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To our French community, learn about Formal methods: Dans ce 4ème épisode du Podcast Cardano FR, nous parlerons de méthodes formelles avec Matthias Güdemann, ingénieur en informatique chez IOHK. Avec lui, nous découvrirons ce que sont les méthodes formelles. #CardanoCommunity
Get your friends and family together to watch Charles Hoskinson’s keynote speech at the upcoming IOHK Summit for a chance to win Cardano-branded Tangem cards! Find out how here: #Cardano2020 #CardanoCommunity
The Cardano project wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing community. See a list of the Ambassadors, learn about the program and nominate others here: #CardanoCommunity
The Cardano Community team is proud to announce our new Community Managers, Niels Schoof and Andy Hendrikx. These won’t be new faces in the community and we’re very excited to have them join the team. Read more and say hello to them here: #CardanoCommunity
We aren't the only sources for getting updates about the project. Our wonderful community helps share news too! Here's a video from one of our Ambassadors, CryptoLark. Check out his video about the enterprise framework for Africa, IOHK's free Udemy courses and more: #cardanoCommunity
The third Stammtisch or ‘regulars table’ meetup in Stuttgart, Germany was held yesterday! Organizer, Ruben brings together community members in an informal setting on a regular basis to discuss the Cardano project together. It’s a great way to start a community in your local area! #CardanoCommunity
To our French community, there's tons of French content on the Cardano Forum, like the Cardano Newsletter! 🇫🇷

La toute dernière newsletter de la communauté Cardano est sortir et vous pouvez aussi la lire en Français sur le forum Cardano ! Merci à notre membre et Ambassadeur Cardano, Malick, pour la traduction! #CardanoCommunity