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@xeldiablo & friends update channel

Telegram Channel Offering Discounted Gas Codes, Fuel Rewards, Groceries, Gift Cards, and More!

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@xeldiablo = Support
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Forwarded from concerned
Thx to @xeldiablo for the $1/gal off gas!
Chevron Gas Discounts for Las Vegas
Forwarded from BK
Forwarded from BK
u are on some goat shit bro
Gas Rewards are back up and running!
Forwarded from DigitalGC Channel Gift Card Available ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
⭐️Payment : Btc, Ltc, Eth
⭐️Rate :30%
⭐️Sell Direct & Support : @lt_dvb
⭐️Vouch :@Digitalgcvouch
⭐️Auto store (Everyday Update) :
Forwarded from Jennifer N
@xeldiablo has the plug on $1 off a gal. Hit him up for gas rewards
Vons.and Safeway Gas / Fuel / Groceries Rawards.available for California Arizona Nevada Oregon Washington.Colorado and more...DM.@xeldiablo.for info!
Forwarded from V J
California doesn’t scare me anymore πŸ™πŸ»
Las Vegas Chevron Gas / Fuel Rewards available. $1 off/gallon. DM @xeldiablo
Forwarded from Dro
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Big vouch for Diablo, been using him for more than a year and you can’t beat this feeling
$1 off/gallon Gas / Fuel Exxon in New Jersey. @xeldiablo
Forwarded from ASE
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Las Vegas Gas Discounts β€” @xeldiablo
Forwarded from RY2
Forwarded from RY2
thank you again bro, i appreciate you big time