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$BTC thought above
👉 solid break out volume to confirm the uptrend start
👉 Most buyers wait for a re-test if they miss the initial move (safest strategy)
👉 Golden crosses, bots trade these cross overs also, when they occur you can see some crazy pumps
👉 Buying this dip and some altcoins right now...
$BTC - Will more than likely fall to the downside, i have bids set around 36.5 region
$ENJ|USDT - Finally breaking out 🚀
$DOGE|USDT - Possible falling wedge with double bottom along support - free targets on chart...as long as bitcoin plays nice...stop loss below support this is a 7:1 odds trade very good 👍
$BTC - Holding structure, in case of a break up we look for 42k area