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Civic Innovation School is an International Extitution structured as a Distributed Network that promotes Collaborative Learning Environments focused on Civic Innovation, Collective Intelligence, Open Design, Civic Engagement.
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Hello everyone!
This channel would spread out about different projects and activities promoted or federated with Civic Innovation School.
Today we are testing how CivicWise labs could help to connect and spread what we are working in different learning programs. Today thanks to @commoninglab we are hearing what students from UCL Summer Program developed in London. Watch it LIVE >
It's time to know more about Civic Design Course
From Civic Innovation School we launched the second Civic Marathon, it will be a marathon of 15 days to discover and map people and projects focused on Civic Innovation: they can be people, groups, spaces, actions, strategies, projects and research.
This thursday we will have the first guest at the Civic Design Course: Primavera De Filippi!
Primavera De Filippi is a permanent researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris. She is a member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain Technologies at the World Economic Forum.
Her fields of interest focus on legal challenges raised by desentralized technologies, with a particular focus on blockchain technologies.
For your information today we are pushing #CivicDesignDay!!!
Participants from our Civic Design Course are gathering for workshops.
We start in Rome with #IncontroCivico
El jueves 22 de agosto, estaremos en Barranquilla con unas “Polas Urbanas”. La idea es generar un espacio de encuentro e intercambio de experiencias de acciones en la ciudad.