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Supreme Court Update: Crypto vs RBI case now in hearing.

IAMAI counsel to continue with their arguments -
New hearing date - 25th September
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We caught up with Nikita Sachdev to talk about her journey in Modelling, Acting, Talent Management, Blockchain, Women in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and so much more. Watch the full video -
Binance new referral Update: A user/referrer earning 20% commission can give 5 or 10% commission back to the invited users, similarly a referrer earning 40% commission can give back 5, 10, 15, or 20% commission back to the invited users.
We are proud to be part of and welcome you to the EmergTech event on Sept 07 in Bengaluru hosted by Inblox Network. Joining us are Harry Liu, lead developer at Elastos, Mohit Mamoria, also representing Elastos, Nilotpal from Marlin Protocol & many more.

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Meet Mohit Mamoria, managing Partner at Authorito Capital, Harry Liu, the lead developer at Elastos and Jaideep Reddy, a lawyer with Nishith Desai Associates who is representing IAMAI in Supreme Court case Vs RBI on the banking ban. We speak about Blockchain, issues with it, regulations, and comparison between India and China
Murmur Dapp and WandX founder Abhinav speaks about Blockchain, creating a rewarding social media, crypto regulations and him being an Iron man in the interview with Coin Crunch India. Watch Now -