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On average #BITCOIN Adds a Zero Every 2 Years...

2009 - $0 ☹️
2011 - $10 🙁
2013 - $100 😐
2015 - $1,000 🙂
2017 - $10,000 😀
2019 - $100,000 😃
2021 - $1,000,000 🤩

#LONGTERM is a win win Situation 😁
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Coinbase’s app download rate has fallen to its lowest level since April 2017 following a significant decline in the crypto market
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The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority has awarded licenses to three crypto exchanges and expects to raise $3 million in investment
Don't be worried about the current situation of market till December Insha Allah You will see massive improvement in the market.
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Opera has released a beta version of their web browser for Android that includes a native crypto wallet
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The Tezos Foundation is launching their first grantmaking process in August of this year, having determined three main areas as an initial target
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 Check Which Coins You Can Spend With Debit Cards and Why This New Project Chooses BCH
Recently, we covered some of the most popular debit cards used for crypto payments and we’d like to tell you more about the cryptocurrencies they support. Most of these cards…
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Crypto Market Recovers to $210 Billion, Tokens Surge as Ethereum Rises 4%
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UK Watchdog: Summer’s Cryptocurrency Fraud Costs £2 Million in Losses
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