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Breaking: India Bullish On Crypto Regulation With Latest Economic Survey?
January 2023 has already managed to bring Bitcoin a 40 percent rise in value. At the same time, experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts point out that such a thing has previously led to a successful year for cryptoinvestors. In particular, the chart gives an example of 2020 and 2013.

Well, February itself is not bad in terms of the value of crypto-assets.

So we wait.
$ETH / $BTC Has been incredibly weak overall the past weeks. Lower timeframes it looks to be trading in this mini-range with 3 taps of the lows.

Would have more confidence in this bouncing if it can clear the range highs at ~0.0701.

Been pretty underweight ETH for a while.
Breaking: Binance-WazirX Deal Over? Binance Terminates This Service
As long as we don't break out, this is my play.
I am buying at $30-50.
Just-In: SBFโ€™s $250 Million Bail Guarantor To Remain Confidential
Breaking: U.S. CPI Data Shows Inflation At 6.4%; Time For Bitcoin Price To Shine?
The Puell Multiple (PM) is an implied income stress model constructed using the ratio between daily miner revenue and the yearly average.

The recent increase in price action has pushed the PM above equilibrium (1.0), suggesting an expansion in Miner profitability is occurring.
137,890 Bitcoin Payout For Mt Gox Creditors; BTC Sell off Ahead?
$BTC weekly outlook

Last Quarters High holding the market
Closed within the weekly range

Arrow is your confirmation
Breaking: US Fed Prints $300 Billion, Bitcoin Price And Ethereum To Rally
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Breaking: Australia Introduces Crypto Market Regulation Bill In Parliament

Bounce from 1763 liq or scam market n send to zero.
Breaking: Bitcoinโ€™s Price Jumps On Lower Than Expected U.S. CPI Data
Breaking: Amazon NFT Marketplace Launch Delayed
Binance Australia Users Selling Bitcoin (BTC) A$9000 At Discount, Know Why
Another change in Bitcoin mining difficulty awaits us on Wednesday night. The BTC-com platform predicts that it will increase by about 3 percent to 51T. This is a milestone event, because the complexity of mining the first cryptocurrency has never before jumped above 50T.

So there should be at least one record this week.