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Tonight at 9 PM, join Pup Sins for the debut of a new event, which we’re calling the Dark Den of Sins! You’ve enjoyed our virtual dark room at Pound Nights, and this is an evening where the dark room is the only room. Come in your Friday night finest and ready to show your stuff! The Zoom link will be shared closer to the start of the event on this channel and in the chat. See you there!
Happy Spooptober everyone! Here's the full line up of events this month. Hope to see you in a bit to our first one which is the Dark Den of Sins'!

Most of our events are being taken down to once a month again. In Order with the Zoom Calls / Links. See Poster for dates/time

Dark Den of Sins
Pet-aoke w/ Nickel
CPPtv w/ Cariño
Virtual Pound Night
Chill N Chat w/ Spike
Tonight is Virtual Pound Night! As always, we will have the entry room for street-legal attire and casual conversation, and the opt-in virtual dark room where you can enjoy the steamier side of things. Join in the fun at 9 PM Central at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81065619417!
As a reminder to all our members, today at 1 PM is our quarterly business meeting! This is an important opportunity for you to make your voice heard and have a hand in shaping the future of the club, so we hope to see you there. If you are a current, dues-paying member and did not receive an email with access information for today’s call, please privately message a board member and we will get you connected.
All members should now be receiving an email with the minutes from today's meeting and more information about how to get involved with the discussion topic. If you are an active dues-paying member this year and you did not receive an email, please contact a board member and we will make sure that it is forwarded to you.
Hello pets, handlers, and friends! Red here! As we work on sending out swag to all 2020 members, I decided to personally add a little something extra. If you would like a custom color tag silencer for your dog tags, please contact me on here (@daxterdot) with the number you like above. Just a little thank you for being patient since we had to wait so long for patches to show up!
All of our dues-paying members should have received a link to vote on the new name being considered for the club earlier today. Due to the delay in releasing the vote, the voting will remain open until 11:59 PM on Tuesday the 3rd. If you did not receive the link, please email board@chicagopuppypatrol.org or DM a board member and we will investigate. And to the over half of our members who have already voted, thank you for making your voice heard!

Due to the coincidental timing of this vote and another, we would also like to continue to encourage our members to vote in the national election by ballot drop-off or at your local in-person polling place. Please make sure to read the instructions carefully so your vote will be counted, and this close to the election, it is not advised to mail in your ballot due to USPS delivery delays. In both your club and your country, your vote matters, so make the most of it!
CPP MIR Brunch and Social
The Chicago Puppy Patrol continues their tradition of an annual MIR Brunch and social for puppies, handlers, kinky critters and their fetish friends. So grab yourself a tasty brunch, pour yourself a mimosa (or mockmosa), and join the fun via Zoom*! Register now @ https://mirubber.com/attend/schedule-of-events/

*All Participants must sign a waiver at mirubber.com to attend Zoom Calls. It's a 1 time Waiver, Session Registration, and Release.
Today is a very exciting day for the club. First, we have the CPP MIR Brunch and Social coming up early this afternoon, and I hope to see as many of you there as can make it as we welcome pets, handlers, and our squeakified friends from all over the world for this annual tradition. Remember to sign the form at mirubber.com before joining the call!

Second, tonight at 11:59 PM is when the poll will close to determine the name of the club! Thank you so much to the over half of the club who has voted so far. We had over 95% of eligible membership participate in the last round of voting, and we're looking to match or even beat that number this time. It means a lot to us as a board the extent to which people have gotten involved and helped shape the club's future. If you are having trouble finding the survey link and you have confirmed yourself as a dues-paying member for this year, please email board@chicagopuppypatrol.org or DM a board member privately and we would be happy to assist.
Last night at midnight marked the end of our second round of voting on updating the name of the CPP. The first round of voting to determine the alternate name to consider was very close, with a single vote separating first and second place. However, the second round of voting was a very clear and decisive 19 to 9 result. We are proud to announce that the new name of this organization is:

Chicago Pet Patrol!

The board has already started work on making the updates and developments necessary to implement the new name across all of our platforms. We will be going live with these changes as close to simultaneously as possible for the sake of a clean transition, and aim to do so in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank everyone who has made their voice heard in this process. Over 95% of our members participated in voting, which is a fantastic level of turnout and participation. However, we would also like to show special appreciation for the people in our community who have advocated for a name change to be put up for a vote again, not all of whom are members. This is a major development in the history of our organization, and we are proud to share it with all of you.
HEY HEY HEY Pets, Critters, and Handlers! Nov Events are here and still happening!

Coming up next we have:

Karaoke w/ Nickel (Friday Nov 13)
CPPtv w/ Cariño (Monday Nov 16)
Virtual Pound Night (Friday Nov 20th)
And an invite to SEA PAH's Thanksgiving Drop-In Chat
(Wed 10pm-4am and Thursday 2pm-4am)

ZOOM Links to come soon!
CPPtv is being postponed hopefully on a few hours today while some internet issues are being fixed. For those looking to play or those that this is usually too early just getting out of work/relaxing or getting dinner, I’m looking to hopefully start by 7ish tonight and do a late stream. Yes branding is still old, it’s going to take a while to update videos and such that were in 3D when we get an updated logo that will happen for all social media. Twitch name changes can sometimes take a while to appear as well.
The end of the year is fast approaching, and that means it's almost time for Board elections! Want to know if you're eligible? If you're a Member in good standing, you're halfway there! You also need to have gone to the Q4 business meeting, ask to go to and then go to the December Board meeting, or message a current Board member individually. The current board has written a letter about some of the expectations and desired qualities for our next generation of leadership. Read our full statement here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WNttBbBYCTjzq4eHysK_N4uAHhQbywpWAOsdM67udHQ/edit?usp=sharing
Typically, this is the time of year when we would start talking about our membership luncheon. Since that's not an option this year, we've been looking at ways to show our appreciation for the dues-paying members that enable the club to exist, grow, and thrive. With that in mind, we have one thing to announce and another thing to tease! All memberships purchased in the 2020 business year, including any new memberships not yet purchased, will enjoy a 40% discount on 2021 memberships compared to the standard 20%. We are also hard at work on a special surprise for our 2020 members, so keep your eyes out!
This year has been hard for everyone. While we can’t gather in person, SEA-PAH wanted to create a space where people can gather, at least virtually. They have created a Thanksgiving Voice Chat on our Discord Server. Inviting any that want to join. This is on our CPP calendar as an open invite if anyone wants to drop by to say hello.


This is an open space that anyone is welcome at. The SEA-PAH board will be dropping in periodically to just keep everyone company. Some CPP Board will also be joining and dropping by as well.
We have been getting some questions about how to announce candidacy for the upcoming board elections. If you are interested and meet the eligibility criteria named in the previous post, all you have to do is send an email to board@chicagopuppypatrol.org saying you would like to run! The deadline to announce candidacy is December 17th. At that point, everyone who has announced that they are running will receive more information about the elections process in advance of the election itself, which will be in January. We hope you consider whether a position would be right for you!