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Police are investigating Erramalli Ramesh, the condo resident seen on video verbally abusing a security guard over a parking dispute. https://cna.asia/2Wx0b8T

ALSO: Mr Erramalli has apologised to security guard Steven Heng "many times" in a private meeting with him. Read more: https://cna.asia/334oNZ6
​​Billion-dollar breakthrough in the 1MDB saga? The US Justice Department says it's reached a settlement deal to recover "hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains" from Jho Low and family. https://cna.asia/32XQgLY
SCDF RAGGING TRIAL: First Warrant Officer Mohamed Farid Mohd Saleh was found guilty for asking Staff Sergeant Muhammad Nur Fatwa Mahmood to push NSF Kok Yuen Chin into the well, which caused the latter's death. https://cna.asia/2JxXH4Q
JUST IN: Malaysia agrees to proceed with construction of Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS Link; project to cost 36% less than original estimate, PM Mahathir says. https://cna.asia/334mzcb
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Wondering what to have for breakfast tomorrow? Here's an idea: https://cna.asia/2N0iBvG
Our most talked-about stories today:

1. US lawmakers voted to advance the impeachment process against President Donald Trump. See his reaction: https://cna.asia/2Wt6gmQ

2. Hong Kong police fired tear gas as masked protesters mingled with Halloween revellers in fancy dress last night. https://cna.asia/2ow7O2K

3. North Korea has carried out a "successful" new test of its "super-large multiple rocket launcher" system, according to its state media. https://cna.asia/325kThj

4. Qantas found cracks in three of its Boeing 737NG planes. https://cna.asia/2C17Umo

5. Think there is an unfair clause in your contract? Here's what you need to know: https://cna.asia/36hd8s1

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Police in Singapore are investigating the death of a suspected upskirter who was detained by members of the public. https://cna.asia/337PVq5
Here's a look inside some of the Telegram chat groups sharing illicit Singapore content - from revenge porn and upskirt photos, to videos of young girls showering and even requests for nudes from a specific school. https://cna.asia/2WwRXxy
🐐 Kambing soup with brains, eyeballs and ears, anyone?

Hardcore fans in Jakarta even recommend ordering it with goat testicles - if you can find them. https://cna.asia/34h8LLu
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2019 has been the deadliest year ever for Thailand’s critically endangered dugongs - and the impact of humans is to blame, from fishing nets to plastic waste. https://cna.asia/2JFS1FQ

WATCH: What's killing Thailand's dugongs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO2d62ulBG0
​​The day after a Facebook post about the elderly Thomson fruit seller went viral, one customer gave her S$100 for all her stock, just 30 minutes into her day. And that's not all. READ: https://cna.asia/329ewd1
In his first marathon, Gordon Lim ran faster than expected – because he was being chased by a dog.

Now he's competing in the SEA Games, with Soh Rui Yong as his coach. https://cna.asia/2PCRHeZ
What people are talking about this Monday morning:

Protesters in Hong Kong clashed with police in shopping malls last night. A human chain turned into a bloody conflict with police. Read more: https://cna.asia/2PH1Mri

WATCH: A man accused of slashing several people with a knife and biting off part of a local politician's ear was attacked by protesters in Hong Kong https://youtu.be/L7FMqsV5Efo

More on the Hong Kong protests: https://cna.asia/2ZeAJFo

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JUST IN: E-scooters will be banned from Singapore's footpaths from tomorrow. Offenders face fines, jail time when the ban is strictly enforced from Jan 1. https://cna.asia/36sHyrg
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πŸ›΄ From tomorrow, you won't be allowed to ride your e-scooter on footpaths in Singapore - just like in France and Japan.

Here's what you need to know about the ban: https://cna.asia/2pDe9tS
Our most talked-about stories this Tuesday morning:

1. Parliament sits for a second day today. DPM Heng Swee Keat will introduce a motion calling on Aljunied-Hougang Town Council to require Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang to "recuse" themselves from financial matters. Read more: https://cna.asia/33iFBLY

2. E-scooters will be banned from Singapore's footpaths from today. Deliveroo says it will stop working with food delivery riders who use the device on footpaths: https://cna.asia/36Az5Cw

WATCH: Lam Pin Min's announcement in Parliament yesterday https://youtu.be/URWG3kOZ2IA

3. From next year, payouts from CPF's Retirement Sum Scheme will last until 90 years old, instead of the existing age of 95 https://cna.asia/34nbtPQ

4. A woman was jailed after throwing her daughter down to the ground, fracturing her skull and killing her https://cna.asia/2PNVCpi

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DPM Heng Swee Keat raised a parliamentary motion calling for Workers' Party MPs Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang to recuse themselves from financial matters at AHTC.
Watch his full speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9olhpCu9vE&list=PLbnMTcZEga8Sv_FtGRLzJ0YChPM7fQfCd&index=2&t=0s

Ms Lim said DPM Heng "acted prematurely" in filing the motion in Parliament, saying WP intends to appeal the High Court judgment against them.
Watch her response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kDKuk7yeB8&list=PLbnMTcZEga8Sv_FtGRLzJ0YChPM7fQfCd&index=5&t=0s
πŸ’ͺ Two off-duty police officers were among those who sprang into action when a fire broke out at Century Square's food court. Here's what one of them said: https://cna.asia/2NGIEaq
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E-scooters are now banned on footpaths, but that doesn't mean you can ride on the grass either. Here's how much you could be fined: https://cna.asia/2NnhxSG