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Here are a couple of #Cardano Meetups you may be interested in!

On Jun 17, our #Cardano Community members, Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael, will be holding an online Community #Meetup.

Please check out the details of this event here:


The second one is on Jun 19, where our #CardanoAmbassador, Mr. Brinker, will be holding an online #CardanoCommunity #Meetup.

Please check out the details of this event here: 2/2
"The Cardano Ambassador Program is our token of appreciation for representing our core values, and our gratitude for spreading the word and contributing to Cardano's growth. The Cardano Foundation launched Phase 2 of its marquee program in April 2020, and we are receiving a lot more ambassadorship nominees every month. Watch Tiago Serôdio, our Community Project Manager, talk about the program and nominate yourself today.

Learn more about the program:
- Ambassador Program webpage:
- Cardano Forum post:
- Explainer video: Who are Cardano Ambassadors?

#CardanoCommunity #ALLtogether"
We are pleased to announce the recipients for the stake pool dashboards RFP!
Congratulations to the recipients and thank you all for your great ideas and support!
Read more:
Tune in for IOHK's latest edition of LIVE monthly show, where we're bringing you all the latest Cardano development news. Join your hosts Tim Harrison & Aparna Jue, and members of the Cardano team to hear all the latest updates.
#IOHK #CardanoCommunity
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new #Cardano website! This is one of the deliverables of Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal exercise led by the Cardano Foundation, ahead of the smart contracts rollout later this year.
该通讯每两周由#Cardano 社区团队发布,将为您提供有关该项目的新闻,更新和活动! 如果您想取消订阅Cardano新闻通讯,可以点击此电子邮件底部的“取消订阅此列表。 #CardanoCommunity
Here are a few upcoming online meetups you may be interested in attending! Since they are online meetups, anyone can join them from anywhere in the world!

On Jul 28, our #CardanoCommunity members, Isaac and Dave, will be holding an online #Cardano Community #Meetup in Washington DC.
Please check out the details of this event here:

On Jul 29, our #Cardano Community members, Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael, will be holding an online Meetup in South-Florida.
Check the details here:

The third and last one will be held in Japan this Saturday, by our Cardano Ambassador meetup organizer, Hideki Takeshi, who will also be holding an online meetup. Join them to discuss a variety of Cardano topics! (Please note, this meetup will be held in Japanese)
Check out the details here:
Jesse’s Portal!

Thank you Jesse for your contribution to the Developer Portal and for sending us a big smile and thumbs up! 👍

Ready to jump on the portal and start building?


#Cardano #blockchain #CardanoCommunity
Want to mint an #NFT like Mike's?

Discover Native Tokens, mint an NFT and more by using the #Cardano Developer Portal!

Check it out:

Thanks for the thumbs up, Mike 🙌
#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
We may have built the portal but it was the amazing feedback from the #Cardano Developer community, such as Giovanni who gave us two thumbs up and helped us with the final pieces.

And now it’s handed over to you #developers to improve it and make it yours!


#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
Looking to fund your project?

Understand #ProjectCatalyst and how you can use it to fund your projects if you build on #Cardano.

To the developer portal 👉

It’s Juliane’s Portal and can be yours too! 🥳

Learn the basics, discover native tokens, operate a stake pool, build with tx metadata, integrate #Cardano and fund your project.

Spread the word to awesome #developers like Juliane 🚀🙌


#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
Explore #Cardano wallets and learn how to integrate Cardano into applications and websites.

Integrate Cardano 👉

#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
#Developers - Are you looking to build with transaction metadata?

Go to the developer portal to learn what transaction metadata is, how to add it to a transaction, how to view the metadata and what potential use cases are.


#CardanoCommunity #Cardano
Can we get a thumbs up? 👍

If you haven't had a chance to explore the portal, check it out and let us know what you think.

Accepting builds, improvements and feedback.


Thank you, Lucas! 👊

#CardanoCommunity #Cardano #blockchain
Discover Native Tokens 👌

Check out the developer portal to learn about:
🔹what native tokens are
🔹how to mint them
🔹ways to create NFTs
🔹why you don't need smart contracts for all this


#CardanoCommunity #Cardano #blockchain