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UNI surges 50% in one week, becomes first DeFi DApp token in crypto’s top 10 — link
​​The Latest News

1) PayPal acquires crypto security firm Curv for nearly $200M — link

2) Third Bitcoin ETF expected to launch in Canada this week — link

3) Soros, Morgan Stanley join $200m investment in Bitcoin firm NYDIG — link

4) Goldman survey shows 40% of its clients have crypto exposure — link

5) Norway-listed Aker to put 100% bitcoin in treasury reserves of new investment unit — link
25 publicly traded companies now hold a total of 178,855 #bitcoin worth $9.6 billion on their balance sheets
Funding rates slowly rising, arbitrage opportunities between Bitfinex and Bybit.
Seychelles regulator: Huobi global limited isn’t licensed here — link
MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency involving Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike, just raised venture funding — link
Chinese social media Weibo suspends Huobi, OKEx and Binance accounts — link
CoinShares begin trading under $CS on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market — link
Bitcoin positions continue to build up, futures open interest crosses $20 billion for the first time.
Israeli pension giant put $100m into Grayscale bitcoin trust: report — link
Grayscale halts new investments In GBTC after trading at 15% below bitcoin — link
new ฿ all-time-high: $59,133
Micorosft’s ION Digital ID network is live on Bitcoin — link
Major Chinese banks are now allowing people to apply for digital yuan wallets — link
Binance adds two former FATF members to its team of advisors — link
Dragonfly Capital launches new $225 million fund to invest in DeFi, NFT, and more projects — link
Blockchain forensics startup Chainalysis raises $100 million at $2 billion valuation — link
Institutional flows slow down. Nonetheless, total AUM continues to rise month on month and now stands at roughly $58.7bn.
Since the rise of DeFi in summer 2020, Ethereum blocks have consistently been at least 95% full. In March 2021, blocks have been 97%-98% full.
Tesla now accepts Bitcoin from US customers — link