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🧐 The only thing easier than running Dating in the Netherlands is running it without much competition.

Check out the pages on our new exclusives, peep the rates, and you be hard pressed to find a better destination for your NL traffic:

📍(64693) [MOB] CheekyLovers / NL SOI 25+ EXCLUSIVE $3.4
📍 (64694) [WEB] CheekyLovers / NL SOI 25+ EXCLUSIVE $4.2

📍 (70074) [MOB] Alleen Prive / NL DOI Exclusive €2,90
📍 (70072) [WEB] Alleen Prive / NL DOI Exclusive €3.60
*Males 18+
*Tablet traffic is accepted on mob offer

📍 (60936) [MOB] FuckClub / NL DOI Exclusive - €3,60
📍 (71268) [WEB] Area69 / NL/BE DOI Exclusive - €3.50

- No incentive traffic
- No misleading advertising methods are allowed
- No Content locking/proxy/duplicates

🤩 There's a bunch of pages to choose from, but not a lot of alternatives left on the market in terms of profitability.

📲 Contact your manager for any details you need and start shoveling euros right away!
🍬 Profits don't get any sweeter than that!

Switch up your regular gadget sweepstakes campaigns with more unconventional angles and you might be surprised by the outcome. The latest 🇩🇪 DE leadgen exclusives from ClickDealer appeal to every user on the web with a sweet tooth!

🍭 74477 [WEB+MOB] RLM - Win €200 Wunderland Candy Package / DE SOI FB Pixel Exclusive 2.85 EUR
🍭 74473 [WEB+MOB] RLM - Win €200 Candy Package / DE SOI FB Pixel Exclusive 2.85 EUR

🔥 Pixel fires on user registration.
🔝 The best converting traffic: FB, push, search (Google), mobile.

- NO incentive traffic
- NO SMS traffic
- NO Contextual
- NO adult traffic
- No Whatsapp traffic

Please note: FB pixel integration is available.

🤔 Ready to make bank on sugar? Contact your manager to set up right away!
😍 The theme for today's offer spotlight is big caps and euros!

We've got a great selection of top-rated European offers that provide good space to scale even for new affiliates and competitive payouts to make it worth your while:

🎯 74606 [WEB] FrecherAbenteuerClub / CH DOI €6.8
🎯 74605 [MOB] FrecherAbenteuerClub / CH DOI €4.4
Daily Cap 100 leads per pub per offer

🎯 74602 [WEB] ImieiProfiliMaliziosi / IT SOI €0.95
🎯 74599 [MOB] ImieiProfiliMaliziosi / IT SOI €0.56
Daily Cap 200 leads per pub per offer

🎯74597 [WEB] ReifesFlirtAbenteuer / AT SOI €3.2
🎯74596 [MOB] ReifesFlirtAbenteuer / AT SOI €1.25
Daily Cap 200 leads per pub per offer

🚫 No incentive traffic is acceptable.
Tablet traffic is accepted on mob offers.

📲 Your manager will help you out if you need more details, so reach out, set up and cash out!
🤩 Get your best Crypto funnels ready because ClickDealer's got a major opportunity for you!
🔝 We are launching a short but sweet bonus program on a massive range of Crypto offers.

🙈 The numbers speak for themselves:
🔹Promotion dates ➡️ September 6-15, 2019
🔹Rules ➡️ $10 for each FTD on selected offers within the stated dates**
*English language only
** Bonuses will be added to your account on September 17

📝 Here are some of the offers taking part in the bonus program (reach out to your AM for the full list of offers or search them by the Weekly bonus tag)

73920 [WEB+MOB] Bitcoin Trader /AE/KW/OM/QA/SA/BH 250$ FTD FB Pixel Weekly Bonus 480 USD
73910 [WEB+MOB] Bitcoin Evolution /AE/KW/OM/QA/SA/BH 250$ FTD FB Pixel Weekly Bonus 480 USD
65882 [WEB+MOB] Bitcoin Revolution / BE 250$ FTD FB Pixel Weekly Bonus 460 USD
64252 [WEB+MOB] Bitcoin Evolution / SG 250$ FTD FB Pixel Weekly Bonus 440 USD
60914 [WEB+MOB] Bitcoin Evolution / UK 250$ FTD FB Pixel Weekly Bonus 550 USD

💰 This gravy train leaves the station in a week, so seize the moment and get in!
🔥 Стань участником ПЕРВОГО в мире арбитражного Хакатона “AFF HACK” от наших друзей из PropellerAds, который пройдёт во время конференции КИНЗА 2019 в Москве!

Победителей и участников уже ждут призы:
💎 Персональные консультации представителей PropellerAds и компаний-партнеров
💎 Возможность выиграть VIP билет на Kinza 2020
💎 Плюшки от #ClickDealer и Keitaro
💎 Среди призов для победителей — iPhone XS и другие подарки!

🤔 Итак, в чем же суть? Все арбитражники, принимающие участие в соревновании, получают проверенные офферы из разных вертикалей и ровно 24 часа на то, чтобы показать, у кого выше конверт.

⚠️ Количество участников ограничено, у нас осталось всего несколько мест.

Для участия в хакатоне необходимо иметь аккаунты в PropellerAds ➡️, и ClickDealer. Еще нет аккаунта в ClickDealer? Переходи по ссылке: ⠀ ._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._

Become a participant in the world's first affiliate marketing hackathon "AFF HACK" from our friends at PropellerAds, taking place during the KINZA 2019 conference in Moscow!

🏆 Winners and participants get the following perks:
💎 Personal consultations with PropellerAds representatives and their partner companies
💎 An opportunity to win VIP tickets for KINZA 2020
💎 Goodies from ClickDealer and Keitaro
💎 Prizes for winners include iPhone XS and other valuable gifts!

🤔 What is the point of the hackathon? All affiliates taking part in the competition get tested offers from various verticals and 24 hours to get the highest CR of anyone in the room!

⚠️ The number of participants is limited, and there are only a few spots remaining.

To participate in the hackathon, you must have accounts in both PropellerAds ➡️, and ClickDealer ➡️!
💊 Weight loss supplements will hardly ever lose relevance on the market, but with new advertising tech they are sure to gain profitability over time!

😎 If you're interested in running Nutra in the US, here's where you send the traffic:

🧬 74695 [WEB+MOB] Ultra Fast Keto Boost / US [CPS] 100 USD
🧬 72661 [WEB+MOB] Keto Burn Xtreme V2 / US [Trial] 36 USD
🧬 72658 [WEB+MOB] Keto Burn Xtreme V2 / US [CPS] 80 USD

Restrictions: no surveys, no incentivized traffic, no celebrity endorsements
Trial: Retention 60%
Cap: 50/day per affiliate

🔥 Keto is hot, and keto supplements are on fire! 📲 Hit up your AM right away and turn pounds into pounds sterling!
📱 iPhone 11 is coming out on September 20, and you already know ClickDealer has the appropriate sweepstakes locked and loaded!

🤩 Here are a few examples of what's available:

- 75001 [WEB+MOB] Win new iPhone 11 / AU CC Submit €16
- 74989 [WEB+MOB] Win new iPhone 11 / CA CC Submit €14.50
- 74982 [WEB+MOB] Win iPhone 11 Pro Max / FR EXCLUSIVE €28
- 74961 [WEB+MOB] Win a new iPhone 11 PRO [CC] / FR $28
- 74891 [WEB+MOB] Win New Iphone 11 / International (33 Geos)$19.20
- 74983 [WEB+MOB] Win iPhone 11 Pro Max / IT EXCLUSIVE €16.50

🔝 Best traffic type: FB, push, search and social traffic
NO cashback & incentive

The angle is 🔥 hot and we have a lot more iPhone 11 offers in the platform, so PM your manager for details and get on the hype train!
🤩 The Full Ritz Party in 📌 Amsterdam is taking off in just 2 days!

The event is almost booked up but there is still room for a few names 🎟 on the list, so make sure to RSVP while we've still got open spots:

🔥 Anyone who has ever been at ClickDealer's parties will tell you this is something you definitely wouldn't want to miss.

🎉 See you at Full Ritz!
🔥 Today we bring you a fresh DOI Dating offer for the Netherlands! And when we say fresh, we mean it – clean user database and crisp landing pages that users haven't seen before:

(74837) [WEB] GeilEnOnline / NL DOI €2.65
(74836) [MOB] GeilEnOnline / NL DOI €2.40

No incentive is allowed!

📲 Get in touch with our managers on Skype for more details and sweep in the leads before the rest of the market catches on!
⚠️ Attention, affiliates!

The next generation of Sweepstakes is upon us, and you already know ClickDealer is geared up to profit from that! These fresh and uncapped CC submits for France just got bumped from 💵 $24 to $32, so if you've been thinking about running EU Sweepstakes, this is the perfect option:

- (68772) [WEB+MOB] Win New Samsung S10/S10e/S10+ / FR FB Pixel
- (69111) [WEB+MOB] Win New Samsung S9/9+ / FR FB Pixel
- (75052) [WEB+MOB] Win New Iphone 11 / FR FB Pixel

🔥 This is the 🔝 highest rate you can find on FR, and definitely the best CR for CC submits in that region, so if you've got anything else running in that GEO – it's time to switch it up!