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More freedom

The user does not need to pay for every action that requires the confirmation of network (except the actions for which such commission is provided), does not need to pay for the transmission capacity of network, for memory, CPU resources, for the “storage” of the COFFE tokens and so on.

If commission is provided for the action, its price will always be the same (established), since it is not determined by the competition of miners or confirmation nodes. This makes the business models of solutions built on the COFFE blockchain more predictable and transparent.

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Coffe payment system became a partner of AdvCash payment system. This partnership allows Coffe payment system to combine the advantages of cryptocurrencies and Fiat money, to integrate the fiat payments into the Coffe payment system. Thanks to the AdvCash capabilities, it will be possible to make payments to Visa and MasterCard cards, make Bank transfers to 70 countries in 35 currencies.

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COFFE integrates into their own ecosystem the mechanisms for the protection of copyright on the Idea, objective expert evaluation of Ideas, financing mechanisms and the protection of investors. This is a whole complex of software and hardware solutions that eliminates one of the main problems of the cryptocurrency market — the lack of control. This market does not need the regulators, we create an effective self-regulated system.

These and more you can find in the article in medium Standards and rules here
The COFFE platform is an ecosystem for managing crypto assets of a new generation, which is created to enable everyone to work on the crypto market comfortably and profitably.

The most important element of the platform is the COFFE Exchange, established in 2018, guided by the best industry practices.

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Attention, new competition!

Double your deposit in CFF!

Since November 29, at 10:00 Moscow time, you will learn a coin, the course of which will have to be guessed.

Wins the one whose course at the end of the day at 23:11:11 MSK will be the most accurate.

The winner gets a doubling of the account in the Coffe system.

Coffe tokens can be purchased here.

( price is fixed on a financial exchange. Bets are accepted here ( from 10:00 to 12:00 Moscow time.

The maximum deposit participating in the contest is 5000000 CFF, the team tokens do not participate in the contest.
Since December 10, the registration of users on the stock exchange begins. You can register by going to
COFFE Exchange welcomes its first users!

COFFE team are pleased to announce a launch of COFFE Exchange - !
COFFE Exchange is a semi-decentralized cryptoexchange of a new generation.
It combines many tools, such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, which are traditional for exchanges, which allow the trader to work more productively, getting the most profit and minimizing trading risks, and completely unique ones that are their own developments, such as asset management tools PACK , Index TOP. All transactions are processed on the servers of the exchange COFFE Exchange in the DATA-center located in Europe.
Welcome to the COFFE Exchange!
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Dear friends!
Ecosystem COFFE represents a new B2C cryptocurrency exchange service on Fiat.
With this service, you can freely change your Fiat cryptocurrency in a variety of payment systems, on the most favorable conditions. The exchange is quick, easy and safe.
New partnership: COFFE and RoomDAO

COFFE continues to develop the partnerships with promising projects and companies from around the world. Today COFFE MANAGEMENT LP. is pleased to announce a mutually beneficial partnership with RoomDAO project.

RoomDAO is a blockchain-based marketplace for travelers that provides them a direct connection with the local travel service providers. Local tourism businesses, companies and travel agents are more flexible and can offer travelers the lower rates and a wider range of services. RoomDao offers them its platform for free. The decision of RoomDao includes the advanced system that allows users to rent a car, book an apartment and do much more at a much lower price that the famous travel brands and international franchises (such as and can offer them. It will allow to save the budgets of tourists and vacationers.

COFFE will promote RoomDao through its ecosystem of crypto asset management. First, the token of RoomDao will be added to the COFFE Exchange. The market maker of the exchange will increase the liquidity of the RoomDao token and its availability for a wide range of users, including the users of services and products of the whole COFFE ecosystem.

Second, in the long term, RoomDao, will join to the realization of new projects, which are now deployed at COFFE ICO Standard. For example, one of these projects of COFFE ecosystem - “Absolute Timeshare Holiday” (ATH) involves the tokenization of tourist real estate ("timeshare"). RoomDao will act as a provider of travel services for this project and connect the tourists and hotels around the world as part of the exciting system of ownership and management of "vacation" provided by Absolut Timeshare Holiday.

The COFFE ecosystem is a friendly financial and investment environment that unites the professional and non-professional participants of the crypto market: investors, traders, as well as ICO projects and their private communities that globally form the user community of COFFE participants. At the basement of the COFFE ecosystem is the idea of democratizing the user experience of managing crypto assets and working on the crypto market, including the attracting investments in new projects, from the idea to its practical implementation. The COFFE ecosystem offers users an exchange with a set of crypto asset management tools (derivatives), a wallet and a transfer system, and an investment platform for new projects. Promising, the processing system and the bank will be available.

All elements of the ecosystem are built on the common basis of the blockchain COFFE Chain. It is a fast modern blockchain with the shareware transactions based on Graphen technology and the DPoS consensus algorithm.

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