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Mission: End childhood health epidemics by exposing causes, eliminating harmful exposures; seeking justice for injured and establishing safeguards.
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Mary Holland, President & General Counsel of Children’s Health Defense
gave a historic keynote at the Covid Litigation Conference.

Here she addresses the culture shift of the courts & attorneys leading the charge to make an impact.

Forwarded from FLCCC Alliance
“Everything they told us - like everything - was a lie. It’s been proven to be a lie. And we knew it was a lie.” Dr. Paul Marik sat down with Glen Jung at Bright Light News to discuss how COVID exposed a corrupt medical system - and how there is no unseeing it.

Watch full interview here:

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🚨ATTN CA: #AB659 seeks to mandate HPV 💉 for college students + “expect” them for 6th-8th graders w/ essentially no exemptions.


The risks of this fast-tracked HPV vaccine are real! Call, write, meet with your legislators TODAY
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Devastating statistics presented at yesterday’s Congressional Hearing on the Consequences of School Closures ☝️☝️☝️

“COVID era policies condemned these children to low literacy skills, limited employment opportunities, higher rates of poverty and incarceration, and bleak futures.”

Watch the full hearing on #CHDTV
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Dr. Brian Hooker SLAMS the CDC at National Academy of Sciences’ public session on COVID-19 adverse events for their deliberate delay of myocarditis risk reporting ☝️☝️☝️

“I have little hope that this National Academies Committee of experts will do anything but simply rubber stamp the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines that were recommended and even mandated to the population of the United States.”

WATCH the full hearing on #CHDTV ▶️
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Down Syndrome teen’s family files first step in LANDMARK LAWSUIT against hospital for wrongful Covid death ☝️☝️☝️
SHARE the story of Grace Schara, who died after St Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension) designated her a Do Not Resuscitate and gave her a drug cocktail typically reserved for hospice patients at the end of life – WITHOUT her family’s consent. #CHDTV
CA: You can make a difference in the push for #MedicalFreedom for all students!

Learn + share the eye-opening truths about Gardasil