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⚡️ Nillion Community Round ⚡️

H1 2024 has marked the most significant start to the year in CoinList history, featuring 12 sold-out and oversubscribed token launches.

Today, we are excited to announce the Nillion Community Round on CoinList!

Nillion is building humanity’s first blind computer, providing builders access to a powerful suite of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to develop new types of privacy-aware applications built for a better internet.

The purchase period begins on June 19, 2024 at 17:00 UTC and ends on June 26, at 17:00 UTC.

— FDV: $400M (same as Series A)
— Allocated Supply: 35M NIL tokens (3.5% of total supply)
— Price: $0.40
— Purchase limits:
Capped: $100 min, $5k max
Uncapped: $5k+
— TGE: Around late August, 2024

For full details and terms, see deal page below.

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NEW TESTNET: CoinList x Hybrid 🔥

Hybrid is a comprehensive platform designed to integrate AI and blockchain, offering two core products: Atlas, a highly advanced Web3 Copilot, and a Custom AI Agents framework allowing users to create sophisticated AI agents with minimal coding knowledge.

In an effort to battle test the network’s reliability, operations, and performance, Hybrid is offering 60,000,000 HYB tokens (6% of the total supply) to qualifying participants for their contributions.

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A Deep Dive into Nillion 🚀

This week, we announced the NIllion Community Round on CoinList, live until June 26, at 17:00 UTC.

We recently spoke with the Nillion team to discuss the current state of AI, the NIL token’s utility, how Nillion empowers builders to develop new types of privacy-aware applications, their team’s visions for the future, and more.

Deep dive 👉

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Only 4 hours left to participate in the Nillion Community Round! The purchase period ends today at 17:00 UTC.

Nillion, Humanity’s first Blind Computer for AI, DePIN, DeFi and more has grabbed crypto’s attention over the past 3 months:

— The Nillion community has exploded to 300,000 warriors
— Builders from Coinbase, Hedera, Uber, Polygon and Nike have been building over 2.5 years
— Backed by industry leaders including Ansem, Arthur Hayes, Meltem Demirors, and Hack VC

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⚡️ NATIX trading is coming to CoinList ⚡️

NATIX Network is the first AI-powered dynamic map supercharged by the #DePIN and driver community 🚘

July 2nd, 2024 | 10AM UTC

*Not available in US & CA
Since CoinList’s inception, we removed 2.4M bots and fraudulent accounts from our platform.

In our latest piece, we break down:

— What is a sybil attack
— How we offboard sybils
— Sybil case studies
— What we achieved by offboarding these accounts

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NEW REWARDS CAMPAIGN: Super Champs x CoinList 🎮

The Super Champs Universe is a web3 gaming and animation universe that extends across mobile games, animated content, comics, and more.

The Super Champs Rewards Campaign offers community members the opportunity to complete Quests that take you into the Super Champs Universe’s mobile games, web3 activities, and social experiences. Super Champs is offering up to 4% of its total token supply (40,000,000 CHAMP tokens) to eligible participants.

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From CoinList Seed → Token Launch → Trading

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*Not available in US & CA

From Rewards Campaign → Token Launch → Trading

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*Not available in US & CA
At CoinList, we've helped some of the best builders in crypto launch tokens.

Below are some of the jurisdictions they've chosen and the criteria they considered.

The READYgg Token Launch is coming soon on CoinList 👀

READYgg is revolutionizing the gaming industry by building a decentralized Web3 ecosystem powered by the RDYX token. RDYX fuels PC, mobile, and browser games, creating a win-win system for all participants.

Their public SDK and developer tools empower studios to seamlessly integrate Web3 functionalities, supercharging games with decentralization and player incentives.

Follow ReadyGG for updates on their token launch.

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Last month, we announced the Voi Incentivized Testnet on CoinList.

Since then, Voi has been on a growth tear 🔥

— 1306% surge in wallet adoption (@kibisis_wallet)
— 301K quest participants on Galxe
— 817% increase in X followers
— 25+ projects launched by community members
— Introduced their community run governance and 4 committees with over 150 signups
— 2,900+ voting nodes, more than some major L1s

Over 100 Phase 1 participants will receive more than 1M tokens each.

While early movers have strong allocations, there's still time to join Phase 2 of the testnet for a chance to own a significant part of the network.

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After a sold out token launch, Masa is back on CoinList!

Masa is offering 3,000,000 MASA tokens to eligible participants for stress-testing and providing data to their subnet on Bittensor.

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🔥 READYgg Token Launch 🔥

Our first Token Launch of Q3 will be with READYgg, an all-in-one web3 game development Layer 3.

The purchase period begins now and ends on July 17, 2024 at 17:00 UTC. The token launch has one public option:

— Supply: 20,000,000 RDYX tokens (2.0% of the total supply)
— Price per token: $0.16
— Lockup & Release: 20% unlocks at TGE, followed by a 6-month linear release. Token exchange listing is expected to occur on or around September 15, 2024.
— Initial Purchase Limits: $100.00 minimum, $5,000.00 maximum (USDT/USDC only)

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After a sold out token launch, $MOCA trading is live on CoinList on day 1 of their mainnet launch.

Buy $MOCA on CoinList or Pro Trading before 14 July 10:00 UTC to claim limited time Karma.


*Not available in US & CA
A Deep Dive into READYgg 🔎

— Migrating web2 gamers to web3
— $RDYX token utility and use cases
— Growth strategy
— How READYgg stands out from other gaming protocols
— Top trends & predictions for web3 gaming

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In April, the Mocaverse team ran their token launch on CoinList, selling tokens at $0.039.

Today, $MOCA is trading at $0.13 (+330%) on CoinList.

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READYgg is setting new benchmarks in Web3 gaming.

• 300M+ players set to migrate to Web3 via 2000+ games in pipeline
• 35+ studios/publishers
• 400K+ Web2 players with an on-chain identity + wallet
• Wallets: 250,316
• Beta Users: 58,142

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Interview with Blockchain Gamer 👉
Builders preparing for a token launch often ask the question:

How can we identify loyal users and what criteria should we use to create an effective whitelist?

Here are some insights from builders that launched on CoinList 👇