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Sunday Stream Sesh 2 - The Restreamening!

Just got back from dinner and I want to draw some more. Picking up where I left off with some pamp commission/s, then maybe some Vanilla stuff later.

Hope to see you there!
Playing it by ear today.

Might try drafting some promo art for my site but I haven't put much planning into it yet. Gonna be messy and directionless.

Let's try and chill.
I'd like to get one last thing done for the weekend so here we go!

Preggy stuff will ensue. Come hang out!
Got some linework queued up for my current commissions so, may as well put some time into them on stream.

Got diapers and some vanilla stuff up next.

Hope to see you there. <3
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I need a little downtime tonight, gonna be hanging out and streaming some chill games on Twitch.

Hope to see you there. <3
Wolfie stream time!

Slightly unusual topic today? But either way we'll be hanging out and drawing things so if you're into that come join in.
Streamtime <3

Variety show tonight, got a bunch of different things on the chopping block and I'm just gonna go with whatever tickles my fancy.

See you there!
Time for streaming! Gonna see if I can finish up a SFW comic page commission tonight, taking it nice and easy.

Come hang out!
Working on some more Debauchery Drive illustrations in stream today!

Dunno what it'll be so it's a surprise. Could be anything!
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May '22 Work Progress and Updates

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#commission #debauchery_drive #convention
Feeling a little fragile so art is a gamble, gonna go for gaming on Twitch tonight.

I'll be cracking open Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe for the first time tonight, come watch the shenanigans!

Little a warmup first though, as a treat.
Bonus weekend stream!

Gonna continue the last few bits of CFz prep I got left (I hope) and work on some Den Table assets and badges!

Gonna be a chill affair, come hang out!
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I Have Covid.

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There's a new post at the Candy Shop!
Trying to Take Stock of Good and Bad (Big Life Update)

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Time to get back into streaming at last.

Gonna dust things off with some games on Picarto tonight, hope you'll come hang out a little with me!
Following my therapist's advice and trying to find the smallest step to making progress.

Gonna do some simple doodles tonight with music that makes me feel good. No expectations, just slow going and easy.

Hope to see you there. <3
Hell yeah weekend streaming

Gonna get back to the Debauchery Drive illustrations, still got a fair few left to go!

Tonight's theme is NSFW: "Consciousness."
Need a little downtime in between other stuff going on, so I'm gonna stream some games on Twitch tonight.
Wolfie stream tonight! Babyfurs and diapers abound.

Hope to see you there!