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Codistry is a web and app development agency based in Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Hello Codistry Blockchain Team
Excited to have you on board. Let's get some ideas flowing and make something amazing happen
We have the following 2 ideas that we would like to propose to the group
1) EqualityCoin or 2)GenderCoin (GenderEqualityCoin)
What does it do?
There are a couple of routes we can go down. One would be to have it be about the gender income gap. Men on the average earn more than women for the same job peformed. Obviously that is not fair and it shouldn't be that way. Unfortunately it is. Our token would represent value in aiding to close that gap
EqualityCoin would be similar but it would also address other issues such as racial income gap, or discrimination world wide in general. We know we are all the same, all humans
How about something for the medical marijuana industry. I'm thinking something for the patient to use. For example the patient will create a "profile" that contains their need, health info, etc. The patient has full access to manage their profile. Then the dispensaries run a database and match patients based on the search criteria need, matching dispensaries and patients constantly without having to leave their home and constantly sharing their info. It will allow for the dispensary to access data and secondly executes the patient supplies as needed, all of this with an authorized patient electronic signature.
there are already a couple of pot related coins, I wonder what they are doing as far as their platforms to innovate. We might need to read their whitepapers
I'm thinking more of tracking, not the in and outs data when you go to a hospital for example. More of a way to maximize health over long periods of time, track changes if any... I think that if patients feel like they have ownership of their data then they'll have better control of their health. The dispensaries will be making clients and have a constant database based on needs rather than just location.
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Congratulations to Charlie and Hung in winning World Sibu’s Blockchain hackaton in Costa Rica 💰💸
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