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FYI: CLIO1, along with several other pools, has had an exceptionally large delegation at its disposal over the past two months, for which we are very grateful. It was time to pass this delegation on to other pools, which has meant that our live-stake has been reduced to about a quarter. The effect will occur two epochs later.

Those who continue to delegate to CLIO1 will therefore not feel many effects, except that the epochal fluctuations will be somewhat more pronounced with more or less luck in slot allocation. So sometimes there will be a little less and sometimes a little more revenue.

If someone prefers to choose another pool and I have a wish, I would ask them to choose an independent operator who has only one pool and ideally also makes contributions to the Cardano ecosystem that are useful to all

This will not change the reliability, passion and conviction of our team.

We are very grateful for every suggestion for improvement, and of course for every recommendation to other potential delegates. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask them through our feedback channel
What CLIO spends its time with:

The LeaderLog forecasts are not yet completely reliable. We had already recognized this in the last epoch, and the developers (thanks BCSH, LOVE) are working on improvements. Our bad luck of the last 3 epochs seems to be made up for in the current epoch.

In Testnet the preparations for several new functions are in progress. Besides P2P, the Catalyst voting will be tested soon. More about this shortly.

New servers: In order to have more resources for parallel systems in the future, 4 servers have been prepared for the Cardano-Nodes in our main location. Each with Dual-Xeon-CPU, 128GB RAM, 1Gbps uplinks and SSD Raid Storage.
For the upcoming P2P tests we want to run really independent nodes, each with its own IP address.

At some point there will be peak loads and advanced features that will show the differences between good and cheap infrastructure. Until then we hope that you will stay with us, and thank you for your trust so far
72% of the epoch is over, but CLIO still has half of the planned blocks ahead
There is a new combined group @clio_rdlrt_undr and Clio.1 is proud to be part of it.

Some of us pool ops in similar positions (not very big on marketing) - wanted to combine our telegram groups to allow better interaction and timelines/availability.

Don't worry: The pools will still remain completely independent, nothing changes with respect to our pools/delegation, but we'd simply be working together and hopefully if one of the pools is down with stake too much , you have option within to easily switch and maintain continuity of the conversations and support.

This channel remains for passive announcements as long as enough subscribers show interest. The existing interactive Clio.1 support channel will be closed instead and invites all delegates to the new support channel.

As always please keep in mind:
- Feel free to DM me at @gufmar for every question you don't feel comfortable asking in public.
- Please never expose information related to your funds or secret keys.
- We will never ask you for keys, transactions or bring up odd sounding deals.
Just like in the previous epoch, our blocks are all rather at the end. So please do not worry. The servers are running and doing exactly what they should. We're once again taking care of a lot of details and data in the Cardano ecosystem, even if it's not always that visible.
A quick update to all delegators:

CLIO1 Pool is reliably generating its blocks - as it should be. The new server hardware added in February is running reliably and still has a lot of room for future extensions and services.

Saturation has been stable around 65% for many epochs. This allows us to produce reliably and gives our delegators a good feeling not to have to constantly check if the pool is overfilled in the meantime. (Stake it easy)

Our TopologyUpdater service is growing and growing. We have just reached 2000 actively subscribed Pool Relays. They fetch a fresh list of peers daily to stay well connected in the global Cardano network.
Sorry for the long time no news silence. Clio1 pool is still here, and reliably producing blocks.

We also work on some block propagation analytics and possible performance optimizations.
similar to the TopologyUpdater Service, we operate since the mainnet launch (meanwhile for a stable number of 2700 Cardano relay Mainnet nodes) this new project should be available permissionless and free for all Pool operators.

the above gantt diagram shows a first demo, which can become the MVP soon and then - step by step - a much more insightful tool and service later this year.
To fund development and operation we placed a project proposal on the current Catalyst Fund8 round, and hereby ask for your support. please vote for us, and share the information. (ideascale requires an account and login)

thank you very much