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Here is a graph of our coin distribution on our website ( With our first Pre-sale 1st now. We want to inform you of our total supply. A whopping 90,000,000,000 ! This number was simulated to be the most ideal amount of coins for our platform !
There are many various altcoins that promise new technologies for the far future. Commacoin will not take risks, promising something that isn’t available currently! Our focus is on the present
and will look to progress from the present!
To make the distribution of Commacoin steady, our system is geared towards paying vast amount of users with small amounts of Commacoin. It's a much more effective tactic to spread the awareness of CMX
콤마코인의 배포를 안정적으로 유지하기 위해, 다수의 사람들이 소량을 소지할 수 있도록 할 것입니다. 그것은 CMX의 인식을 확산시키기 위한 훨씬 더 효과적인 전략입니다.
Attention Influencers! Time to up your game by using Commacoin! Be sure to register as an Influencer at to start earning extra CMX! Remember…! Anybody can become an Influencer at COMMA
인플루언서들은 주목해주세요! 이젠 콤마 코인을 사용하여 더 효율적으로 활동하고 CMX로 수익을 낼 수 있습니다. 콤마에서는 누구나 인플루언서 활동을 할 수 있습니다!
Supporters of Influencers can earn Commacoins through the activities of the Influencer they choose to support! Depending on the level of the user, supporters may support more than 3 Influencers!
Choose your Influencer wisely!
서포터즈들은 개인이 서포트하는 인플언서의 활동의 통해 콤마 코인을 얻을 수 있습니다! 유저 레벨 따라 서포트 할 수 있는 인원수도 달라집니다. 서포트할 인플루언서를 신중히 선택해주세요.
Your cellphone just became an easy source of income! If you are posting on your social media with your cellphone, just register as an Influencer at to start making some money!
Online advertising is the future of marketing and Commacoin is right there!
COMMA is based on blockchain technology. This ingenious method was first conceptualized by a mysterious man named “Satoshi Nakamoto”, who to this day, nobody knows of the real identity.
This allowed the birth of Bitcoin, followed by many other cryptocurrencies! Blockchain technology is not for the future… it is now!
You have the opportunity to raise your company’s profit by recruiting Influencers for a cheaper price. You will save money from not going through an advertising agency,
but still retaining the effectiveness of the promotion. The future is in online advertising!
The world of advertisement is shifting towards online marketing. Many variety of advertisements can be found online.
You can use the COMMA advertising platform to advertise Bitcoins, products, movies, music, and even real estate. So simple to earn COMMA ! join COMMA now!
There are total 90,000,000,000 coins available ! We try to spread CMX around as much as possible so that users will have COMMA in mind when they are using their social media.
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