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Cash for gold. If we are to save this economy the federal reserve would be smart to call on the people to give their gold for cash. There are a few problems with this scenario. One, they would have to admit they don’t have any gold reserves and two, the people most likely will not want to get rid of their gold. So in order to get us 135% of GDP to debt down, they most likely will outlaw gold for the people and turn it in for federal notes. One can only speculate how much gold the American people are hoarding, however, it would be easy gather that data from everyone’s cell phones. Artificial intelligence can go through all of the sonar data your cell phone provides to see what’s inside your house, your safe and the like. Not including it sees what you’re wearing, what’s in your jewelry box, etc. This can give a list to all local sheriffs of whom has gold. Drones fitted with high Tech gold finding equipment can measure tiny amounts and can trace from space via satellites, which together that information can be given to the AI which easily can send a 90% accurate report to every sheriff and every county by law whom can confiscate. As we saw with Covid, 75% of the people followed the law or the mandates. They will do the same with the gold confiscation. I believe Trump was selected again to hold office and will bring back the gold standard, and use this as the deposit to get our credit rating back to AAA. You see, whatever gold you hoard whatever money you have, any land you’re sitting on, never belonged to you, ever. According to the powers that be, you are trespassing on their property and one way or another they will get it and these are the tricks how the elite continue to use us and our economy as the miners mine the gold and the banks reward us with promissory notes for it. World War 2 was just for that - a gold confiscation on the American people back in 1934. It was law by executive order 6102. The amount of gold we found or gathered from the American people was never disclosed. The elite make it appear as though it’s patriotic to support your country by giving away your wealth. It’s a lie. They laugh at the ones who don’t put up a fight and honor those that do. The bankers plan hundreds of years in advanced to do this exact same thing again and again. This is most likely why the dollar has not collapsed. It’s on the table. When the west was won, the freemasons traveled all throughout the country and marked where all of the gold was. Then they started the gold rush and all of the miners mined all above and Underground and traded them in for promissory notes. The left over from the rush are the crumbs and the elite want that, too. The idea is to stop any competition that could hinder them for achieving dominance. The last place that has the gold that has not had a rush like America is Brazil, Russia, India, China and Africa. This also includes South America and other countries in the east which none of them have had a rush like America has. The freemasons have gone all throughout those areas and marked where the gold is and they will use mankind as their slaves to go dig it up and exchange it for either promissory notes or CBDC. Land and gold will always be legal tender. When all the gold is gone and the land already owned, it would be impossible to financially or economically compete against the bad guys. The control they have currently is our food and most of the land. And that’s worldwide Their utopia when finished will be less than 200 cities worldwide with 500 million as laborers. The gold will be kept under guards and lock and key. Hopefully, never to be seen again in the eyes of the peasants. Because all of the people will be living in a few cities, the idea of rising up against those powers would be inconceivable given all resources would come from those powers. Or at least that’s the idea. And then the next promise to the people is a fake ticket to space and the people will train to be astronauts thus told they will colonize other planets in the solar system and or galaxy.
But once again that’s the big lie as those astronauts are going to be food for the majority of the laborers, the bloodline families will dine off of non GMO and pure DNA food while we eat ourselves.

Right now the hardest part is gathering all of the people into the cities. 75% will go willingly and the other 25% will be hiding in the woods. Most likely the city will send robotics and drones to snuff them out but to the elite, 25% is not a problem as the majority will be controlled. World War III, one could argue has already started, and will play its part in removing the masses to get to the bloodline goals. Same with healthcare and the control of the food which will destroy us. In order to reach those goals it will take 100 - 200 years, not a few years like many conspiracy theorists have offered. A new threat will come to the city dwellers as they are training to be quiet astronauts. CGI and artificial intelligence will show evidence of an alien threat. Mind conditioning using artificial intelligence and thinks like Nero link will easily place or plant memories of such events to convince the people that the threat is real. This is the final card to be played to fool the masses once again Into an enemy that doesn’t exist. All of this has been paid for by you and your tax dollars, labor, precious metals, which get confiscated every 50 to 100 years. Ownership has always been an illusion. Freedom existed in your mind Under the spell of socialism, communism, capitalism and other ethos that were created by the blood lines. Only a handful of people understand this and know it. And these are the families, and the researchers of critical thinkers who have put the pieces together through the clues that the families have been giving us through movies, books, history, actions etc. According to the elite there never has been a bogeyman. Only

As technology gets even more sophisticated the bloodlines will continue to release thousands of years of research slowly onto the public. The reason they have advanced so fast can be found on cave drawings, Sanskrit, hieroglyphics, rocks and scrolls. Flying machinery and technology existed before. It’s been heavily covered up for good reason. We only re-discovered the knowledge after the great flood which all religions have written about. We have been divided and conquered before. The bloodlines somehow remained and found the information. They build industrialization in stages to achieve the goal. This was talked about in the Templars and freemasonry as to build the world for the coming of the rulers. Some call them annunaki, some call them the sons of god, some call them ghosts or aliens. It doesn’t matter what they are or where they came from. What matters is, what do they plan on doing when they return and what do they need of our gold? Apparently, gold is just as precious in the inter-dimensions, outer space or after life as it appears that throughout history this is the most desired substance. And once again, we are at the confiscation phase of history again. Only those who set up trusts and research the law may be able to hold on to their wealth for a few centuries, but sooner or later, the piper comes for pay.
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