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And it begins
Forwarded from Cointelegraph
Major cryptocurrencies are seeing red today as markets correct downward
Forwarded from Cointelegraph
Litecoin is now accepted by around 40,000 more merchants including Whole Foods, following integration with Flexa network
‼️Buy NPXS now‼️ I will tell you when to sell
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BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes thinks Bitcoin could achieve financial privacy only by a hard fork
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Cannabis-backed token SWX Coin launched by Greek billionaire and television director Alki David and his Swiss consortium
Binance.US will be launched in the coming weeks. KYC will be required. Binance.US will provide desktop/mobile web access for the initial launch and will have an app version in the future.
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All money will be digital, and the competition will be between monetary policies: Pompliano