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Hey everyone! Thanks for waiting! It's finally here. The Daedalus Rewards wallet for the Shelley Incentivized Testnet is now available to download. Choose a pool, delegate your stake and earn real ada rewards, starting right here
Dear #Cardano Community. It looks like some of the well known community members (either officials, ambassadors or normal members) are being impersonated on a massive scale. Please don't fall victim for these scams and report any fake account you see. Thanks! #ada #reportscam
We would like to remind everyone to please always check the official sources ([@]CardanoStiftung, [@]InputOutputHK and [@]emurgo_io on Twitter) , including this announcement channel, to make sure unnecessary confusion and hype is avoided. 😊

Check out our Stay Safe Guidelines here: #Cardano #ada
The Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition is about to start in 30 mins. Get ready to enjoy the two-day virtual event. Simply log in here and see you soon at the Summit.

If you have any problems logging in please try to register again or use the lost password function. See you soon! #cardano #ada
Want to see what #ada rewards you could earn when staking arrives on mainnet later this summer? IOHK has released a staking calculator for the #Shelley Testnet, so you can estimate what your rewards could be on mainnet.

While you can try out delegation and staking features, there are currently no rewards on the Shelley testnet. ada rewards come with Shelley on the Cardano mainnet. Currently, we estimate rewards of around 4.6% annualized on your staked ada.*

Factors like stake pool performance total staking volume will affect the exact % (percentage) rewards you should expect. Here’s the calculator. So you can do the math. Use the sliders to understand how various parameters will affect your rewards:

For a deeper dive, check out our full walkthrough with Dr. Lars Brünjes, one of the core team behind #Cardano incentive design and implementation. He'll take you through the core features and help explain some of the theory.

Lars will take you through the full calculator functionality, explaining parameters and options for both ada holders and stake pools, and covering both basic and advanced modes. See here:

Exciting times ahead, with staking coming soon. But a final note of caution. Scammers will try to take advantage and catch the unwary. Remember: to earn rewards, you delegate securely from your wallet.

You'll NEVER need to send your #ADA anywhere, whatever you may be promised!

*Please note that the Shelley Testnet rewards calculator is based on what comes out of the Treasury, and doesn't include any Transaction Fees.
Here everyone!
Here are a couple recently made updates you may find interesting:

We’ve rolled out a new RFP for another programming language for smart contracts on #Cardano. We will select and provide grant funding to one or more proposals. Make sure to get your entry in before August 31, 2020.


For Stake pool operators:

Did you know you can introduce your stake pool to the Cardano Community? Add it to our Cardano Forum here:


Shelley is here after a successful hard fork and the Shelley mainnet launch.
Interested in running your own stake pool?
Learn how to get started with stake pools, delegation and #ada rewards:
ICYMI: here are several updates from the Cardano Ecosystem.

1) Hear Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, on the latest podcasts from Cardano Effect and Cardano Aura and on Your Cardano Update: discussing #blockchain and the future of technology.

2) NEW VIDEO SERIES: Starting today, every two weeks, IOHK will be bringing you a new series of Cardano Goguen development updates. Dimitris & Volodymyr will share the birds-eye view on the rollout while zooming into the details of each fortnightly sprint #ADA

Watch it here:

3) As part of Voltaire, Cardano's governance pillar, every Wednesday the Project Catalyst community gets together to talk innovation, achievements & the future of Cardano. Earlier this week they shared news about Fund3, the next exciting stage of the journey 👇

Check our highlight clip & watch the uncut version:

Are you currently delegating your ada stake to a stake pool? 💸

If that's a 'YES' for you, then your stake pool might be saturated with the upcoming 'K' parameter network changes. 🧐
Please carefully read the following Twitter thread from IOHK, if you don't want to miss out on potential staking rewards. 👇

On December 6th the Cardano network successfully transitioned to its new network parameter 'k = 500'.

Happy K=500 day! 🥳

ICYMI: if you're staking your ada, this is a MUST READ thread:


Furthermore, the IOHK research team recently released an academic paper on "Security Limitations of Classical-Client Delegated Quantum Computing" co-authored by our researchers has been accepted to the Asiacrypt 2020! 👌

For those interested, register & join the conference:
🎉Great achievement to have Coinfirm's AML Platform integrated with the #Cardano protocol.

This increases the institutional capabilities of Cardano #blockchain and will help achieve mass adoption of #ADA crypto in regulated markets with the use of AML/CFT analytics.