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The Cardano delegation engaged in several press interviews in addition to meetings, keynote addresses and panel discussions in what was a busy week in @Davos during @wef. #WEF2020
Cardano Community Newsletter for 07/02/2020 🤩

Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the Cardano project and ecosystem! Subscribe to it on We have included updates read about all the updates from across the Cardano ecosystem: the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO and IOHK!

The main topics are:

- Cardano rocking it at #WEF2020 in Davos.

- Charles Hoskinson's recent Cardano update videos.

- IOHK Shelley ITN progress report & video by Dimitris.

- The Cardano Foundation's council member and EMURGO’s CFO & CIO, Manmeet Singh, attended and spoke at “Blockchain for Europe Summit” at the European Parliament, in Brussels. 🇪🇺

- EMURGO establishes Strategic Task Force with Uzbek Government to develop framework for Security Token Offerings and exchanges

Check it out here: