to list containers containing more than 1000 objects.

* eDirectory GUID is now displayed in upper case because IDM uses upper case
GUID's as the association value.

* Tested with IDM 4.7, eDirectory 9.1.

* Tested with Java 10 and Java 11.

- Send to IDM from XDS file didn't always honor the selected file encoding
resulting in corrupted values being sent in some cases.

* Testing a connection in the Profile Manager or connecting to a profile in the
main window is now done in a background thread and a progress dialog is
displayed which can be closed to cancel the connection attempt in those cases
when the server is unavailable. This means that the UI doesn't lock up when
connecting to unavailable servers. There are still other parts where the
connection attempt is not multithreaded yet.

* More searches than before are multithreaded and will display a progress
dialog if they take more than 2 seconds to complete.

* LDIF importer now logs a summary in the log file:
- Number of successful entries imported
- Number of failed entries
- Number and type of error
v3.66 released

Changelog 2018-09-21 v3.66

- A search using a custom LDAP filter could hang if you entered an invalid filter.
The app now detects an invalid filter and shows an error message.

- The Beta -> Create Entry function didn't detect the RDN in some cases.
v3.67 released

Changelog 2018-10-02 v3.67

- Adjustments to multithreaded searches, sometimes the GUI may hang. This release
may or may not fix the issue.
v3.68 released

Changelog 2018-11-21 v3.68

* Added right click menu for cut/copy/paste to many more places.

+ Added fields to the "Extra" tab when viewing AD objects:
Show the objectGUID attribute in IDM AD driver association format.
Show the objectGUID attribute in Base 64 format used as the ImmutableID in O365.

- Fixed a bug in JLDAP when connecting to OpenDJ and parsing a schema matching
rule that has no NAME attribute.

* Added handling of superior attributes to the schema parsing subsystem.

* Changed the LDAP Browser to show max 50 000 entries when expanding a tree

+ Added support for generating LDAP filters using GUID strings for AD and eDir
to the LDAP filter generator.

+ Added new Converter tool under the Extra menu. At the moment it allows you to
do Base64 decoding and convert the AD GUID to different formats.

+ Added support for copying cefConfiguration attributes to the Beta -> eDirectory auditing feature.
New beta version available: v3.70 BETA 2

Over the last month I have uploaded two beta versions to

Here are the changes:

Changelog 2019-10-19 v3.70 BETA 2

+ Added "Show only enabled drivers" under the IDM menu. When checked and you
click on "Show IDM Drivers" it will only display drivers that are enabled on
the server you are connected to.

+ Added three radiobuttons (All, Running, Stopped) to only show those IDM drivers
that are either Running and Stopped (All), only Running or only Stopped. This
is applied when you click on the "Show IDM Drivers" button.

Changelog 2019-09-10 v3.70 BETA 1

+ Implemented certificate validation when connecting over a TLS channel and
"Validate certificate" is enabled on the connection profile. A keystore is
created in the .console2 directory, "c2_truststore.jks", the password is
console2 if you want to manipulate it outside of C2. When you trust a new
certificate it's added to the keystore.

- Disabled "Copy to clipboard" on non-texteditor fields.

* Added "Trim?" checkbox to the filter generator, removes trailing spaces from
attribute values.

* You can now select multiple drivers after clicking "Show IDM Drivers" and
change the startup mode for all of them.

* You can now change trace level for multiple selected drivers.
New beta version available.

Changelog 2020-03-26 v3.70 BETA 4

- Jump to entry (F4) wouldn't work on some DN type string that were stored in
string attributes and where the case didn't match the actual DN.

* Improved driver cache statistics with the number of changed objects in cache
per event type.

* Added Get role and resource stats to the IDM menu, gets the number of roles,
resources, role request objects and resource request objects.

* Display the uptime of eDirectory and the size of the DIB when connecting.

* Improved debug and trace logging in the Non Unique Value Finder.

Changelog 2019-11-10 v3.70 BETA 3

* Show number of objects found when searching in the main window.

* Updated some dependencies.
New beta version available.

Changelog 2020-11-01 v3.80 BETA 1

- Refactored connection handling to a large degree. Improved disconnect cleanup.

+ Object counter job - count the number of objects in the directory service.
Found under Extra -> Count objects in LDAP

* Change the way the IDM JVM stats are retrieved to work with large responses.

* Display the IDM JVM stats in a text viewer window with syntax highlighting.

* Added "Save as" button to the Text Viewer window.

+ Certificate viewer/editor, open userCertificate attributes, load from file,
save to file.

+ nrf- and entitlement attributes report generator. Found under IDM -> Misc ->
Count nrf-values. Useful for finding objects with large amount of values in
attributes due to the RBPM model.

+ Collect eDirectory statistics from the cn=monitor object in newer eDirectory
versions. Found under IDM -> Misc -> Gather eDirectory stats.
Logs a number of key performance metrics every X seconds by polling the cn=monitor
object, it has many of the metrics you can usually see in iMonitor.

+ Obsolete Entitlement Check. Found under IDM -> Misc -> Obsolete Entitlement Check.
Checks if the value in the DirXML-EntitlementRef on the User exists in the
nrfAssignedResources attribute and in the nrfEntitlementRef on a nrfResource object.
Currently in restricted preview.

+ Direct sync mode in Association Manager. Instead of modifying the association
state value like iManager to trigger a sync, queues the sync event directly
by putting it in the driver cache. Currently in restricted preview.

* Added a column to the LDAP entry viewer that shows the number of values each
attribute has. Useful to quickly see the number of members a group has for

- Fixed a bug in the connection tester.
Changelog 2020-12-28 v3.80 BETA 2

- Fixed parsing of otherName in certificate subject alternative name.

+ Support for exporting data to CSV in addition to LDIF.
The CSV file is UTF-8 encoded and uses ; as a field delimiter.
| is used as a value delimiter in multivalue attributes.
Binary attributes are base 64 encoded.

+ Added attribute editor for the memberQueryURL attribute.

+ Added "Delete entry" to right click menu on the "Found objects" list on the
main screen. You can only delete one entry at a time.

- Fixed a bug in Association Mangager when resyncing objects using "Direct" mode.

* Split "Direct" mode to two modes, "Direct-Queue" and "Direct-Inject".
"Direct-Queue" adds sync events to the driver cache while "Direct-Inject" pushes
the sync events past the cache directly into the subscriber event transform.

* Improved "Obsolete Entitlement Check" to work with large number of resources
and entitlements. Example, in 1h7m 105K resources, 95K users, 3.8M entitlement
values and 22M nrfAssingedResources values were processed.
Changelog 2021-03-27 v3.80 BETA 3

- Fixed a bug that could disable some parts of the window when using trying to
export an LDIF and clicking Cancel in the Save file dialog.

* Changed the way cache dumping is done to better handle large responses.

* The search function in the main window was limited to returning 1000 results.
It now respects the settings on the connection profile.

+ Added a "Compare CSV" feature found under IDM -> Misc.
It's made for comparing a column from a CSV file with a column in another CSV file.
The output is what values are missing from each column.
Useful when comparing a list of usernames in the IDM system with a list of
usernames in the connected system. You can choose the file encoding, preview
the files, the CSV separator character and the index of the column in each file.
The index is counted from the left to the right as it usually is with CSV files.
0 is the leftmost column and so on.
The result is written to the directory where the source files are located.
Changelog 2021-04-21 v3.80 BETA 4

- LDAP browser was not working with Active Directory.

- Import a non-LDAPS connection from Apache Directory Studio would default to
"Validate certificate" checkbox being checked.

- Small autocomplete fixes.
Changelog 2021-05-16 v3.80 BETA 5

* Moved Compare CSV from IDM -> Misc menu to the Extra menu.

- Compare CSV job would not complete if you selected the wrong charset. Now it
shows an error message instead.

* Added support for stripping " characters to Compare CSV before compare.

* Added support for trimming whitespace to Compare CSV before compare.

* Added support for getting the intersection of two files to Compare CSV.