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Possible scenario for $BTC?
Analyzing big frame BTC / USD. (Weekly) Looks a BTC top at 200 / 300K is good possible this bullrun
Still keep an eye on ADA / USDT 3D, on de top of the channel, looks ready for rally:
SUSHI / BTC has broken its lower highs. Now creates an Adam & Eve pattern. When we can flip this blue bar there is a lot of space up.
Grayscale have added $246 million worth of $ETH over the past 24 hours.
Watch out with open FTM orders. FUD is spreading fast
Waiting for Algo to explode. Looking juicy
Let's flip MATIC here
Free COINBOSS Altcoinsignals
Let's flip MATIC here
Target hit, 7% profit within 50 minutes.
BTC holding his 45k support, we need to hold this one to stay shortterm bullish. A lot of resistance heading for BTC. Breaking 48500=bullish, nice long flip opportunity there. Breaking the 45k = flipping burgers at Mcdonalds soon
RSR looking juicy 😍