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Cardano앰버서더가 되고자 하는 수많은 커뮤니티 원들에게, 이번 2단계 (보상) 프로그램은 여러분들의 귀중한 기여를 인정하고 커뮤니티의 유대를 강화하는 계기가 될 것입니다. 앰버서더들의 이야기를 여기서 확인하세요 #CardanoCommunity #ALLtogether
The Cardano Foundation appointed Mel McCann as Platform Integrations Engineer and John MacPherson as Exchange Relationship Manager in line with its goal to expand third-party integration capabilities and strengthen relationships with exchanges. The latest additions significantly expand the Cardano Foundation's technical offerings ahead of the Shelley Mainnet launch later this year. Full announcement:
Here are a couple of #Cardano Meetups you may be interested in!

On Jun 17, our #Cardano Community members, Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael, will be holding an online Community #Meetup.

Please check out the details of this event here:


The second one is on Jun 19, where our #CardanoAmbassador, Mr. Brinker, will be holding an online #CardanoCommunity #Meetup.

Please check out the details of this event here: 2/2
"The Cardano Ambassador Program is our token of appreciation for representing our core values, and our gratitude for spreading the word and contributing to Cardano's growth. The Cardano Foundation launched Phase 2 of its marquee program in April 2020, and we are receiving a lot more ambassadorship nominees every month. Watch Tiago Serôdio, our Community Project Manager, talk about the program and nominate yourself today.

Learn more about the program:
- Ambassador Program webpage:
- Cardano Forum post:
- Explainer video: Who are Cardano Ambassadors?

#CardanoCommunity #ALLtogether"
We are pleased to announce the recipients for the stake pool dashboards RFP!
Congratulations to the recipients and thank you all for your great ideas and support!
Read more:
Tune in for IOHK's latest edition of LIVE monthly show, where we're bringing you all the latest Cardano development news. Join your hosts Tim Harrison & Aparna Jue, and members of the Cardano team to hear all the latest updates.
#IOHK #CardanoCommunity
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new #Cardano website! This is one of the deliverables of Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal exercise led by the Cardano Foundation, ahead of the smart contracts rollout later this year.