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If you are a university student in India who is involved in technical activities on campus, we invite you to host a learning session on 'Getting Started with Git'

Date and Time: Saturday 26 September 2020 from 11 AM IST

It won't be a talk or webinar, so you won't have to speak or invite a speaker, just a learning session where students can learn together, then share their learnings with each other!

All active hosts will receive a certificate signed by CEO of Progate, Masa Kato!

Learn more and apply to become a host here - https://bit.ly/git2609linkgen
Do you have questions like -
1. What is a Student developer community & why do we need that?
2. What is the importance of a technical club/society in college?
3. How to start a student developer community?
4. How to get started with Developer relations as a student?

We're bringing you an amazing opportunity to get answers to all your questions. Join our 'Progate On Air' session to learn about the impact of Student Developer Communities.

We will have Meet Shah as our speaker who will share a very detailed insight on the importance of having technical communities in college.

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Java Virtual Training Ends in 13 hours ⚡️

Help students in your network to take this opportunity to learn Java!

Click here to share on WhatsApp - https://bit.ly/340rX1D
Hey awesome folks who've learned HTML CSS JavaScript.. Looking to improve your skills? You'll love this 🔥

Check it out here - https://github.com/Progate-Community/calculator-demo

(please create a new issue to suggest new features)
Who's ready to try their hands on Java?

Speaker: Mr. Ganesh Samarthyam (Co-Founder at CodeOps Technologies with 18 years of experience in IT)

In this Learning Jam, you will learn how to become a productive programmer in Java. The presentation covers automatically generating code segments using live templates, auto-fixes and refactorings.
Progate Web Development Path

Take your first step towards #Programming career! Complete Web Development Path on Progate to learn the core concepts of web development, designed for absolute beginners.

Complete 4 path courses - #htmlcss #javascript #sql #nodejs - bundled together to help you build your first project.

Start here: https://bit.ly/progatewebdevelopmentpath
New Study Release Update

Progate Go Study III and IV have been released!

Learn Go to master the fundamentals of server-side programming. In the new lessons, learn to reuse written code by defining and calling functions and how to utilize pointers created in in-built exercises!

Check them out here: https://progate.com/languages/go
40 hrs of HTML&CSS Alert

This weekend, kickstart your Web Development Path Certification by completing 1st lesson of HTML & CSS on Progate to get 40 hrs of free access to the full course!💥

Click here to participate: https://bit.ly/40hrsofhtmlcss

Hurry up & start learning now!
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Learning to code has never been so easy! We’re excited to help you on your coding journey 💙

Upgrade to Plus here - https://bit.ly/upgradetoplus
You Can Help Others To Learn Python

Create your own link here - https://bit.ly/40hourspython3010linkgen
You Can Help Others To Learn Python Create your own link here - https://bit.ly/40hourspython3010linkgen
Python lessons on Progate have helped many students 💻

If you are one of those students, pay it forward by helping at least one other person to learn 🎉

They will thank you later 🌟

Hey everyone!

We recently started doing a lot of sessions for tech-enthusiast students looking for job/internships and are getting ready for their future placements.

Check out some of them here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ProgateIndia/videos

You can also *Subscribe to Progate India Channel* to receive UPDATES about Placement talks, tips to crack tech internships and interviews from industry experts and join the hands-on session in various technologies by industry professionals.

>> Not able to figure out the path after you have completed learning your first programming language?

>> Struggling to build your own first project even if you have learnt concepts?

*We are doing a Structured Mentorship Programme for students!*

First *3 batches* have already started and seats for *4th Batch* is filling up soon!

What do you get?

>> A Proper Study Plan for 90 Days.

>> 3 Project ideas and implementation along with skilling up.

>> Guidance from Mentors.

>> Exclusive invites for Webathons (Web Development Hackathons).

>> Access to Web Development Certification Course on Progate.

There is no room for hesitation, fear and not being able to ask your questions.

*Join us for a session and get all your questions answered TODAY at 5:30 PM!*

*Link to Join:* https://youtu.be/S2vpWAY4-_c
Would you like to attend Learning Jam: Introduction to API Development with MuleSoft?
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Yes, I would like to.
Yes, but I don't know much about it.
Know how you can make your career and opportunity in the techno-management roles as Anuj shares about his experience. Ask questions about how you can bring ideas together, influence an outcome, and also scale for future growth with future roles.

We are going live in few minutes!

Join here: https://youtu.be/BSh6WcIzm60
*Are you an aspiring Software Engineer?*

*Want to know the Relation of effective Communication with Coding ?*

Progate is going on air with Vandana Mohture. She is a Mindset Coach with more than 10 years of experience in Software Industry in India, US and Australia.
The subtopics for the session today:
> Communication to understand customer needs- Communication during requirements gathering
> Communication during code creation (code comments. deployment comments, quality control comments etc)
> Communication during design reviews
> Communication during feedback sessions/ reflections- Communication with peers/ team members

We are going LIVE in 5 mins! Join in here:

Call for Organizers for CODE & BUILD WEB DEVELOPMENT WEEK 🚀

It's a SEVEN DAYS of commitment for students to learning to code, publishing a webpage, building a project, and sharing their progress to EARN A PROGATE NINJA BADGE 😍

Find more details about the event here: http://bit.ly/progatecodebuild

If you are a university student in India who is active in the community, you can bring this event to your campus!

Organizer Registration: http://bit.ly/progatecodebuildorg