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We discussed updates on existing products and collected some feedback and further ideas from our community. Joining us this time, among others, was Daniel Zakrisson (CEO).
Which event should you commit your precious time and money to? It is easy to feel overwhelmed when considering which event to attend.

Here are 10 crypto events to consider attending this year 👇👇👇
Join us tomorrow at 2 pm CEST on our Telegram to talk about Gaming on Blockchain ➡️
🚨 the AMA starts in an hour 🚨
Join the debate on blockchain tech influencing the gaming industry🎮 Chat channel ▶️
🙌🧠 Join Mentor Hours with Mayank Jain on Aug 31st in Creativity Mall, Pune (India). We'd love to see you there!

Mentor Hours are one-on-one sessions where an expert mentor guides interested entrepreneurs on various issues of technology, marketing, hiring, scaling up, legal issues, design practices etc.
More info 👉👉👉
Missed the AMA? We missed you too 😅
No worries, here is the summary.
We talked about the exciting pair of blockchain and gaming ecosystem 🎮
Last year, decentralized gaming developed its first use cases but newer announcements promise quite a bit more.

📢 Call for crypto analysts 📢
We are reaching out to learn more about how crypto analysts currently perform competitive &industry analysis to see if analytic tools could make the process more efficient.
Write to if you want to be part of this research 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️
📢 Join our Telegram on Tuesday at 2 pm CEST to engage with Digital Assets Power Play team and discuss their roadmap and beta products ⚙️

Join our Telegram at 2 pm CEST to discuss Digital Assets Power Play's DataStreams beta and other upcoming products 👉👉👉
📣 Malta's MITA open call for blockchain startups mentorship and funding is open only until September 10 ! 📣
Read more and apply ➡️
⚙️ Tuesday Talk on Token Utility ⚙️
Join us tomorrow at 2 pm CEST on our Telegram & get updates on company development & inclusion of the CFI token 💱
Are you at STHLM Tech Fest these days? 🇸🇪
Come say hi to Jens from👋
Block Block launches… ⚡️ THE BLOCKCHAIN ELECTIONS ⚡️

This is an experiment to run Swedish elections on blockchain 🤲

Register & Vote HERE (in SWE🇸🇪) 👉
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The very first blockchain elections for Sweden are wrapped up 🇸🇪🥇

In collaboration with Blockblock and Principle Network, we used the technology for anonymous and decentralised voting on the blockchain.