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Tomorrow Jura Protocol will announce their first of multiple IEOs. Private investors have had their funds locked in Jura for over a year now and are looking forward to distribution.
Forwarded from Raheel
Hi Everyone! I know how everyone is anxiously waiting for an announcement etc.
So tomorrow we'll be announcing our first IEO exchange along with others that we're currently in talks with. Again, thank you all for your patience.
The first Jura (JREX) Initial Exchange Offering will be held on 29th April 2019 - 3rd May 2019 on Probit Exchange. There is a bonus structure for signing up early and using the Probit token as tender.

Tokens for sale: 400,000 JREX
Price: $0.013/JREX
New research on why we see Nexo as a high potential project. From a working and profitable product, to the new interest rate feature.

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Yes, Binance will eventually have Smart Contracts and it will bring more upside to $BNB.

Here's our newest research:
Nov 2017 - Dec 2017 $BTC

$8000- $9000: 9 days
$9000-$10000: 2 days
$10000-$11000: 1 day
$11000-$12000: 6 days
$12000-$13000: 17 hours
$13000-$14000: 4 hours
$14000-$15000: 10 hours
$15000-$16000: 5 hours
$16000-$17000: 2 hours
$17000-$18000: 10 minutes
$18000-$19000: 3 minutes
While Mad Queen Bitcoin burns every single altcoin in the market, we're preparing a list of projects likely to pump on the next alt season. Post goes out tomorrow.
8 projects that have huge upside potential on the next alt season. Hint: one is already pumping hard.

Coinvision Weekly Recap
Quick update on our research "8 Altcoins Likely To Pump In The Next Alt Season".

If you had entered on May 13th, this would be your results today, in BTC:

- Matic ($MATIC): 250% profit (reached a max of 680%)
- BitTorrent ($BTT): 90%
- EOS ($EOS) : 30%
- Nexo ($NEXO): 20%
- Pundi X ($NPXS): 60%
- Ankr Network ($NKR): 10% profit
- LTO Network ($LTO): 44%
- Phantasma ($SOUL): 11% profit

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Weekly News Recap
Weekly News Recap
Akropolis is running a new community quest with over $100,000 in rewards. Always fun to participate in these.

Register here:
Tomorrow, Quarkchain will add over $20,000,000 worth of QKC tokens to the circulating supply after deciding to abandon their vesting schedule. Three times the 24 hour trading volume worth of tokens will possibly hit the market in an instant.
Here you can see Quarkchain sending 200,000,000 QKC to Binance the day before the planned distribution date.
The time zone of their registered business is PST (GMT -8) but tokens were sent at midnight AEST (GMT +10).
Did they move to Australia for the token distribution? 😂