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JavaScript Interview #40: What is the type of undefined in JS? What’s the output?

Answer and explanation: https://learn.coderslang.com/js-test-40-typeof-undefined/
JavaScript Interview Question #41: Can we go above MAX_SAFE_INTEGER? What’s the output?

Answer and explanation: https://learn.coderslang.com/javascript-interview-41-increasing-max_safe_integer
JavaScript Interview Question #42: How Math.max works in JS

Answer and explanation: https://learn.coderslang.com/javascript-interview-42-how-math.max-works-in-js
Hey guys! Over the last couple of weeks there were a ton of questions from you and I appreciate your interest in learning to code. I tried to reply to every single request, but the same questions are raised again and again.

How to install node.js? How to solve task70? How to install readline-sync? How to import and use npm modules? What does cd mean? How to download new tasks?

Today I’ll do a livestream and address your questions. Feel free to join 👉 https://www.twitch.tv/coderslang

Starting in about an hour. Will drop a direct link here when the stream goes live.
Hey! Coderslang now has an Instagram account!

👉 https://www.instagram.com/coderslang_pro
A couple of days back, I've added a new lecture to my Full-Stack JavaScript Course.

In this lecture, you'll learn why errors are important in JS and also:
• what is an error in JavaScript
• how to handle errors
• how to throw an error
• how to catch an error
• what is the "try/catch" block
• when do you need to use the keyword "finally"

Right now, there are 4 coding tasks related to error handling in JS.

Solve them with the Coderslang Visual Studio Code Extension and let me know what you think!
I just enabled reactions in chat. Save the words, tap the emoji 🤩
When you resolve your issue with one of the coding tasks using our forum at en.coderslang.com, press the button "Select Best Answer" to let us know that you don’t need any more help with that task.

You can also select your own comment as the best answer.
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