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Dept of Education techniques of “teaching” these days=rhetorical questions- a question that makes an intended statement. Repeated often enough, isn’t that the definition of a form of (a)indoctrination? Or is it more (b)propaganda? Or is it (c)brainwashing? (You get to answer only a b or c).
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This was the course outline for a Year 10 subject for 2023 - government school - We joke about eating bugs but it's on the course outline!!!💥💥😡😡 Victorian Public School
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California announces plan to charge landowners for their own water

It's not satire — it's Agenda 2030 perfect awareness of all resources and economic activity.

California has announced to landowners that they now are going to be billed for the water they take out of their own wells, on their own land. Hundreds of dollars in fees are looming, with 25% penalties for those who don't pay on time:

"Landowners whose property is within an unmanaged area and contains an operating ground water extraction well must report the volume of groundwater extracted from the well. The groundwater extraction volume must be reported as a monthly total. In addition to pumping volumes, reports must include the location of the well and the place and purpose of use of the groundwater. Groundwater extraction reports are not due to the state water board until February 1, 2023. However, if you are required to report, the report must include pumping volumes for each month between the date of receipt of this letter and September 30, 2022."

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Countries That Had No Initial COVID Death Issues (New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan) Now Having Excess Deaths After the Vaxxes & Boosters

#BiologicalChemicalWeapon #ZeroCovidJustDeathShots
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Chinese whistleblower Miles Guo: "Monkeypox is just an excuse! It's the Covid vaccine disaster caused by the Covid vaccines!"
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Senator Malcolm Roberts stood up in Australian Parliament and called on all members to work against Schwab’s Great Reset agenda!!

‘Senators in this very chamber today who support the great reset threaten our privacy, freedom and dignity’

Bravo Sir!!

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What an absolute legend THIS IS CALLED TAKING ACTION. Look at all the sell outs scurrying from the room bunch of absolute puppets, hiding behind their Rockerfella pay cheques from big pharam the true assasins of our time are doctors THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING... Must share!!!!
Doctors you are on notice
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Dr Bay speaks outside the AMA meeting in Sydney... after being ejected. Thats ONE man standing tall.. lets see some more lions in the pride step forward.
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He's Everywhere You Look: "Bill Gates and His Foundation Continue to Be at the Center of Everything"

• He has close ties to Fauci.

• He has close ties to Deborah Birx.

• He has close ties to Robert Redfield.

• He has close ties to the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.

• He has close ties to the World Health Organization.

• He has admitted to making huge, obscene amounts of profit off of these mRNA vaccines.

• Not only was he involved in the planning of Event 201, which foreshadowed all of this, but he funded it.

Dr. Robert Malone: "Every corner you turn, there's Bill Gates looking at you in this whole mess!"

Full Interview:

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“According to their own data (NSW), in the last seven weeks, you are 37 times more likely to be hospitalised with COVID if you are vaccinated than if you are not.”

Credit to: @VigilantFox

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VI AIDS; immune Damaging Injections which will shorten your life

Stealth Attack; Your immune system is being damaged quietly and dangerously

Dr. Chris Shoemaker;
This first started in Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world
They’ve lost immune function and now have the hallmark of AIDS

Unexplainable parasitic and other infections and drop in T-Cell counts

The body is attacking it’s own lymphocytes; Killer lymphocytes attack the spleen and the body’s defences

If you want a terrible immune system get a 3rd, 4th or 5th shot


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Watch Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts talking about net zero and digital IDs. We have been warned.. climate lockdowns. Social credit scores.

Sadly too many people think it’s a conspiracy theory right up until the moment it happens. the commies can’t wait.

Forwarded from Daminga
Open Letter to QLD
Photos of Freedom
QPP Values
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Dear Citizens of Queensland,
My name is Dr William Bay, I am the leader of the Queensland Peoples’ Protest (QPP) and a registered practising QLD-based doctor.

I have been asked by members of our community to outline the reasons why my organisation is visiting and protesting different sites around Queensland.

QPP has now toured 24 different locations across QLD as part of our State Undemocracy Tour to bring awareness to residents that their MPs were complicit in the ending of parliamentary democracy on the 31st March 2022 with the amendment to the Public Health Act 2005 under section 362B (Reference No. 1) that gives the Chief Health Officer unreviewable powers to make any directive he believes is necessary as long as it is connected to preventing the spread of Covid-19. The CHO’s powers are absolute with the Supreme Court and the Premier unable to review them.

These powers are unconstitutional, illegal and immoral because they override all laws and considerations pertaining to due process, human rights, and basic Western freedoms like freedom to transact, speak and move. Consequently, this law cannot be allowed to stand.

Furthermore, the tyranny in QLD is set to be multiplied with the impending vote on the:

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (Reference No. 2) which is before the QLD Parliament now. It is a bill introduced by Health Minister Yvette D’Ath and was reviewed by the Health and Environment Committee headed by Chair, Aaron Harper member for Thuringowa, who disappointingly recommended the bill be passed.

The committee determined that the key objective of the bill was to strengthen public safety and confidence in the provision of health services.

The legislation’s key reform is to refocus the objectives and guiding principles of the existing National Law to make public safety and confidence paramount considerations.

It is worth noting that If the bill is passed in QLD it automatically applies to all state and territories except WA and SA which must (but will very likely) update their laws.

The threat of this bill is that it seeks to make “public confidence in health services” as the paramount principle of all our healthcare.

This is a radical departure from the previously well-established and respected principle of patient-centred care.

The RACGP and AMA have expressed concerns over this refocusing of healthcare, and professional indemnity insurance companies like MIGA and the Insurance Council of Australia have agreed that the term ‘public confidence’ lacks a clear definition and scope, and they raised concerns about how courts and tribunals would interpret the term.

The Queensland Peoples’ Protest argues strongly that the passing of this legislation will end the practice of medicine as we know it and will result in the death of informed consent, medical ethics, and the very lives of many Queenslanders and Australians.

This is because when treatment of patients is not guided by their individual circumstances (medical history, medications, allergies etc.) but by the principle of what makes the Department of Health in each state look most trustworthy; then mistakes and indeed, incorrect treatments of patients is bound to occur.

Mistakes in medical treatment will inevitably lead to patient deaths, deaths that can and will be directly attributable to the passage of this inherently unconscionable bill.

The Queensland Peoples’ Protest urges all Queenslanders to write to their state MP and demand the blockage of this bill lest all our medical freedoms are eroded and unimaginable patient harm occurs to you or your loved ones.


Dr William A. Bay

MBBS (Hons.) M.Ed B.Bus Dip.F.S.

Leader of the Queensland Peoples’ Protest

GP Registrar, Brisbane, QLD Australia


1. Public Health Act 2005