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We are currently looking for a graphic designer that would help us give a unique look & feel to the project's website and social media accounts. Email us if you are interested:
Channel photo updated
We have just updated our website and socials visual design! We hope you like our new look! 🥳
Hi everyone! We have just published the latest Development Updates on our Medium blog:

We now have a Discord Server where our community can discuss all things related to the project, privacy, and the Cardano ecosystem in general. Here is the link to join:
Finally! We are excited to reveal that we will be doing $MIX token distribution through an ISPO!

Today we announce that a total of 10 000 000 $MIX tokens will be airdropped to delegators of our very own stake pool with the ticker symbol [CMIX]. It is the first blog post in a series where we reveal the details of our public token distribution.

Initial stake pool offering (ISPO) is a novel method to distribute a protocol’s utility tokens to the community using the Cardano blockchain. It ensures a high degree of decentralization of the token ownership and simultaneously supports the project’s development.

To participate in the token distribution, users delegate their $ADA to our stake pool [CMIX]. The $MIX rewards are calculated for every epoch individually. Users may decide to participate for any number of epochs. Our ISPO starts on epoch 319, which means that the interested users may redelegate now to be eligible for the first round of rewards.

As you probably know, you can delegate your $ADA to a stake pool in your Cardano wallet app (like Daedalus or Yoroi). It is completely safe, as your funds never leave your wallet. Enter CMIX in the pool search textbox inside your wallet app to find our stake pool. To be sure you are delegating to the right pool, check the pool ID.

Our pool ID: pool1pmeetaqhlsdc5yj8snp8j46hprs9mzghxcl63vch95trz3xwpln
In hexadecimal format: 0ef395f417fc1b8a124784c279575708e05d8917363fa8b3172d1631

Read the full blog on Medium:
The rewards calculator is up on the website! If you delegated to our pool [CMIX] during the last epoch, there you should see how many $MIX tokens you accumulated so far (in the ISPO section).
We have updated the website with the first lottery winners! Congrats!
Our new blog post with public test details (happening this weekend on Cardano Testnet!):

There are some cool $MIX rewards for testers who participate in our ISPO!
Hi everyone! The public test is up at !
Our ISPO calculator has been updated with the bonus for public test participants. Those who submitted the feedback form should get +20% on their stack.
CardMix partners with ADA Handle!

Together we will implement a special privacy mode for Handle users!

Read the full announcement here:
Hi there! 75% of our public test participants were ready to recommend us to a friend/colleague. It is a time to be a hero! Help us reach the 2000 mark on Twitter by May 26. If we succeed, all current ISPO participants will get a 5% bonus on their current rewards.
We have joined the Cardano Single Pool Alliance! By doing so, we, the team behind Cardano Mixer, pledge to run just a single stake pool. The alliance helps fight stake centralization thus improving the security of the consensus protocol. As a bonus for our ISPO delegators, they are now eligible for $INDY token airdrops!
Hi everyone!

Here is our new blog on the development progress:

We decided to boost all ISPO rewards, past and future, by 20% in order to distribute enough tokens before launch. The boost will be applied on Tuesday.