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Marburg virus outbreak in Ghana is a man-made virus

🦠 Man-made Virus:Marburg virus outbreak in Ghana!🦠

Ghana, a west African country, has officially announced its first two confirmed cases of Marburg virus which is a highly infectious virus similar to Ebola.

The two patients who tested positive for the Marburg virus earlier this month have both died, according to a statement issued by the Ghana Health Service on Sunday (July 17).

As per WHO, both patients who were from the Ashanti region of southern Ghana, had shown symptoms including diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting before died in hospital later.

In West Africa it is the second confirmed case of Marburg virus. The first one was detected in Guinea last year, and no further cases have been detected since then.

Marburg is a highly infectious viral hemorrhagic fever in the same family as the better known Ebola virus disease. In fact, the virus are developed by the Deep States in their experimental bases in Africa, not as publicly claimed originated by long contacting with mines or caves occupied by North African fruit bat communities.

Indeed, frequency of the Earth increasing, human consciousness rising, human beings will be less and less affected by such viruses, because the human bodies which are in high frequency vibration , can quickly excrete toxins so as to mitigate the harm. Particularly the arriving new solar flares will further debilitate those dark plans.

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4 Types of Human Demons

🖤4 Types of Inner Demons🖤

Mental problems, unlike many physical illnesses that progress in parts of the body, can be a fierce beast that quickly devours a life once unleashed.

Consciousness blocks or mental deficits are also known as inner demons. Spiritually awakened people, especially those who have been overstretched by the constant setbacks in the matrix, are more likely to be affected, if they constantly resonate with negative thoughts and emotions.

Few people are aware of the most dangerous inner demons actually do not come from Earth. Instead, such spiritual suppression imposed by archons of the old Earth come from other galaxies or worlds via the negative settings of the matrix.

🧌Inner Demons from the Underworld
The 13 types of lessons (demon) originated from 3D low-density galaxies in the Draco Empire, with the keyword “Lessons”.
These lessons frequencies can quickly drag human consciousness to 4D or lower, which can manifest poor fortune.
Such lessons include foolishness, stubbornness, fear, hatred, misjudgment, revenge, greed, exploitation, self-abandonment, vanity, envy, arrogance, and shame.

🐍Inner Demons from the demon world
This type of inner demons originated from the Orion galaxy, with the keyword “hatred".
It is a disease produced by absorbing the energies of hatred, despair, foolishness, brutalness and defy. Those infected may feel loss of temper or judgement and become pessimistic and frustrated, causing quick drop of consciousness below human level.
There are 8 major demon diseases including demonic heart, demonic lung, demonic liver, demonic gallbladder, demonic spirit, demonic soul, demon channels, and demonic collaterals.

🧟‍♀️ Inner Demons from ghost world

Inner demons from the ghost world originated from the Draco constellation, with the keyword “depression".
Frustrated by life and obsessed with a certain change or solution, affected people feel lost in depression.
The 8 major ghost diseases include ghost’s heart, ghost’s lung, ghost’s liver, ghost’s gallbladder, ghost’s soul, ghost’s spirit, ghost’s channels, and ghost’s collaterals.

🧛 Inner Demons from the devil World

Inner demons from the devil’s world originated from the Cthulhu universe or phantom matrix formed by Lucifer's consciousness, with the keyword “illusion".
When self consciousness is amplified, a tendency to indulge in illusions and amplified auto-suggestions is developed.
The 8 major devil diseases include devil’s heart, devil’s lung, devil’s liver, devil’s gallbladder, devil’s spirit, devil’s soul, devil’s channels, and devil’s collaterals.

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Heart Demon

🧌Inner Demons from the Underworld Demon

The 13 types of lessons originated from 3D low-density galaxies in the Draco Empire. These lessons frequencies can quickly drag human consciousness to 4D or lower and manifest a poor timeline.

Underworld demons over 100% intensity on a person indicate serious blocks with unconditional love or wisdom. These blocks may form a lesson frequency at -613HZ at the third-eye chakra, causing low consciousness and bad luck.

🖤Vanity at 46.7HZ
It refers to pursuiting conceit of others by showing undue appearance or achievements.

🖤Greed at 47.7HZ
It refers to excessive desires to own or occupy beyond what is necessary or deserved.

🖤Envy at 48.7HZ
It refers to being jealous of others in their abilities or situations.

🖤Self-abandonment at 59.7HZ
It refers to having low self-esteem constantly, such as good-for-nothing or give oneself up.

🖤Revenge at 70.7HZ
It means to wishes to compensate one's own loss by wishing others to fail or suffer.

🖤Exploitation at 71.7HZ
It refers to excessively pursuit of material interests or reputations, or the desire to go any lengths to achieve goals including unethical ways.

🖤Stubbornness at 72.7HZ
It refers to demanding people or things to operate as exactly one wanted, without yielding or flexibility.

🖤Misjudgment at 73.7HZ
It refers to resonating with misleading information or low-frequency thoughts without awareness, judgement or own investigation.

🖤Arrogance at 74.7HZ
It means to be complacent about oneself and despise others.

🖤Hatred at 77.7HZ
It’s a strong tendency to hate others.

🖤Foolishness at 94.7HZ
It refers to being fooled by what’s on the surface or by lies, due to lack of critical thinking.

🖤Shame at 97.7HZ
It refers to being mortified or blaming oneself.

🖤Fear at 98.7HZ
It means to be overwhelmed by terror and fall into panic, thus retreating from what should be done.

🍏 Prevention:
1️⃣ Pay attention to the negative thoughts which are likely to cause lessons frequencies. In case you have these thoughts, try to enlighten yourself, release your emotions, or distract yourself to people or things that can produce positive energy.
2️⃣ Raise your awareness, avoid resonating with those who have lots of lessons, and cut off negative connections decisively.
3️⃣ Frequently clear your mind with 13 holy lights.
If necessary, you can contact the volunteers of our healing group for help.
4️⃣ Join group meditations with high consciousness participants so as to elevate your own consciousness and clear the frequencies of inner demons.

1️⃣ Make a decree: "My lesson is... and I will fix it"
2️⃣ After the lesson frequency disappears, if your self-consciousness is at 5D or higher without serious energy pollutions, you will automatically return to the ascension line. Then you can use the light yellow color light of Ayisa or the white light of Kelesha to clear your chakras and energy bodies for a few minutes until they are all clean.

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🛸 Spaceship Above The North Pacific🛸

In July 2022, a commercial flight pilot captured peculiar red-glowing clouds at latitude 50N/167E, 39,000 feet above the North Pacific. It was his usual route where he had never seen such a scene before.

The clouds glowing red are actually spacecraft belonging to Male Phoenix from Sirius A Star.

Spaceship vibration frequency: 900 billion Hz
Planet Code: Sirius A35125
Interstellar: Male Phoenix 247Hz

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🐍Demonic Thoughts Of Devil's World🐍

Inner demons of the devil’s world originated from the Orion galaxy, and was guided to the earth by the earth archon to control the human mind by using the matrix setting.

The inner-demons in the devil’s world are most likely to be attached to people whose consciousness has fallen. If ordinary people often resonate at the same frequency as people with devil world diseases, they will easily contract these diseases after absorbing the energy of hatred, despair, stupidity, violence and opposition.

Patients often have the frequency of hatred and irritability, irritable emotions, strong rebellious psychology, abnormal judgment, pessimism and disappointment, and their consciousness can even fall below the level of human beings in a very short time (animal or plant consciousness stage).

8 Major Devil’s Diseases

♣️Devil’s Heart: The thinking mode will be more inclined to use binary opposition, black and white mode.

♣️Devil’s Lungs: The mode of interaction with the outside world tends to be opposite. The vision is limited to 3D things, denying spiritual awakening. It takes spirituality to "prove" them before they can believe.

♣️Devil’s Soul: Close or suppress the love energy of the human chakra, distort the energy body to strengthen the duality consciousness of plant or animal.

♣️Devil’s Meridians and Devil’s Channels: Causes the disorder of human meridians and replaces them with animal meridians, making people more low-frequency and unhealthy.

♣️Devil’s Spirit: Possessed by a soul with serious devil’s disease, the mind is disturbed or even controlled by the devil spirit..

♣️Devil’s Liver and Devil’s Gallbladder: The liver and gallbladder area with low-frequency energy of hatred, causing organ lesions.

1️⃣ Reduce the resonance with people who are impetuous and whose ego desires are easily amplified. Bad relationships should be cut off decisively.

2️⃣ Improve awareness and correct the idea when you are not down to earth and your ego is inflated at any time.

3️⃣ Regularly correct the trend frequency of buoyancy and impatience, and use holy light to clear your mind:

4️⃣ Participate in group meditations with people of high consciousness, such as the meditation of Chen’s Awakening Group and Love of Terra on Telegram, to improve consciousness and clear the frequency of inner demons.

1️⃣ Raise awareness. Meditate with Jing Guang and the Holy Light Merkaba on this channel to enhance the energy, seeking truth and peace.

2️⃣ Seek help from volunteers in the healing groups:

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Xinjiang, China: Falling of Firefly-reptilians

On the evening of July 16, 2022, netizens in Xinjiang, China captured lots of unidentified luminous objects falling from the sky in multiple places where later nothing was found in the search. It has become one of the local mysteries.

In fact, the luminous falling objects in Xinjiang were firefly-reptilians escaping from the subterrane of the Earth, with 345.3 Hz frequency, sub-terrestrial planet code 34598 and sub-terrestrial creature code 111. Their strong frequencies of the amulet of inevitable death indicated that these firefly-reptilians are dying because of the significant frequency boost of the Earth.

Residents couldn't find the remains, as firefly-reptilians are relatively so small subterranean creatures that their bodies had been burnt into ashes in the atmospheric friction.

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🌞The Solar Flare Is Coming Again!🌞

At about 9:30 a.m. EST on July 21, 2022, lots of energy points of Na Chi on the Earth activated, Schumann waves frequently whitened with high intensity, another solar flare is coming down to us.

It is expected to arrive in several days and will spur the Earth’s further energy boosts.

In many places, rainy days or stormy weathers were caused by the fleeing negative subterranean reptilian groups. The solar flare will expedite their endings and further cleanse various diseases or problems in human bodies and mind.

The solar flare today is over 70% intensity. It is highly recommended to have outdoor activities in the sunshine as much as possible during the solar flare, as it will raise up the awakening of human consciousness and enhance our health and vitalities as well.

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