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Grab your coffee, and join Cartesi co-founders, Erick & Colin to hear them chat about why the LUNA incident highlights the need for solid algorithms, the current state of DeFi, and what we should expect from Web3. Plus, get the chance to ask your questions live!
Ready to see the latest developments made on The Blockchain OS in May?

Say hello to a new milestone in the Cartesi Machine's microarchitecture. Hello to an important step toward Cartesi's Testnet Infrastructure with Cartesi Rollups. Hello to improving user experience for staking on Noether.

Hello to all that and more, take a look at May's Development Recap:

Want to learn more about the projects being built on The Blockchain OS? Gain insight on the growth and future of Cartesi?

This Thursday, Cartesi Labs Director, Joe Nance is joining (Crypto Coins Coach) for an AMA to dive into what's currently being built on The Blockchain OS.

As one of the leading crypto communities with over 500K members, is all about sharing tips and educating its members on new and exciting projects in the blockchain space.

Got a question you'd like to ask Joe? 4 of the most intriguing questions will share $200 in CTSI:

Plus $150 will be distributed among 3 listeners during the event!
See you over on Twitter Spaces, Thursday, 26th May, 12PM CEST over on @CryptoCoinCoach.

Rules: follow @CryptoCoinCoach & @cartesiproject over on Twitter.

Did you catch last week's Coffee with Cartesi?

Co-founders Erick and Colin reflected on the recent incident with Terra/LUNA's algorithm, sharing insights on what it means for DeFi and blockchain as a whole when a project's algorithm cannot handle an extremely volatile market.

Ready to get caught up? Grab your beverage of choice and settle down to the recap of a thought-provoking conversation with Erick and Colin.

Dive right in:

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After meeting at Websummit 2021, Webchefs Software House became one of the first pioneers of The Blockchain OS, joining our contributor network to work on building the decentralized applications of the future.

With limited knowledge of blockchain, you might wonder how mainstream developers find working with Cartesi tech. The truth is, it's easier than you think.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's web dev Kamil to give you the low down:
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Hello, eToro community! We're very happy CTSI is now listed on eToro, one of the world’s leading social investment networks. As both a social network and educational platform, eToro encourages its members to interact, share and learn, together.

When it comes to The Blockchain OS, CTSI will be a key player:
- CTSI acts like a crypto-fuel, just like ETH for Ethereum
- CTSI is used in the execution of vouchers. Whenever you have to bridge back from Layer-2 to Layer-1, CTSI incentivizes node runners that will actually run this execution on Layer-1.
- CTSI will also be behind the decentralized aggregators, to randomly select the producer for these aggregators.

Check out the listing:

Wait... what! You missed what happened in May on The Blockchain OS? And now you're scrolling like a trooper to catch up!? So, here's the low down:

- 4 new CTSI listings (you heard it here first).
- We tackled carbon emission transparency with Cartesi Labs.
- We talked about why Web3 needs more solid algorithms

Get yourself up to speed here:

Why do we need an operating system for blockchain?

We're handing it over to contributors of The Blockchain OS to explain in their own words, why an OS is important for blockchain. Today, let's hear from Core Developer, Stephen:

"Having the Blockchain OS is like having a supermarket handy. One can easily get all kinds of useful goods he/she needs. For example, sugar, cheese, plastic bags, etc. There's no need to plant one's own sugar canes, raise one's cows, dig one's oil wells and conduct super complex procedures to get the product ready.

In the blockchain (Solidity) world, even the simplest algorithm/data structure is being reinvented, such as SafeMath created by OpenZeppelin, Bitmask, and Tree libraries created by Cartesi; Not to mention complex toolchains and filesystems are not available.

Cartesi as The Blockchain OS aims to remove this obstacle, providing everything a traditional developer needs, allowing the devs to focus on the DApp logic itself."

Welcome home to what's next:
Hello, world. Here's to a more dedicated crypto magazine

Rolling out in stores across the US, UK, and across Australia and New Zealand. That's not just nothing. The world is waking up to change.

- Barnes & Noble USA
- Books A Million USA
- Walmart USA
- McColl's Retail Group UK
- Martin's Newsagents UK
- WHSmith UK
- Woolworths AUS & NZ
And more to follow.

Featuring an editorial and ad from The Blockchain OS, get excited to start diving into what's being built on Web3.

Picked up a copy? Share a photo of yourself enjoying our article, then tag us so we can share this on.

P.S. You can also order a copy straight to your door:
Missed last week's AMA with Cartesi Labs Contributor, Joe Nance?

If you want to hear Joe dive into what's currently being developed on The Blockchain OS, his favorite thing built with Cartesi technology so far, as well as answer some great questions from the community, you're in luck.

Catch up on the AMA replay with Crypto Coins Coach:
Picture this: There are over 100 public blockchains.15 of them store $100 billion in assets each. How do you securely move assets from one blockchain to the next? That's where The Blockchain OS comes in.

At Paris NFT Day 2022, Cartesi Core Developer, Gabriel Coutinho joined key industry players Solana, Monkey League, COTI, and Miami NFT, to discuss bridging NFTs across layers. Want to know how The Blockchain OS plays a key role in this multichain future?

Check out the replay:
You were wondering just how Cartesi started. What a blockchain operating system really is. How Web2 developers can code for Web3 with traditional programming languages. And then along came this...

Catch Co-Founder Erick talking with Based Space about this (and more):
Looking for the ultimate guide to The Blockchain OS for Gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse?

Bruno Maia, Core Business Contributor on The Blockchain OS will be your man on Monday 13th June, 1800 UTC, giving the Ape Dubai community an entertaining, informative AMA.

We're looking forward to introducing The Blockchain OS to Ape Dubai's 130K+ global community. We're also providing a reward pool of $300 in CTSI for the following in the live Q&A session:

- Most forward-thinking question
- Best question from an end-user perspective
- Best question from a developer perspective
- Best business-related question
- Funniest question


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Here’s to achieving Milestone II on the Road to Mainnet. To the people who were the first to develop using Cartesi tech. To the innovators and risk-takers searching for the latest information and opportunities about The Blockchain OS.

We’re a step closer to opening up DApp deployment on Cartesi infrastructure for the wider developer community! Now, Cartesi ecosystem contributors are deploying their Cartesi Rollups Demo DApps to Polygon’s Mumbai testnet. They're paving the way toward a brighter future.

For the devs who can’t wait to get started, we have something for you too. The codes in our rollups-examples are now easier than ever to read. Plus with this new release, we’re welcoming Rust-lovers to The Blockchain OS with a new example showcasing the basic structure of a Cartesi DApp.

Learn more about what's new:

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Welcome to The Blockchain OS.
Welcome to what’s next.
Got plans next Tuesday? How about grabbing a coffee with Cartesi co-founders Erick & Colin? Listen to them openly discuss new updates. Hear first-hand about what's next on the horizon.

From how they see the current market, what they make of the recent implosions in CeFi and why Rollups are more important than ever, even after the upcoming Ethereum merge. We'll chat all that and open the floor to your questions.

Set a reminder:
What's that? You want to know what's new on The Blockchain OS in June?

Well, say hello to completing a new milestone on Cartesi Rollups' Road to Mainnet. Hello, to high-level documentation for new features on the Cartesi Machine. Hello, to a newly released version of the Cartesi explorer for improved user experience.

And there's more waiting for you. Take a look at all of June's developments in detail:

We're going live in 1 hour! Tune in:

Join Cartesi co-founders Erick & Colin for a coffee and a chat on current market conditions, what they make of the recent implosions in CeFi and why Rollups are more important than ever, even after the upcoming Ethereum merge. We'll chat all that and open the floor to your questions.

Get your coffee ready!
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So, you were looking for something outside of DeFi and NFTs? And you wanted to learn how blockchains like Ethereum transform the way businesses operate? But then you also wanted to see what new and exciting business frameworks are available for you to tap into?

Let's take a look at how The Blockchain OS can play a key part in bringing Ethereum to businesses around the world with Bruno, Core Business Contributor at Cartesi over on page 80-81 of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance business report.

Companies world over are using Ethereum in their businesses today. And there are key trends emerging for you to take advantage of. Check it out: