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Understand #ProjectCatalyst and how you can use it to fund your projects if you build on #Cardano.

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The #Cardano ecosystem is booming!💥
Creative & valuable projects are lighting⚡️up the #blockchain space..making a whole lot of noise in the industry.

Test your ecosystem knowledge....#NFTs, #ProjectCatalyst, #dApps, on-chain utility & more!
📣We are delighted that Cardano Ambassador Bullish Dumpling will be our new representative in the Catalyst Circle - a representative body for all the different groups participating in #ProjectCatalyst. 🎉

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It's Friday, #Cardano 🍻

Time to load insights from #ProjectCatalyst 🏗️

👉 400+ projects now signalling complete, all about misc, dRep book club, the latest in CIPs & more updates.

Catch the latest updates via issue #65:


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