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Delve into the Anatomy of Cosmic Flow through the 7 B’s β€” Breath, Brain, Bile, Boundaries, Bones, Blood & Bliss β€” to become resilient and thrive during the monumental shifts taking place on our planet.

Join Masami Covey for this 7-week course beginning on Thursday, February 18th!
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My own, personal story of healing from the trauma of being mugged at knifepoint. In my story of hope, I share how my daily energy work and meditation practice helped me to both remain calm during the experience and quickly recover from the trauma of having my life threatened. I knew these practices were beneficial, but I didn't realize how truly powerful they were until I went through this experience myself.
When it comes to meditation, frequency is more important than duration. A regular routine helps your nervous system create a consistent pattern, retraining it to act the way it was designed before being impacted by so many external stimuli in our modern society.

When you meditate for just 5-10 minutes each day, your nervous systems takes a regular break from everyday stress. You calm your mind, effectively returning to ground zero. If we don't return to ground zero each day, stress builds on itself from the day before. This makes it more difficult for your nervous system to get into a regular pattern of effectively managing stress day-to-day.

Meditation is still beneficial, even if you can't practice it each day. However, if you can get into a regular routine of 5-10 minutes per day, that's ideal.

Connect4Hope health coaching services.
We can help you establish a regular meditation routine in your life and benefit from this calming practice!
Chemicals are purposely added to processed foods as flavors, colors, preservation, packaging, processing and to enhance shelf-life. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are either not tested, inadequately tested and/or never independently reviewed for negative impacts to our health. In addition, other chemical contaminants can unintentionally enter our foods during processing or from environmental sources.

While our bodies can adapt over many generations, processed food and chemicals are still very new and don't provide any nutritious value. Human beings are not able to efficiently digest today's standard diet of processed foods, as our bodies were not designed ingest the 17,000 chemicals currently in our food supply. Over time, this can cause significant health problems and lead to chronic disease.

So what can you do? For optimal health and wellness, minimize the number of unnatural chemicals in your food by switching to a whole food, organic diet as much as possible. Eat the nutrient-dense foods our ancestors ate - the foods our bodies were designed to properly and efficiently digest.
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Our lead article from today's newsletter: Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become a Form of Human Sacrifice? Not yet getting our news? Join free here:
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This is the man leading the worldwide Nuremberg trials against governments, CDC, WHO etc
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Ask yourself: Why do hospitals give their patients pharmaceuticals and medical procedures that cost thousands of dollars, but nourish them with the cheapest foods possible? How about feeding hospital patients REAL, wholesome, organic, non-GMO nutritious food, which contain the vitamins and minerals needed for the body to heal rather than processed foods stripped of all nutrition other than empty calories?

And what can you do to help a loved one is spending time in the hospital? If possible, bring them nutritious foods filled with vitamins and minerals. Some great options include green smoothies, bone broth and vegetable soups, as they're easy to swallow. One of my favorite foods to help nourish sick family members is a mix of bone broth, beans and lightly steamed spinach all blended together. While hospitals leave a lot to be desired in terms of food choices, we still have the power to help our loved ones. πŸ’•
Forwarded from GreenMedInfo/Sayer Ji
The conscious, health freedom community is much bigger than we know, and much more powerful than the mainstream media and government agencies have led us to believe. On Monday August 2nd at 11AM Central Standard Time, we are asking each member of the virtual health freedom community to share this post on their social media accounts to show just how big, powerful, and well connected we are. We are everywhere. We stand for love, for peace, for health, and for freedom. We will not stand down! We are united and far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe. Let’s show the world.