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Meet Connect Con speaker Maria Dmitrieva👏

Maria is a Head of a methodology for creating educational solutions, Corporate University of PJSC “Gazprom Neft”. She is also a psychologist, business coach, and art manager.

A topic she is going to present: META - COMPETENCIES: Educational and research project “THINK WIDER”

Maria is going to share the results of her study and present her method named “To think wider”. She collects together art study, psychological practice, and business education.
Here is our new Festival update 💥

IOS 1.2.57
Android 1.0.385

New features:

1. We have hacked upon the upcoming festival in Connect.Club well, thanks to that from 27th till 29th of August the application will include the following:

- FESTIVAL button, which opens the festival schedule on our website in an in-app browser;
- The banner of the festival, which will help the participants of the festival to get to the reception room, where they will be met and answered all questions (CHECK IN button);
- New icons on bubbles and badges in the profiles of our special guests of the festival: team, speaker, press;
2. Apart from the temporary features, we have significantly levelled up our regular rooms!  We have 4 rooms of 2 types: 2 rooms have a stage (broadcasting) and 2 rooms are for networking.

1. While creating a room, you can select its language;
2. We started working on separation of common interests from linguistic ones. While creating an event announcement, the initial step is to select the language of an event separately from other interests;
3. The time of our events will be displayed in 12-hour format;
Bug fixes:

1. We removed an extra distance between the buttons in the room for speakers and audience;
2. The announcement of events will be saved now correctly even by pasting the text of more than 500 characters;
3. We removed unnecessary requests for permission to the camera and microphone in cases when you enter a room using a link or push;
4. We worked on the display of green notifications, now they will not appear annoyingly one after another;
5. Editing of selfie screenshots on IOS has been made more convenient by removing the preservation of proportions when flipped.
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ConnectCon starts tomorrow! We decided to whet your curiosity even more and prepared a short teaser on the future of Connect.Club.

Unity will help you to navigate in 3D space as well as interact with virtual environment. The full video can be viewed at the festival in the Demo Room. We are waiting for you ❤️
Meet ConnectCon speakers Rita Sitalieva and Alex Doilnitsyn 👏

Rita is a Founder of PLACEMARKET and 10 coliving spaces. She is a mind setter and evolution adept.
Alex is an educational methodologist. He spent 5 years in a molecular endocrinology lab studying the cognitive functions of the brain. He is a co-developer and author of an original approach to mindset training and diagnosing.

A topic they are going to present is: 2021: Survival Instruction

They will tell us what qualities a person needs to survive strong tipping points, who the man of the future is and what are the tools for human evolution.
Meet ConnectCon speaker Nastya Kolesnikova 👏

Nastya is a CEO of “Local Food Company”, an impactful entrepreneur and an educator.

A topic she is going to present: The most important skills for the future
Great news for those who are interested in Monetization and our Super Subscription! Check out a new update 💥

ImportantPlease update the app before the Festival begins.

Android 1.0.389
IOS 1.2.59

New features:

We are on the verge of introducing monetization and the long-awaited super-subscription and are ready to show everyone how it will work! During the festival, we’ll open a room where our users will be asked to go through a test payment to gain access to paid content.


1.We speeded uploading of content on the home screen when launching the application
2. The “Interesting people to follow” screen now works better and in a fashionable way
3. We removed strong vibration when pressing buttons, left only a slight vibration on devices where it is supported (haptic)
4. The Festival button now opens the external browser instead of in app. It gives us the confidence that there will be no problems going from the site back to the application.

Fixed bugs:

1. Now no one can walk across the screen to a large broadcast room and a small network room.
2. We corrected the translucency of the broadcast screen through the popup of listeners when you take a selfie on android
3. If a user is banned through the admin panel and during the reconnect, he will be immediately thrown out of the room without any delay
4. Now it will be possible to go to the active room using the link received through all messengers (fixed the problem with Facebook messenger)
5. We corrected pictures on the room creation popup
6. Temporarily hid Dj mode for revision
Meet ConnectCon speaker Victor Kudryashov 👏

Victor is a Media artist, CEO at Agency of new media ” Media materia”, and Founder of 24x4 gallery.

A topic he is going to present: Artifitial Infinity

His statement: Using the example of artificial intelligence, I’ll show you it’s impact on visual communication and social design and talk about the projects that my company has done not only in this context.
Hello dear participants!

We’ve started the second day of the Festival and I would like to remind you where you can find the Festival schedule. Please follow this link to see all events, speakers and timing:

The first events are starting at 10 AM PDT
Green stage: Startup Demo Day: The Grand Final of Cosmodrome

Blue stage: Asya Sorshneva. Persimfans - The orchestra of the future

You’re welcome to participate!
The Final Day at ConnectCon! Don’t miss it🔥

9 AM PDT Future of Education Panel: Anastasya Davidova & Fedor Sokolov 🟢Green Stage

10 AM PDT Andrew Potapov & John A. Sweeney & Olga Bochkareva. How think about the Future. Practices and mental models 🟢Green Stage

10 AM PDT Vera Maslova. The Future of Learning and Teaching. How to Thrive in Today’s Changing World 🔵Blue Stage

11 AM PDT Ekaterina Sisfontes. Art Community of Sweden 🟢Green Stage

11 AM PDT Vladimir Spivakovsky. From Education 2.0. to Education 5.0. 🔵Blue Stage

12 PM PDT Jason R.Levine aka Fluency MC. Future English Learning 🟢Green Stage

12 PM PDT Theatre of Future Discussion Panel. Oleg Nikolaenko, Igor Golyak, Vladimir Rovinsky, Alexander Malich 🔵Blue Stage

1 PM PDT Sharissa Sebastian. How to be an Influential Leader as a Woman in Tech 🔵Blue Stage

2 PM PDT Graham Daniels. Life.Work.World 🟢Green Stage

3 PM PDT Dragorad Knezi. Retail is Dead. Long live Retail 🔵Blue Stage

6 PM PDT Victor Perminov & Eugene Matusov. Metaplatform - For future of Education & Community Building
🟢Green Stage
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Hi everyone! If you didn’t have a chance to visit our Demo Room during the Festival and get to know more about Connect.Club, here’s a short video we showed to our guests. Let’s discover the Future of Connect.Club together 🙂
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It’s « hi from the team » time! Today our sweet Marta is going to tell you a little bit about herself. Don’t hesitate to follow Marta’s example and share some interesting facts about yourselves with us 😊

Today at 11 AM EST we will discuss the first steps for our community of Doers with Nastya Kolesnikova, a CEO of "Local Food Company", an impactful entrepreneur and an educator.
Meeting with Nastya Davydova about new education today at 11 AM EST in Connect.Club

Nastya is a Head of Cosmodrome accelerator, CEO of Prosvet — the languages learning school where we teach languages and culture together.
Expert in languages, global events and international broadcasting.
An orientation meeting with Andrew Potapov and Viktor Perminov today at 2 PM EST

We are going to discuss the core principles of thinking and mental models. We will focus on ways to learn these principles and adopt them.
New update is already in the stores 💥

IOS 1.2.60
android 1.0.390

New features:

1. It is possible for users to choose their native language at the time of signing in and editing their profiles.
2. Also the Community button, which will open telegram chats to our communities, is available in the settings of profile (depending on the selected language of the user)
3. After signing as a new user you will be invited to join the Telegram community in your Activity. The signed in users will receive an invitation within a week (after the app has been updated by all users)


1. Now the application unfollows the videos of other users when minimized.
2. During signing in, at editing the profile and creating an event, it is possible to select only 5 interests
3. We improved the video quality in Large Broadcasting Room on androids
4. The feature of language selection ​​of interest when creating an event announcement was removed, and an individual field was made to select the language of the event.

Fixed Bugs:

1. Editing active links has become more convenient: the link is not reset when you try to write or edit the text next to the text of the link.
2. We fixed an error in the app when trying to leave the room with poor connection or network loss.
3. We fixed a bug when the language of the user at the start of the event room remains, and not the language of the event.
4. We returned the display of the users, which the new users have in their phone contact list.
5. Pop-up with reactions zooms out when choosing a reaction.
6. We improved slightly the search for Interesting People to Follow - now the search results will not freeze when characters are set slowly.
7. We added the option to use characters by entering the first and last name.
8. We fixed a bug when by editing the event announcement the previous language was displayed, but not the new selected one.
9. The display of the banned and deleted users is hidden from the service now.
10. Event moderators can edit the announcement, even if users don’t follow each other
Hi friends, you are invited to a party in the metaverse! Save the date - September 25th at 1pm EST / 8pm MSK. Location - your phone!

One of the greatest English teachers Fluency MC ( will share his new song “Stick 2” with the world! Together we are reinventing ESL education, making it fun, effective, and open to everyone.

Get ready for:
- A stand-up comedy show by educators from all over the world (apply to participate if you have fun stories to tell).
- A Demo Day for edtech startups. Apply and pitch your idea to Fluency MC and a team of edtech experts.
- A networking session so that everyone can find new friends and future collaborators.

Register to participate for free
Let’s build an Education 5.0. together!
We are going to discuss the structure and roles in our Education accelerator today at 11 AM EST.
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Hello everyone! Fluency MC party is coming soon!

We’ve got lots of surprises for you! Presentation of the new irregular verbs song by the most popular teacher of English, teacher stand-up show, education startup show and interactive networking session!

Don’t forget to register for the event and fill in a quick form here:

Let’s rock rap it 🧢
The new update release 💥

We continue to work not only on the stability and convenience of our product, but also we pay attention to the philosophy of what we do. We thought of our contacts once again: who our contacts are. So we changed the “follow” system to the “connections” system, as follows:

1. Everything related to “follow” was renamed “connections”.
We made a section “My network”, which was augmented with a face “available to chat” and “interesting people”, as well as new face “pending connections”.

2. It is very important for us, as the creators of Connect.Club, to learn all problems of our product as quickly as possible, that’s why we gave each user the opportunity to help us make perfectly running service for you! Now the “Send log” button is available in Settings. With the “Send log” button you can send all the necessary information about the error with one click to our developers.


1. We have improved the audio performance again by reducing slightly its quality. This enables us to send less traffic and improve the stability of efforts of Connect.Club significantly. It is important to mention, that users will not notice any changes in sound quality.

2. We continue our work on notifications! This time, we removed notifications about rerunning permanent rooms, and in general, we refactored all existing notifications - they will run in better now.

Fixed bugs:

1. We improved the search in “interesting people” - you will receive only correct results now

2. We fixed condensing the room, all functions working well now.
New update is already in the stores 💥

android 1.0.396
ios 1.2.63

New features

1. Adding moderators to the event is now easier! We made a search on the screen for adding moderators in the announcement of the event;
2. It became more convenient to ping friends into the interesting rooms. A search appeared on the Ping connected people into the room screen;
3. Audio and video control buttons were added to the speakers on stage in a full view mode of the shared screen. Now you don’t have to leave the full view mode if you want to comment on something or turn off your video and microphone.


1. It is now easier to understand who is in your access zone in the networking room. We’ve added blinking of your radar when another user approaches or leaves you;
2. Improved the quality of the pictures’ backgrounds in rooms at maximum zoom;
3. Now networking room has its own audibility zone near the shared screen. Come to the screen if you want to hear the sound of video or music;
4. When entering My network, the Interesting people tab is selected by default;
5. In the full view mode of the shared screen, it is now possible to enlarge a picture to better see small details;
6. Screen flip now works in the full view mode of the shared screen on ios.

Fixed bugs

1. Fixed the quality of pictures on the screens of a room creating;
2. When you click Connect back on the notification that someone wants to establish a connect with you in Activity, the notification disappears and will no longer be returned as new;
3. Removed the loading of the list of people in Interesting people when refreshing the screen in the active empty search mode.